Difference between 85 ps and 110 ps

Comparing two power plants plonked under the hood of the same car to understand the car better before deciding on which variant/version to buy seems to on the upswing. Questions like these show growing maturity of Indian car buyers who are possibly moving beyond just price before making the right choice.

Difference between 85 Ps and 110 Ps

Difference between 85 ps and 110 ps

I think a pretty apt question from a more car savvy Indian Car buyers.

Question being asked is based on peak power figures of 2 different versions of a diesel engine. These figures are for Renault K9K 1.5 dCi (Direct Cylinder Injection) doing duty under the hood of recently launched Renault Duster.

Whilst both the engine are the same, but they deliver different peak power figures as they both are tuned differently.

The 85 Ps Duster Engine is Common Rail turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, whilst the 110 Ps has a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger - more details in www.ecardlr.com car glossary section) in addition to it being common rail, intercooled engine. Its the VGT that makes quite a difference in engine performance. We are equally sure that the 110 Ps engine has other variations which are supporting in delivering additional 25 PS power