Which is better between WagonR and New Alto 800

Compare WagonR and New Alto 800 and help me decide. Please tell me which is a better car between WagonR and New Alto 800. I would like to know which car I should buy between WagonR and New Alto 800, as both cars are from Maruti Suzuki. Help me clear my confusion between WagonR and New Alto 800.

Which is a better car between WagonR and New Alto 800?

Which is better between WagonR and New Alto 800

Between the two cars , there is a price difference of almost Rs.85000 and we believe that in case you are looking to go all the way to Rs.3.80 lacs, then one can seriously consider the Hyundai i10. Having said that, let’s compare the two cars in your consideration set.

Being from the same car manufacturer (Maruti Suzuki), all lineage benefits in terms of heritage, service reach and cost will apply to both the cars almost equally.

WagonR is an old car, irrespective of the upgrades that have happened in the car over its lifetime of 10 years plus. Alto 800 is a brand new model from Maruti Suzuki, far more stylish than the WagonR, therefore it would age far less whenever in future you plan to upgrade to a new car. Therefore basis Age consideration, we would recommend the New Alto 800.

Both cars have been designed for nuclear family, with a capacity to take 4 at a comfort and 5 passengers at a stretch. Lets study, which car between the WagonR and New Alto 800 offers comfort of space.


DIMENSIONS (mm)                         WagonR                               New Alto 800      
Length                                                  3595                                        3395
Width                                                    1474                                        1490                   
Height                                                   1670                                        1475
Wheelbase                                             2400                                        2360
Luggage space (Lts)                                180                                          177

WagonR scores over New Alto in cabin space (longer length and wheelbase) and headroom (Taller height), whereas, New Alto offers more shoulder room (Width), however, in terms of luggage space it’s a real toss-up. Space as per us at www.ecardlr.com goes to WagonR

Engine wise there is no comparison as WagonR is a 1 Ltr engine while New Alto 800 is a 800 cc engine. WagonR delivers more power and torque as compared to New Alto 800. WagonR delivers a peak power of 68 Ps against 48 Ps delivered by New Alto 800. Torque (Pick-up) figure for WagonR is 90 Nm Vs 69 Nm of New Alto 800. WagonR therefore would be far more driveable with full complement of passengers and luggage, whereas the New Alto 800 might require more downshift comparatively. WagonR would not feel as strained even with AC as compared to teh New Alto 800.

New Alto 800 however is far less thirsty delivering an ARAI mileage of 22.74 KMPL Vs WagonR delivering a 18.9 Kmpl ARAI mileage. This means that with the New Alto 800 you will have to make fewer petrol pump visits as compared to the WagornR

Both New Alto 800 and WagonR offer AC, front two door power windows power steering as standard fitment. Both cars however, does not offer stereo system as standard fitment.

To summarise, WagonR comes out on top on space, engine with features being equally matched. However, Mileage wise New Alto 800 is far superior.

We would however, urge you to take a call basis your individual requirement means that if you are a family of 5 which normally travels together, then WagonR should be the car of your choice basis this requirement. Likewise you might have other specific requirement/s which might tilt the decision in favour of the New Alto 800.

We at www.ecardlr.com would also recommend a test drive of both the cars before making a final decision.


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  • How good is Maruti Stingray? Are there lot of takers in India? Looking a little into the future, do you think it will fetch a good resale value? Or do you think it is safer to go for New Wagon R?
    H Kesvan (1) reply