Which is better between Quanto, Ertiga and Manza?

Indian car buyers can see value whenever they see one. They saw it in Maruti Ertiga from the day it was launched, which was followed by Renault Duster and then Mahindra Quanto. They have shifted their preference to UV's and gave a miss to the sedans in the Indian car market. Understanding difference between Ertiga, Quanto and Manza is a live example of shifting car buyers preferences in India.

I am confused between Quanto, Ertiga and Manza. Which one shall I go for?

Which is better between Quanto, Ertiga and Manza?

Car Compare Between Quanto, Ertiga and Manza

Your comparative is the flavour of the month. Your comparison set contains a Compact SUV (Mahindra Quanto) with a MUV (Maruti Ertiga) to a Sedan (Tata Motors Manza). Current new car buyers in India seems to have fallen in love with the UV’s/Compact SUV for their looks, car like driveability and comfort of a big space. Let’s look at each one of them under different heads.

Engine Comparison Quanto C8 Vs Ertiga ZDi Vs Manza Club Class Quadrajet 90 EXL

Ertiga and Manza share the Fiat designed diesel engine. Whilst the engine may be quite similar in terms of overall construction and engineering, yet they are different as they are mated to transmission box which are quite different from each other. This difference impacts the overall car performance. Whilst Ertiga and Manza have a 1.3 Ltrs, 16 V, DOHC, VGT diesel engine, Quanto on the other hand is a 1.5 Ltrs, 12 V, SOHC, CRDe, Dual Turbocharger Fixed Geometry diesel engine.  Since Manza and Ertiga share the engine platform, both cars deliver 90 Ps power and 200 Nm torque, whilst Quanto on the other hand delivers 100 Ps power and 240 Nm torque. Amongst the three cars Manza delivers the best fuel efficiency figure of 21.2 KMPL, followed by 20.77 Kmpl of Ertiga and 15.1 of Quanto.However, its the Quanto at Rs.7.57 Lacs which offers the lowest entry cost as compared to Ertiga at 8.63 lacs and Manza Club Class at 8.80 lacs. Whilst on paper the Quanto looks a strong buy option, drive experience could tilt the balance completely. Basis our past drives of these cars, Ertiga shows the least diesel lag, followed by Quanto and then Manza. Manza as a matter of fact needs lots of prodding under 1500 Rpm before it gets going beyond 1700 Rpm.

Comfort and Convenience Comparison Quanto C8 Vs Ertiga ZDi  Vs Manza Club Class Quadrajet 90 EXL



Quanto C 6

Ertiga Ldi

Manza Club Class
Qudrajet 90 LX

Overall length (mm)




Overall width (mm)




Overall height (mm)




Wheelbase (mm)




 With a wheel base of 2760 mm cabin space inside the Quanto would be the largest followed by Ertiga (2740 Mm) and finally Manza Club Class (2520 mm). However, in terms of overall car length Manza Club Class with a length of 4413 mm  beats both the Ertiga  (4265 mm) and Quanto at 3985 mm ) hollow. Shoulder room defined by the car’s width belongs to Quanto at 1850 mm followed by Manza Club Class with 1703 mm and Ertiga at 1695 mm. Head Space (Height) again belongs to the Quanto at 1950 mm followed by Ertiga with 1685 mm and Manza Club Class at 1550 mm. Dimensionally, it’s the Quanto which is more spacious than the Ertiga and Manza Club Class. Manza being a sedan obviously did not stand a chance in this arena.

All these cars comes with Manual AC with no rear AC vents which we think should have been there in the Quanto also considering its overall cabin volume. Whilst both Quanto and Ertiga are 7 seater car, however, the third row in both these cars are at best meant for toddlers. Manza Club Class comes with lumbar support for front two seats, which is absent in other two cars. Manza Club Class ELX variant also comes with Italian leather seats, which takes both the tactile feel, premium feel and creature comfort to a different level.

All the cars comes with all door power windows, however, the Quanto offer the Anti-Pinch guard over and above express touchdown in the Ertiga and Manza Club Class power windows. Steering feel, look and feedback is the best in the Ertiga followed by the Manza Club Class and then the Quanto. The Ertiga power steering being electronically controlled would feel much more responsive to drive vs the Quanto and Manza Club Class, as they both come with Hydraulic power assist to the steering, which makes the steering feel heavy as compared to an electronically assisted steering. All cars comes with Central lock.

Manza Club Class EXL is the only car in this set that comes Bluetooth and touch screen navigation system.

The battle of comfort and convenience will go to the Quanto for those looking for a spacious option, however, when evaluated from an overall perspective for cars close to 8 lacs, then the Manza with its top-end feature list beats even the Ertiga in terms of tactile feel and upmarket feel.

Exterior Comparison Quanto C8 Vs Ertiga ZDi  Vs Manza Club Class Quadrajet 90 EXL

Call us biased, but externally the Quanto, thanks to its closeness to the Xylo is the least attractive. The only good thing about the Quanto is the partially covered extra wheel mounted on the rear door which gives a real sporty look to the car.

All cars come with tubeless tyres mounted on 15” Alloys and electrically controlled outside rear view mirror, these ORVM’s in case of the Ertiga also has integrated turn indicators . Manza Club Class EX and EXL variant come with a contrast roof which gives a different character and stand out value to the Manza Club Class.

Ertiga, we believe scores externally over the Manza Club Class, thanks to its balanced proportions and near Innova looks. Manza Club Class however is not far externally.

Our vote externally without getting into specifics would go to the Ertiga followed closely by Manza Club Class and then the Quanto

Safety Feature Comparison Quanto C8 Vs Ertiga ZDi  Vs Manza Club Class Quadrajet 90 EXL

Quanto C8, Ertiga ZDi and Manza Club Class Quadrajet 90 EXL offer dual front airbags, ABS, EBD, front disc and rear drum brakes, central locking, immobiliser, collapsible steering column and adjustable headrests.  Ertiga and Manza Club Class also offer rear defogger and front seat belts with pretensioner and load limiter. It seems there is not much to choose among these cars when it comes to safety features. We at www.ecardlr.com, however do feel that the Quanto with its taller height may not be comfortable on corners and might depict some roll while cornering hard.

Overall a Rs. 8 Lacs plus buyers would be pampered by the Manza, treated to comfortable space inside the Quanto and to a balanced car both externally and in terms to tactile feel internally by the Ertiga. Our vote goes to the Ertiga for sure.

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  • I have Manza abs aura 2012. I m happy with the car, but due to lumbar problem planning to sell and want to switch smoother clutch. Which one to choose. Verna or Ertiga or Dzire. Plz help me out.
    Pankaj (1) reply