Which is Better Between Ertiga and SX4 Basis Performance

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Maruti Eritiga performance compare with Maruti SX4

Which is Better Between Ertiga and SX4 Basis Performance

Performance is a very broad term and will mean different things to different people. Performance of the same model with a diesel engine will be very different from that of a petrol engine. WE have therefore divided performance details accordingly. Basis our understanding of performance the answer to your query is as below

                                                           SX4 Petrol                                        ErtigaPetrol

Engine (CC)                                        1586                                                  1373

Power (Ps/rpm)                                105/5600                                           95/6000                    

Torque (Nm/rpm)                             145/4100                                           130/4000

ARAI (KMPL)                                       16.51                                                 16.02


City Mileage (KMPL)                            9.3                                                    10.2

Highway Mileage (KMPL)                    14.5                                                  14.8

Overall (KMPL)                                     11.9                                                  12.51

0-60 Km/Hr (Secs)                                 5.1                                                   5.56

0-100 Km/Hr (Secs)                               12.1                                                 13.56

Braking 80-0 Km/Hr (Meters)               27.56                                              28.96                         

Shorter the braking distance more safer the car.

    SX4 Diesel                                       Ertiga Diesel

Engine (CC)                                           1248                                               1248

Power (Ps/rpm)                                   90/4000                                          90/4000

Torque (Nm/rpm)                                200/1750                                       200/1750

ARAI (KMPL)                                         21.5                                                20.77


City Mileage (KMPL)                            13.2                                                  12.8

Highway MIleage (KMPL)                   17.1                                                  16.8

Overall (KMPL)                                     15.1                                                   14.8

0-60 Km/Hr (Secs)                                5.1                                                     5.46

0-100 Km/Hr (Secs)                              13.8                                                   14.28

Braking 80-0 Km/Hr (Meters)             27.56                                                  28.96

Basis above performance based comparison, SX4 does seem like a better choice. It will be bigger also as Ertiga is a sub 4000 mm car in terms of its overall length. But being tall and being designed like a people carrier vehicle (therefore the acronym for such cars as MPV), it gives a more spacious feeling plus it can seat 7 as against 5 in SX4.

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