Which Car is Better Between Maruti Suzuki Kizashi and Hyundai Fluidic Elantra?


Comparing Maruti Suzuki Kizashi and Hyundai Elantra is rare. however, there are some who go beyond the obvious and decide basis the strength of the car they want to buy irrespective of the current market trend and market favourites.


Please suggest that between Maruti Kizashi MT and Hyundai new Elantra 1.8 SX MT, which car should I buy and the reasons for the same - except the price part. That if both costs me same then what would be your recommendation.

Which Car is Better Between Maruti Suzuki Kizashi and Hyundai Fluidic Elantra?

Your query is interesting to say the least. New car buyers in India hardly compare Maruti Suzuki Kizashi with any car, forget Hyundai Elantra. This could simply be a case of following the trodden path or seeking safety in numbers.

At a macro level, Both Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki have always found it difficult to attract customers beyond 12 Lacs. But car buyers like you would have definitely done your homework before creating this comparative set.

Elantra scores on safety and value (Autocar Road Test)

Kizashi scores over Elantra on comfort, refinement and ride quality (Autocar Road Test)

Elantra outscores Kizashi in legroom in the front and headroom both in the front and rear. Kizashi however has more legroom in the rear. (Autocar Road Test)

Arai Mileage of 16.3 Kmpl  vs 12.5 kmpl of Kizashi

In the looks department nothing beats the Fluidic design of the Elantra.

Kizashi has more powerfull legs over the Elantra as it delivers a peak power of 178 Ps vs 110 of Elantra and a pulling power of 230 Nm vs 178 of Elantra. All this thanks to its larger engine (2.4 Ltrs Vs 1.8 Ltrs). No wonder Kizashi does a 0-60 in 4.19 secs vs 4.79 secs of Elantra and in  0-100 dash, Kizashi is a full 1.32 secs faster than the Elantra.

5 years down the road both cars will be equally difficult to sell, even though Elantra will have a slight edge, thanks to its top-notch safety features and looks/style. Most new car buyers in future will look forward to stylish cars that will help them to stand out in the crowd. Growing road infrastructure will mean faster travelling speeds which will make safety a key purchase driver.

So, if you are looking for some thrill, have no concern in terms of resale and do not mind visiting the petrol pumps frequently, then Kizashi should be your chosen brand.

However, if safety, looks and great tactile feel are your purchase driver, look no further than the Elantra.

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  • Thanks. Your mail is quite informative. But I am still undecided.

    Resale value is not a concern to me.

    Petrol consumption also not a concern

    Performance, Safety, useful features, comfort and (as you said) standing out in crowd are the main drivers. On these count, I am open to any car that costs me 14 Lacs Ex-showroom + regn and road tax + insurance.

    Can you guide which car (sedan) I should opt for or if you can also include a sober SUV, if there is any.
    Adarsh Agrawal reply
  • Lets start with a list all cars or should we say vehicles within an ex-showroom price range of 14 to 15 lacs, these are;

    Corolla Altis

    Chevrolet Cruze

    Skoda Laura

    Renault Fluence



    New Jetta

    Honda Civic

    Tata Aria


    XUV 500

    We will give our point of view on each of these cars one individually, which hopefully might get you closer to your decision

    Corolla Altis - Toyota heritage, makes this a clear winner as per us, particularly the petrol version as the diesel power plant does feel small for a car of this size. The car looks big, great to drive and be driven.  

    Cruze - Our Option 2, but available only in diesel. The new improved engine has made the car even more rocking, its feature loaded and offers a great price value equation

    Skoda Laura - The car is good, but maintenance kills, not our choice

    Renault Fluence - The car is loaded, great stand out value and quiet a drive. However, what goes against it is its service reach

    Elantra and Kizashi - Already discussed in details

    Honda Civic - This was a petrol pump to petrol pump car, thankfully its off the shelf

    Tata Aria - Unfortunately, a 15 lacs car buyer needs pretty high level of refinement and luxurious tactile feel. Aria does not stand the test against these requirement of a luxury car buyer.

    Yeti - I personally like the car. Great looker, but unfortunately a 14 lacs + car has manual driver seat adjustment. In addition the Skoda service cost.

    XUV 500 - People lapped it, but unfortunately, the real picture is now coming out in the open. current car owners are not completely happy with their decision.

    Our suggestion and possible recommendation in order of our preference are; Corolla Altis, Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Cruze, Renault Fluence and Yeti.
    Adarsh Agrawal reply