Car Comparison Between Swift, Vista Quadrajet and Beat Diesel

Car comparison is the best way to decide on your new car. In most car buyers case this helps them take their final buy decision once they pit and study cars of their choice against each other.

I am looking for cheap diesel car in Vapi. Important points are engine performance / mileage / maintenance. The options I have shortlisted are Indica eV2/Indica Vista quadrajet/Maruti Swift / Chevrolet Beat.

Car Comparison Between Swift, Vista Quadrajet and Beat Diesel

You are obviously not looking for a cheap car, what you are looking for is a great value for money. Between Indica eV2 and Indica Vista Quadrajet we will suggest the latter, as its more recent and the quadrajet engine is better than the TDi engine in eV2. With this as a starting point, we are comparing, Indica Vista Quadrajet Ls with Swift Ldi and Beat Ls Diesel. You can go through the link below for a detailed comparison;



                                                Beat Ls                                  Swift LDi                              Vista Quadrajet

Power (Ps/RPM)              58.5/4000                            75/4000                                75 /4000

Torque (Nm/RPM)          150/1750                              190/2000                              190/1750-2000

Go with the Vista as the peak torque deliver is at a lower RPM and is over an RPM band


                                                Beat Ls                                  Swift LDi                              Vista Quadrajet

ARAI (KMPL)                      25.5                                        22.9                                        22.4

 Maintenance is a tricky business, one does not have absolute figures of cost of labour and spares incurred on a car as per service schedule. In absence of hard facts, maintenance cost is nothing but conjecture. However, in case of Beat, Chevrolet comes with a maintenance package branded as 3 years Chevrolet promise, which you can buy at the time of delivery of your new car at a price. Advantage of doing so is that this package takes care of all cost as per service schedule of the car. The list of inclusion is pretty good, check the terms of this package and I am sure you wil be plesantly surprised.

Basis above points do a toss of a coin to decide between Vista and Swift.

We at www.ecardlr.com always recommend an exhaustive test drive fo all cars under your consideration set. Define your need from a car as clearly as possible and then decide. Take our inputs as suggestion and not a final recommendation. 'Drive Safe. Be Happy'