Help me decide on the best between Ritz, Figo and Beat

Ritz, Beat and Figo are all hatchbacks, which technically fall in the premium hatch category in the Indian automobile market. Each of these cars have their own pluses and minuses, however, a well defined buyers need can help them chose the best between the three cars.

Which is the best car between Ritz, Beat and Figo?

Help me decide on the best between Ritz, Figo and Beat

In absence of a power plant preference, we will be comparing features of each model to answer your question. Do note that your model choice can change basis power plant i.e whether you are looking for petrol or diesel cars. Factors like driveability, fuel efficiency, entry cost etc will impact model choice once you include diesel or petrol your requirement. However, feature comparison are independent of what engine is at work under the hood of Ritz, Beat and Figo.

PRICE (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Ritz is most expensive car in your consideration set. Ritz VDi at Rs.5.75 lacs is around Rs.93,000 more expensive than the Figo 1.4 Lxi and Rs.85,000 more than the Beat Ls Diesel. If price was your only driving factor Ritz eliminates itself, whereas Figo and Diesel are quite comparable. However, Maruti badge on Ritz makes it a car worthy of one's choice.








Overall length (mm)




Overall width (mm)




Overall height (mm)




Wheelbase (mm)




Front leg room (mm) (Max/Min)




Rear leg room (mm) (Max/Min)




Front headroom (mm)




Rear headroom (mm)




Boot space (ltrs)




Space belongs to the Figo. It offers more legrom fron and rear and higher headroom than the beat. However, It's the Ritz which offers more headroom. Ritz with it's lower cabin space (wheelbase) has completely compromised the boot space, whereas Figo has distributed its bigger cabin space more optimally. Basis space, it has to be Figo, Ritz and then Beat


Ritz and Beat both offer 'Electric Steering Assist'  whereas Figo with its Hydraulic assist will not be as flexible and free wheeling than the other two cars. Figo steering will slightly more power input than the Beat and Ritz steering. 

Ritz offers all doors power windows whereas both Figo and Beat offers on front two doors power windows

Rear seats of both Ritz and Beat offer a 60:40 split making it convenient for you to carry more luggage with completely compromising rear seat passenger space, which would be teh case with single folding bench type seat of the Figo

Figo offers only driver side outside rear view mirrors (ORVM's) whereas it available on both sides in case of Ritz and Beat. However, all the ORVMs are manually adjustable.

All of them offer 14" radius tyres, however, with Ritz offering highest aspect ratio of 80 as compared to 65 in case of the Figo, lots more bumps will get transferred to Figo's passengers than the Ritz. However, with a tyre width of 185 Vs 175 of Ritz, Figo tyres will provide greater grip surface area than the Ritz, there would be more planted

All three cars come with basis safety features like: impact beams, door ajar warning, immobolisers, basic seat belts and headrests, ventilated front discs and rear drum brakes, none of them offer airbags or ABS in their middle variants.

None of these cars offer stereo system as a standard fitment from the OEM.

In effect there is nothing much to distinguish each other on features, safety and entertainment terms. 

Qualitatively, Ritz offers more peace of mind being from Maruti. However, Beat with it's 3 year maintenance package at a price ensures low maintenance cost over other cars.

Beat and Ritz having a version of Fiat's multi-jet under their hood, are believed to be more fun to drive with lowest diesel lag, when compared to the Figo diesel engine, However, Figo diesel are the quitest among the set and Beat at 1 litre capacity is the smallest of the lot.

If trust, maintenance cost and resale value are important to you then without bothering much about entry price, then it has to be the Ritz.

Beat on the other hand same Vauxhall boomeranged shaped rear like the Ritz, however, in design terms its most differentiated from most cars plying on Indian road, thus it does have a stand out value, that along with its 3 years maintenance package and low entry cost makes it a good buy, However, its rear can at best be good for 2 passenger

Figo is least daring in terms of design, however, those in love with Ford Driveability can consider it. What might go against it is the perceived high maintenance cost. 

www.ecardlr.com suggest that you should extensively drive all the cars. Define your needs as tightly as possible and then decide. Take our suggestion as indicative and not as a final decision. 


Comparison: Tiago vs Ritz, July 6 2016.

VISITOR                                                                Hi


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                                Muze new car lene hai on road price 700000           


VISITOR                                                                Good Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                                Will you help me 


AGENT                                                                  any cars in mind   


VISITOR                                                                Yes             


VISITOR                                                                Tiago or Ritz           


AGENT                                                                  Between the Two I will go with Tiago        


VISITOR                                                                Or suggest if any  


VISITOR                                                                Which car is best in 7 lakh


AGENT                                                                  Other options basis the City you stay could be Swift, I20, Grand i10, etc    


VISITOR                                                                So costly my budget on road 7 lakh             


VISITOR                                                                Diesel       


AGENT                                                                  Where do you stay              


AGENT                                                                  city             


VISITOR                                                                Satara Maharashtra             


AGENT                                                                  let me check prices             


AGENT                                                                  OK looked at diesel prices yes they are going beyond your budget              


VISITOR                                                                I think Tiago 6.5 lakh I checked      


AGENT                                                                  It’s a good car and it has pretty good space, nice engine   


AGENT                                                                  And in Maharashtra Tata Cars do you decent resale             


VISITOR                                                                That's my problem resale Tata car will you suggest me another car              


AGENT                                                                  So it seems the only option you have basis your budget seems to be the Ritz        


VISITOR                                                                Ok thanks


VISITOR                                                                Bye             

Comparison: Beat vs Swift vs Figo vs Grand i10, April 11 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I am planning to buy a hatch within 6 lakhs       


AGENT                                                        any models in mind as the price point can get you many choices, which would make decision that much more difficult                            


VISITOR                                                      I moment sir    


VISITOR                                                      I have shortlisted Maruti Swift Ford Figo and Grand i10               


VISITOR                                                      And Chevrolet Beat i have also seen    


AGENT                                                        They all are with petrol engine, i assume           


VISITOR                                                      Yaee    


AGENT                                                        My preference would be Swift, Grand i10, Figo and then Beat 


AGENT                                                        sorry Figo          


AGENT                                                        Swift because its gives a big car impression, drives well and its suspension is pretty goodcoz its gibes                                                          


AGENT                                                        Grand i10 because of its looks, features and premium feel inside the car           


AGENT                                                        Figo does not excite me much its design looks quite dated and interiors are not as premium   


AGENT                                                        Beat is the smallest in terms of space  


VISITOR                                                      No new Ford Figo          


AGENT                                                        I don't see major diff   


VISITOR                                                      Ok        


VISITOR                                                      My running is 1000 kms per month        


VISITOR                                                      Should i go for Diesel  


AGENT                                                        why diesel, under 1000 kms /month petrol makes economic sense       


AGENT                                                        the moment you look at diesel, I will change my preference    


VISITOR                                                      I drove Ford Figo yesterday.... it’s a rocket engine... pickup is superb   


AGENT                                                        yes I completely agree.              


VISITOR                                                      100 bhp power


VISITOR                                                      But petrol very sluggish              


VISITOR                                                      I drove each and every car....   


AGENT                                                        Between all the cars Figo diesel has least lag and great initial pick-up 


VISITOR                                                      I find i10 most peppy petrol engine      


VISITOR                                                      But no airbags 


VISITOR                                                      But Ford provides airbags          


AGENT                                                        I think we did discuss this earlier about airbags              


VISITOR                                                      No        


VISITOR                                                      When  


VISITOR                                                      But i 10 has great features         


AGENT                                                        ok, because another car buyer some days back was articulating same reasons in favour of the Figo                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      Yae its right      


VISITOR                                                      Now a days airbag very necessary          


VISITOR                                                      I think 


VISITOR                                                      Do swift have airbag    


AGENT                                                        my favourite answer to this query is that one needs to define what they expect from their new car and buy the one which suits them the most     


AGENT                                                        not all variant - no         


AGENT                                                        you can compare all these cars on www.ecardlr.com    


VISITOR                                                      I like i 10 asta most       


AGENT                                                        obviously as it’s the top-end fully loaded          


VISITOR                                                      Can you tell me which1 will give better mileage            


AGENT                                                        again on site compare their ARAI mileage, discount each by 30% and get an approximate real life figure                                                         


VISITOR                                                      Even i am getting 62000 discounts on i 10 asta  


AGENT                                                        If its petrol - I have given you my preference   


VISITOR                                                      I am from Kolkata          


AGENT                                                        If its diesel then Figo, Swift, Grand i10


VISITOR                                                      In Figo Diesel 45000 discount   


VISITOR                                                      Swift no discount          


AGENT                                                        as you have test driven all of them, you would know which suits you the best and if it matches my reco great, else treat my input as suggestion only


VISITOR                                                      Ok thanks          


VISITOR                                                      Any other car you can suggest 


AGENT                                                        do not give too much importance to discount, buy the one which suits you the most and you like it too                                                          


VISITOR                                                      ok           

Comparison: Beat vs WagonR vs i10 vs Grand i10, Dec 2 2015

VISITOR                               Just give me the suggestion to buy a car among three of Hyundai I10, Maruti Wagon R and Beat Diesel


VISITOR                               which is the best in small car


AGENT                                 In this segment, the better option is to go for i10, good Mileage, spacious, terrific speed and smooth drivability


AGENT                                 furthermore, no engine sound on highway, smooth riding and you can touch up to 110-120km speed without any problems. Steering control is amazing.


VISITOR                               thank u sir


AGENT                                 Our pleasure!


VISITOR                               is there any option to buy small car over these three cars?


AGENT                                 What is your budget?


VISITOR                               5 lakh


AGENT                                 you can also check out Maruti Suzuki Celerio and if you can increase your budget margin lil more, then see Ford Figo, Hyundai grand i10 and Maruti Swift.


VISITOR                               ok sir