Between Fiesta Classic and Manza Which is Better

Car buyers in India are really getting more and more incisive when seeking answers to their queries. The fact that they are now comparing two comparable cars is a testimony to the vertical knowledge growth of car buyers in India. Fiesta Classic and Manza comparison is another example of the same.

Confused between Tata Manza Aura ABS and Ford Classic?

Between Fiesta Classic and Manza Which is Better

The cars under consideration are quite different and for us its like an  'Orange and Apple' comparison. 

Tata Manza is a spacious, value for money sedan. Whilst the 1.3 multi-jet is a rocker of an engine, however, it suffers from a huge diesel lag as well a diesel kick, If one is not prepared for it then then the diesel kick which happens between 1600-1800 Rpm can land you into trouble if you in a bumper to bumper situation. Post the initial kick, the car revs quite linearly and is definitely a rocket to handle. But before the turbo kicks in the car just too sluggish, a wrong up-shift, can literally stall the car and takes ages to gain power.

Tata Manza is one spacious car both in the front, rear and boot. However, it does suffer from lots of creaking plastic noise and on panic braking the car does not only nose dives buts sways too.

Ford Fiesta Classic is far more stable, less diesel lag and kick, far more refined and has much better handling characteristics than the Manza. Space is at a great premium in the Fiesta Classic, being a low slung car as compared to the Manza, getting in and out is a problem. It's going to be more costlier to maintain and its an old design.

So if you are seeking great value sedan and do not love throttling and hard cornering and conscious about the number of visits to petrol stations, then Manza should be the car of your choice. But if you are looking for a drivers car, it has to be Ford Fiesta Classic

Do test drive both cars and treat our inputs as indicative only and not as a final decision.