Swift Vs i20 Rivalry Continues

Premium hatchback segment belongs to Swift and i20. No Doubt. Whilst Swift does have an edge over i20, but the difference is not much. No wonder Swift and i20 are most compared cars in India.

I have a  6 to 7 lacs car budget, I want to buy a diesel car. Plz tell me which is best Maruti Swift or i20?

Swift Vs i20 Rivalry Continues

If your price range is basis ex-showroom prices, then you can get to choose from Maruti Swift Vdi and I20 Magna (o). If you were to chose either of these cars, then your final outlay could be around Rs. 7.80 lacs.

However, if 7 lacs is tops and its an all inclusive car budget, then you can get i20 ERa and Swift VDi.

Let's take situation 1 wherein you can stretch up-to Rs.8 lacs for the on-road price. Use the link below to study i20 Magna Optional and Swift VDi in detail.


In case of situation 2 wherein 7 lacs is your stretch budget. Use the link below to study i20 Era and Swift Vdi in detail.


Between the two i20 is known to depict a far greater diesel lag as compared to the Swift. However, i20 interiors are far more plush and its considered to be more safer that the Swift. In terms of design, whilst Swift is no less stylish, however, when compared to i20 it does not look so stylish. I20 looks gets to turn more heads than Swift.

So if you are looking for a drivers cars then Swift should be your choice. However, if styling and tactile feel is important, then go for i20.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them