Which is Better Between Maruti WagonR, Honda Brio and Nissan Micra

Three cars in your consideration are as varied as their car manufacturers, each of them as competent as the other. Comparing cars basis body strength, mileage, service and parts cost is once again a reflection of growing maturity of Indian car buyer.

I am confused between Maruti WagonR, Honda Brio and Nissan Micra, all petrol models, my preferences are good mileage, strong body, low maintenance cost on servicing and spare parts.

Which is Better Between Maruti WagonR, Honda Brio and Nissan Micra

Maruti WagonR is the odd car out of the three cars. Technically speaking WagonR is slotted in one segment lower as per Indian automobile market classification. Brio and Micra do fall in the same premium hatchback category. Between the tree cars in your consideration set WagonR 2013 at Rs.3.58 lacs is the cheapest with Nissan Micra at Rs.4.26 lacs being the costliest.

Basis your query let's examine each car on your parameter of selection;

Mileage (ARAI) for WagonR is 20.51 KMPL, followed by Brio which delivers 18.4 KMPL with Micra being the lowest at 18.04 KMPL. However, point to be noted that both Brio and Micra ahve a 1.2 Litre petrol engine under their hood vs just 1 litre under WagonR's hood. Mileage for WagonR is bound to be higher.

Strong Body can be measured basis build quality rating for these cars on a 10 point scale is: WagonR is 7/10, Brio is 7/10 and Micra is 8/10.

Servicing and parts cost whilst are not based on actual figures, basis market information and perceptions, WagonR is considered to be least expensive with Micra being the costliest, Brio will however not be very far from Micra in terms of maintenance cost;

Our recommendation, in order of preference be Brio, WagonR and then Micra.

Do treat our inputs as suggestion only and not a final recommendation. Test drive all the cars in your consideration set and decide.


Comparison: Kwid vs WagonR, October 9 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I want to buy a car. I am confused between two cars KWID 1000 CC AND WAGON R VXI.

                                                                      Comfort, Space, and reselling value that's what I am looking for.

                                                                      Any Suggestions?


AGENT                                                        hello


AGENT                                                        our suggestion on your indicated need will be Wagon r


AGENT                                                        Maruti has best resale and Wagon r has been tested for many years ....has been most practical spacious hatchback design though boxy


AGENT                                                        Kwid has more modern design though


VISITOR                                                      Which one is more comfortable?


VISITOR                                                      and space


AGENT                                                        space Wagon r


VISITOR                                                      comfort?


AGENT                                                        comfort slight edge to Kwid but by a very small margin as Wagon r seating is also fairly comfortable for long drives specially


AGENT                                                        in favour of Kwid is fresh look relatively since new and decent performance


AGENT                                                        one stands out in crowd in Kwid however for your need Wagon r suits better


VISITOR                                                      ok thank you.


AGENT                                                        Kwid still needs to deliver test of time and years and resale we don't expect to be better than Maruti brand


VISITOR                                                      DO you suggest any other car other than these two?


AGENT                                                        if slight budget can be stretched then look at grand i10


AGENT                                                        Wagon r tall boy design adds lots of practical space advantage though


VISITOR                                                      What about Datsun go+


AGENT                                                        good product however we find it little light and low on safety in current offering


VISITOR                                                      ok so you suggest Wagon r.


AGENT                                                        for your mentioned requirement yes . have shared pros and cons of other options too for your easy reference ?


AGENT                                                        hope you have found this interaction useful


AGENT                                                        how did you get to know of us


VISITOR                                                      I was just browsing...


AGENT                                                        cool.


VISITOR                                                      OK THANKS


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  • We want to purchase a new car & we have selected WagnoR, but we have confusion that we should go for LXI or VXI please suggest
    Tripurari Tiwari (1) reply