Which Between the Two Swift, VDi and LDi is a Better Buy?

Intra variant car comparison normally is a comparison of features and decisions are made basis whether the additional features offered by costlier variant is relevant for the new car buyer or not. Decisions should be taken basis a clear understanding of ones need from a car. 

Compairsion between Swift Vdi & Ldi

Which Between the Two Swift, VDi and LDi is a Better Buy?

Intra variant comparison between the same model, is generally a comparison if features only as both car are driven by same power plant (1.3 Lt Diesel engine) delivering same performance figures for power, torque and mileage.

Comparing VDI Vs LDi for simply boils down to a question of whether one should pay around Rs.44000 (Basis Ex-showroom Delhi), more for VDi over LDi. Let's list additional features that VDi gives you over LDi:

Silver Accent on Steering wheel.

All Door Power Windows with Driver Side Auto Touch Down.

Security Alarm.

Central Door Looking with Keyless Entry and Security Alarm.

Electrically Adjustable ORVM's with Turn Indicators.

Among all these, All Door Power Windows, Keyless Entry and Security Alarm are really worthwhile. Electrically adjustable ORVM are good too have but not mandatory.

You need to now decide, whether, additional features offered by VDi Over LDi are important for your or not.

Basis all door power windows, Keyless Entry and security alarm we will go for VDi. 

Whilst in the aftermarket features missing in LDi can be added and maybe even at a lower cost, our only request to your would be not to do this as not only would it void your warranty, but it can affect the overall safety of the car.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them.