Specification Comparison Review Comparison

ECADLR brings you the specification comparison between newly launched Datsun Go+, Maruti Ertiga and Honda Mobilio.

Datsun Go+ vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio comparison

Specification Comparison Review Comparison

With launch of Datsun Go+, competitive fury in MPV segment has reached to a new high. The mouth-watering price of Go+ in itself is large enough for Honda and Maruti to go into a tizzy though these stalwarts are sure to fight back before ceding an iota of their territories. So if you are prospective MPV buyer, you had better read this spec-comparison carefully to find out which one of these fit the bill perfectly.

Size matters
 Principal motive behind MPV purchase is desire to have spacious and roomy carrier which can take you to places with utmost comfort and convenience. Maruti Ertiga reigns supreme in this department as it is widest and tallest among the bunch though it lags behind Honda in overall length. Further in crucial wheelbase aspect, Ertiga sustain its healthy lead over rivals with 2740 mm of space between centers of wheels compared to 2652 mm and 2450 mm rated in Mobilio and Go+ respectively. This demonstrates that despite of being smaller than Mobilio, it is Ertiga that offers most cabin space and convenience to buyers.


Dimension ( in mm)

Datsun Go+

Maruti Ertiga

Honda Mobilio

















Ground Clearance





Power Push: As Datsun Go+ comes only in petrol variant, we stacked it here against the petrol versions of Maruti and Honda. Go+ boasts of 1.2-litre, 3-pot gasoline motor producing 68 PS along with 104 Nm of torque. In comparison, both Maruti and Honda are leagues ahead with their respective power plants. While Maruti stacks at middle rung with 1.4-litre, 95 PS motor, Honda tops the chart with its brilliant 1.5-litre, i-VTEC motor with output of 119 PS. On flip side though, Go+ leads the pack on efficiency front with claimed mileage of 20.6 km/l.



Datsun Go+

Maruti Ertiga

Honda Mobilio

Engine (litres)




Power (PS)




Torque ( Nm)









Pricing Policy (all prices, ex-showroom, Delhi): Now this is where Datsun beats its rivals with thumping majority as even its top-end variant is considerably cheaper than starting models of competitors. Price is ace of Datsun and it’s really hard to resist the temptation of owning MPV trading at price point of hatchback. We are completely sold to Go+ on pricing and even Maruti and Honda seem to sulking rather than countering Datsun on value for money.



Datsun Go+ T

Maruti ErtigaZxi

Honda Mobilio V

ex-showroom, Delhi

Rs 4.61 lakh

Rs 7.59 lakh

Rs 8.77 lakh


Datsun Go Plus, October 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Hai       


AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      afternoon         


AGENT                                                        how can we assist you today    


VISITOR                                                      I want to know about Datsun Go+          


AGENT                                                        what would you like to know   


VISITOR                                                      Is it worthwhile going for it?    


VISITOR                                                      About Body, mileage, interior facilities and durability, spare parts, maintanence etc? 


VISITOR                                                      Is the body metallic or fibre?   


VISITOR                                                      Is there A/c facility?     


AGENT                                                        If you're concerned it due to its sheet metal quality; I believe it could be unfounded, as the car has been approved by various authorities in India


VISITOR                                                      means i did not follow give me straight answers            


AGENT                                                        What do you mean by is the body metallic - yes it is, bumpers for most cars are plastic, but otherwise rest of body parts have to be of metal  


AGENT                                                        In terms of features inside the car then it depends on the variant you are planning to buy        


VISITOR                                                      basic petrol model        


AGENT                                                        which variant  


VISITOR                                                      I think it is D or so i do not remember?


VISITOR                                                      petrol model with min cost      


AGENT                                                        yes this variant will not offer you many features, what you get mostly in Go+ is big space for a similar priced car                                  


VISITOR                                                      Ah! I was about to ask about the space inside. 


AGENT                                                        the best way to decide if you are getting a good car is to compare it with another similarly priced car                                                               


VISITOR                                                      can 7 people aged 35-40 can travel comfortably?            


AGENT                                                        No I doubt that, 3rd row seat is more child friendly seat and not for adults        


VISITOR                                                      I see.   


VISITOR                                                      what about mileage.    


AGENT                                                        but then which other car in our budget gives us this benefit     


VISITOR                                                      ok         


VISITOR                                                      I have to travel from Warangal to Hyderabad once in a week    


VISITOR                                                      150-200 kms and about 300-400 kms per week 


AGENT                                                        expect a city mileage of no more than 14 Kmpl and high way mileage of around 15 kmpl            


VISITOR                                                      fine      


VISITOR                                                      about maintenance      


AGENT                                                        mileage range could be 12-14 in city and 14-16 on highways     


VISITOR                                                      and availability of spare parts  


AGENT                                                        expect maintenance on higher side when compared to a Maruti Alto or a Hyundai eon               


AGENT                                                        spare parts availability hopefully should not be a problem       


VISITOR                                                      fin e     


VISITOR                                                      what is your valuable suggestion to go for it or not       


VISITOR                                                      because I found this car interesting      


AGENT                                                        We will have to look at it from our Budget angle, in our budget, one can get the Kwid, Alto 800etc                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      but models are small and uninteresting             


VISITOR                                                      5,00,000 is my budget  


VISITOR                                                      and want a good car     


AGENT                                                        then I suggest going for a slightly higher version of GO+             


VISITOR                                                      I am confident on other models but i did not hear much about Go+       


VISITOR                                                      OK which one?               


AGENT                                                        Yes you are right it's not so popular      


AGENT                                                        but I think it offers more space than other cars in its price range            


VISITOR                                                      Hardly I saw only 2 cars of Go+ one in Bangalore and other in Hyderabad            


AGENT                                                        it is bad but not so bad


VISITOR                                                      Ok what’s your final word?       


AGENT                                                        No it cannot be my final word, it has to be a thought through decision basis, one's budget, need from a new car                                       


AGENT                                                        so if space is what you need then yes  


AGENT                                                        If its features and safety then maybe some other car   


VISITOR                                                      OK        


VISITOR                                                      Thank You for your valuable suggestions and info          


VISITOR                                                      Thnaks and Bye               

Datsun Go Plus, May 3, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I would like to know your opinion for buying Datsun go plus    


AGENT                                                        what would you like to know    ?


AGENT                                                        and for what purpose   ?


AGENT                                                        self-use or something else       


VISITOR                                                      SINCE IAM LOOKING FOR MY FAMILY USE           


AGENT                                                        have you test driven the car     


VISITOR                                                      YES       


AGENT                                                        so what was your experience  


VISITOR                                                      IT LOOKS FINE BUT I WANT TO KNOW FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE               


AGENT                                                        it's a good car at a good price, plus it has flexibility of 5 + 2 seating        


VISITOR                                                      ABOUT THE MILEAGE, PERFORMANCE, AFTER SALES AND PREVIOUS REVIEWS...               


AGENT                                                        mileage can be checked on our site      


VISITOR                                                      IS IT RELIABLE IN ALL CONDITIONS?       


AGENT                                                        even performance is Available on site


AGENT                                                        yes, I don’t see any problem    


VISITOR                                                      IS THERE IS ANY OTHER CHOICE AROUND?          


AGENT                                                        no         


AGENT                                                        there are old cars like alto but not as spacious 


VISITOR                                                      SO WHAT WILL BE YOUR FINAL VERDICT?            


AGENT                                                        if I was looking for space at a great price yes    


VISITOR                                                      SO I BELIEVE I CAN GO FOR IT...ANYWAY THANKS FOR YOUR FEED BACKS...        


AGENT                                                        not a bad idea  

Ertiga, May 1, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I know Ertiga I best       


VISITOR                                                      But I want to know that.....how one can purchase Ertiga if He/she retired from his government job. Is there any finance scheme is there. 


AGENT                                                        if you have any immovable property then as collateral banks extend loan. also if you can anyone in immediate family who is working then he or she can become guarantor to loan               


AGENT                                                        you have anyone. I meant         


VISITOR                                                      Yes, actually my father is in railways but his paygrade is very low          


AGENT                                                        next revision commission should be coming shortly. That should help too         -)


VISITOR                                                      My mother she just retired last month. Last day she told me that she want to own a car. And told me search any finance available    


AGENT                                                        oh         


VISITOR                                                      She was lecturer            


VISITOR                                                      Pay commission.......hahahahahaaa      


AGENT                                                        speak to couple of private bank loan guys they should help with solution on above line            


VISITOR                                                      What ROI is prevailing in bank for the car loan 


VISITOR                                                      you suggest me which bank will be better         


AGENT                                                        while banks will quote different rates effective emi per lac is what you should evaluate           


AGENT                                                        5 year typically comes per lac in range of 2150-2250      


AGENT                                                        emi per month               


AGENT                                                        all banks are decent. if your mom has someone known in PSU bank then that reference can be used for speedier loan                       


VISITOR                                                      PSU..........?      


AGENT                                                        In railways are employees not allowed to take loan against PF or inhouse finance scheme       


AGENT                                                        govt banks        


VISITOR                                                      Yup.....i knw     


AGENT                                                        best is ask a couple of bank loans guys to visit you and then they will work out Solution. they need to achieve their monthly target so will make it happen for you ;-)     


VISITOR                                                      Will you plz let me know what is the on road price of Ertiga vdi in Jhansi            


AGENT                                                        for that please visit our site and go to new car section select your car model and city and basic details and you will have access to on road price. 


VISITOR                                                      Hmmmmm I'll try          


AGENT                                                        sure all the best for your new wheels. don't worry there will be a solution       


VISITOR                                                      Thanks

Datsun Go Plus, Dec 24, 2015.

VISITOR                          suggest me if it Datsun Go Plus is a perfect performer? Can i Go for this car as a 7 seater?


AGENT                             if you are looking for a proper 7 seater then maybe Go Plus is not the right choice


VISITOR                           is the a/c sufficient for the third row?


AGENT                            however in the range that you are looking at its the most spacious Cars inside


AGENT                            should be added basically it’s the Go with slight overhang for the third row


AGENT                             if you need a decent 7 seater may be you have to up the budget


VISITOR                          what about the mileage


AGENT                             don't know the exact mileage figures but I have heard Good reviews


VISITOR                          if it is just a normal 5 seater then instead of Go plus why not just Go for Go?


AGENT                            no harm as basically both the cars are same


VISITOR                          thanks bro buy

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