Swift Vs i20 Rivalry Continues

Premium hatchback segment belongs to Swift and i20. No Doubt. Whilst Swift does have an edge over i20, but the difference is not much. No wonder Swift and i20 are most compared cars in India.

I have a  6 to 7 lacs car budget, I want to buy a diesel car. Plz tell me which is best Maruti Swift or i20?

Swift Vs i20 Rivalry Continues

If your price range is basis ex-showroom prices, then you can get to choose from Maruti Swift Vdi and I20 Magna (o). If you were to chose either of these cars, then your final outlay could be around Rs. 7.80 lacs.

However, if 7 lacs is tops and its an all inclusive car budget, then you can get i20 ERa and Swift VDi.

Let's take situation 1 wherein you can stretch up-to Rs.8 lacs for the on-road price. Use the link below to study i20 Magna Optional and Swift VDi in detail.


In case of situation 2 wherein 7 lacs is your stretch budget. Use the link below to study i20 Era and Swift Vdi in detail.


Between the two i20 is known to depict a far greater diesel lag as compared to the Swift. However, i20 interiors are far more plush and its considered to be more safer that the Swift. In terms of design, whilst Swift is no less stylish, however, when compared to i20 it does not look so stylish. I20 looks gets to turn more heads than Swift.

So if you are looking for a drivers cars then Swift should be your choice. However, if styling and tactile feel is important, then go for i20.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them


Comparison: Swift vs Elite i20 vs Polo, November 18 2016.

VISITOR                                                        HI


AGENT                                                          Evening


VISITOR                                                        GOOD EVENING


VISITOR                                                        LOOKING FOR BEST PETROL CAR


AGENT                                                          Too wide a brief, need to narrow


VISITOR                                                        RELIABLE ENGINE


VISITOR                                                        ANY SMALL CARS


VISITOR                                                        UNDER 10 LAKh


AGENT                                                          it’s better to discuss models


AGENT                                                          as variables are too many


VISITOR                                                        HYUNDAI,PUNTO,VW,MARUTHI


VISITOR                                                        GOOD RELIABLE ENGINE


VISITOR                                                        PETROL ENGINE


AGENT                                                          which model of maruti


VISITOR                                                        SWIFT


VISITOR                                                        I LIKE, BUT IS THERE ANY OTHER BETTER THEN THIS??


AGENT                                                          i will avoid Punto because of bad reputation, high service cost and low resale


VISITOR                                                        OK


AGENT                                                          VW for engine reliability, long lasting, and safety


AGENT                                                          However, VW could be costly to maintain


VISITOR                                                        K


AGENT                                                          Hyundai I think you will be looking at i20, if yes, then i20, followed by Swift and Polo


AGENT                                                          would be my choice


AGENT                                                          i20 for design, features and popularity


AGENT                                                          Swift for its ride quality and being a Maruti


VISITOR                                                        BUT MY FRIEND SAID HYUNDAI IS NOT GOOD AT PETROL ENGINE.


AGENT                                                          As a matter of fact I will actually go for Hyundai petrol over its diesel because their diesel car show a lot of diesel lag, whereas petrol versions are more linear in power delivery


AGENT                                                          In terms of petrol power plants all car makers have very competent engines


VISITOR                                                        WHAT ABOUT ENGINE LIFE COMPARE WITH SWIFT AND VW POLO OR GT TSI


AGENT                                                          Most of us will keep cars for not more than 7-8 years and would probably do around 1 lacs kms, all engines can easily sustain this duration and drive


VISITOR                                                        K


AGENT                                                          If you looking at Polo GTSi, then that should be your first preference, as its a fun car to drive, but I think overpriced


VISITOR                                                        FINALLY ONE QUESTION, WHAT IS GT TSI..EVERY ONE SAYS ..WOW


VISITOR                                                        BUT TOO MUCH COST


AGENT                                                          It’s WOW because it’s a powerful car, which is fun to drive


VISITOR                                                        IS THAT ENGINE LIFE IS BETTER THEN SWIFT PETROL


VISITOR                                                        I MEAN IN TERMS OF PETROL ENGINE. BECAUSE THEY SERVE ALMOST 10 YEARS IN INDIA


AGENT                                                          I think I have already answered your engine life question


VISITOR                                                        PLS COPY PAST.. I AM SEARCHING


VISITOR                                                        YES.. U MEAN VW IS STOOD TOP


VISITOR                                                        AM I RIGHT


AGENT                                                          IF you are looking at powerful fun to drive car, yes VW  Polo GTSi should be your choice, but then you should be in love with driving cars rather than using them for going from point A to B


VISITOR                                                        K


AGENT                                                          IN terms of engine life all cars will surely last over 1 lac kms of drive and minimum 7-8 years


VISITOR                                                        OK


VISITOR                                                        OK.. THANK YOU FOR UR ANSWERS


AGENT                                                          Pleasure


VISITOR                                                        I WILL BE BACK IF I STILL HAVE ANY CONFUSION.


VISITOR                                                        THANK U SO MUCH


VISITOR                                                        BYE