Diesel Vs CNG Interesting Question

When it comes to comparing petrol to diesel choice, it's so easy as the sheer price differential between the two types of fuel is meaningful. However, selection becomes trickier when it comes to comparing diesel to a cng fuel type cars. Choice becomes difficult.

For daily 80 km traveling in both city & highway should i go for diesel car or put CNG in a petrol car pls suggest?

I am totally confused in buying a new car, pls advise me whom should i choose, a diesel car or opt a petrol which can be fitted CNG after two services, my daily traveling is around 80 km in city conditions. My options new are swift LDi or I20 ERA petrol in which CNG can be fitted. Pls Pls Pls Pls advise me urgently.

Diesel Vs CNG Interesting Question

At the onset, don’t FIT CNG in any car in which the manufacturer does not offer a CNG Option. Reasons for that are completely safety issue

1) Starting with the weight of the Cylinder which would impact the overall suspension setting of the car – this could also lead to safety issue.

2) Fitments requires drilling holes in the car platform which might rust during rains if not plugged properly.

3) Fitments would also require changes in fuel management system, which if not handled well would affect the overall performance of the car.

In my opinion the sheer safety issue is good enough as a deterrent to avoid any such external. The logic could be that everyone is doing it and nothing is going wrong, but then God forbid, what if all the wrong happens with us.

Immediate effect could be warranty becoming void.

In light of the above we would strongly recommend a Diesel car of your choice.