Swift 2011 Vs i20 Magna one better than the other

Comparing two competent premium hatchback is quiet common, more so when they are Swift and i20, each one, better than the other. It's but natural to have confusion in one's mind. 


Please suggest me a car between Swift VXi and i20 Magna(petrol)


Swift 2011 Vs i20 Magna one better than the other

In all honesty they are quite close to each other, in terms of features and specifications. Being petrol cars, both would drive equally well, however, Swift with a Kerb weight of 970 Ks against 1036 Kg of i20, the power to weight ratio goes in favour of Swift ( 90Ps/Tonne for Swift Vs 83 Ps/Tonne for i20), this simply means that Swift will have better pulling power which in turn may positively affect cars driveability in favour of Swift.

Driving pleasure of Swift is also driven by its class leading suspension and its known for great road manners in terms of handling, cornering and ride quality. Swift is known for a being a real pleasure to drive.

In terms of looks, I would personally prefer the i20 as its far more appealing and good looking than the Swift, this is not to say that Swift with its contemporary looks is any less. Looks are just a personal preference.

Only tangible between two cars is that i20 thanks to its longer length (145 mm more than Swift), Width (15 mm more than Swift) and Wheelbase (95 mm more than Swift) will be in dimension terms more spacious. Wheelbase which defines cabin space definitely is in favour of the i20. However, Swift with its greater height (25 mm more than i20) feels equally spacious.

Between the two Swift is cheaper by almost 20K (ex-showroom Delhi) than i20.

At the end, It's clearly a toss-up between the two, as both are equally competent car, from trusted manufacturers and would be expected to be equally heavy on your pocket in terms of maintenance.

On looks, go for i20, however, if you love to drive then go for Swift. This is the best we could do

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We at www.ecardlr.com suggest exhaustive research and test drives of all cars in your consideration set. Do take our inputs as suggestions only and not a final decision.


Comparison: Elite i20 vs Swift, December 12 2016.

VISITOR                                                        hi


AGENT                                                          hello evening


VISITOR                                                        is there any used car available?


VISITOR                                                        good evening!


VISITOR                                                        I20 sports or Asta/


VISITOR                                                        ?


AGENT                                                          we don't sell used Cars


VISITOR                                                        then?


AGENT                                                          we are an advisory site,


AGENT                                                          we can advise in used cars also


AGENT                                                          between your options more loaded Asta would be my preference


VISITOR                                                        my budget is only 3 lakh?


VISITOR                                                        is it possible to get any i20 used car?


AGENT                                                          as Informed Earlier,  we do not sell used cars


VISITOR                                                        ok .. so which type of help I can ask you?


AGENT                                                          nothing more than an advice


VISITOR                                                        I want advice about to purchase used car?


AGENT                                                          ok


VISITOR                                                        Please tell me


VISITOR                                                        which car I should buy?


VISITOR                                                        Swift, Hyundai or Honda


VISITOR                                                        in hatchback


AGENT                                                          avoid jazz or brio from Honda


AGENT                                                          between Swift and i20 any day i20, great looks great features


VISITOR                                                        I got one customer who want to sell i20 magna in 2.75 lkh of 2010 year model


VISITOR                                                        should I purchase it?


AGENT                                                          5 year old car depreciate it by 60 to 70% if it is anywhere close then yes


VISITOR                                                        ok thanks


VISITOR                                                        540000-(540000*60/100)= 216000


VISITOR                                                        but in this price range no any car available in market  ..I have been trying it for last 15 days


AGENT                                                          the Reason for this % is the IDV value method used by insurance company


VISITOR                                                        but every car of 2010 mode model ..more than 3 or 3.5 lakh


AGENT                                                          overpriced,  and if you negotiate you might get ard 2.4 to 2.5


VISITOR                                                        I can use my car only on Sunday and maxmimun 50 to 100 km ..should I buy Petrol, Petrol plus CNG or Disel?


VISITOR                                                        ok for price ansser thanks


AGENT                                                          with your monthly drive petrol is good avoid CNG, kills the pleasure of driving a car


VISITOR                                                        but I can save money by CNG is also not true?


AGENT                                                          you will be spending at least 40k on Cng kit, does it hlp


VISITOR                                                        humm


VISITOR                                                        right


VISITOR                                                        but in used car if I get with CNG with low price then used petrol then?