Compare Mahindra XUV 500 and Renault Duster. Which Is better?

SUV's are in, big or small does not matter. Indian car buyers is all out to seek more comfortable ride at least in terms of space and when these SUV's comes with car like driveability and sedan like dimensions, then it becomes all the more attractive to car buyers in India.

Which is better car to buy between the 2 .. XUV 500 or Renault Duster

Compare Mahindra XUV 500 and Renault Duster. Which Is better?


Two different vehicles being compared here fall in the SUV category, but they are still as different as a chalk and cheese.

XUV 500 is that Big and Imposing SUV. It has dimensions which to some could be quite intimidating, but those seeking road presence and peer appreciation, nothing beats XUV 500's presence. It’s stylish and a true blue SUV.

On the other hand the Renault Duster which is being called a compact SUV, has far more manageable dimensions, but lacks stand-out appeal. Fit for those seeking a car convenient for a family of 4 with oodles of space for luggage also. It’s for those seeking a step through vehicle from a sedan before graduating into the true blue SUV like XUV 500 or the Endeavour, Captiva or even the Montero.

Big XUV 500 means big ex-showroom (Delhi) price tag of 13.18 lacs for its W8 model Vs 11.70 for Renault Duster 110 PS RXZ diesel Pack variant. Since your consideration set includes XUV 500 along with Renault Duster, one can safely assume that therefore financial stretch is a non-issue, so we have to look at the extra’s you get for the additional 1.87 lacs that you will have to shell out for XUV 500 over the Renault Duster.

XUV 500 has a big 2.2 litre engine vs 1.5 Ltr of Renault Duster. XUV 500 also delivers a peak power of 140 Ps @ 3750 Rpm and Peak Torque of 330 Nm between 1600 to 280 Rpm, as against this the Renault Duster Engine delivers peak power 110 Ps @ 3900 Rpm and peak torque fo 248 NM at 2250 Rpm. Theoretically speaking XUV 500 would show less of diesel lag vs Renault duster as peak torque happens at 1600 Rpm Vs 2250 Rpm for Renault Duster (but a drive would be a more appropriate way to judge this). Big XUV 500 obviously is more thirsty at 15.! Kmpl ARAI mileage Vs 19.01 ARAI Mileage of Renault Duster. The other advantage of mHawk XUV 500 engine is its Hybrid tech, which switches off the engine when it is idle for more than 15 secs or more. Whilst this is a great feature, it unfortunately puts off the AC also. Therefore many of the XUV 500 user switch off this function.

XUV 500 offers Automatic AC Vs manual in Renault Duster. Both vehicles offer leather upholstery. XUV 500 is more feature loaded than the Renault Duster, these additional features are: Cruise Control, Navigation System, Automatic Headlamp On, Automatic Wiper On, Follow Me Home. However, XUV 500 does not offer Bluetooth facility which is available as standard fitment in the Renault Duster. Both XUV 500 and Renault Duster offer Power Windows with Pinch Guard, Power Steering with Tilt Function and Reverse Parking Assist with Audio Warning.

In terms of Safety features XUV 500 is far ahead of the Duster, with features like: Curtain and Side Airbags in addition to dual front airbags (Duster only comes with dual front airbags), Hill Hold Assist, Vehicle Stability Program. Both Duster and XUV 500, come with ABS, EBD and BA as standard feature. 

As stated earlier XUV 500 is far bigger than the Duster in terms of dimensions. XUV 500 is almost 250 mm longer and 62 mm wider than the Renault Duster. XUV 500 is also taller and has a wheelbase which is longer by 27 over Duster. In effect, one gets more legroom, headroom and shoulder room in the XUV 500.

When it come to in vehicle entertainment XUV 500 with DVD player, 6 inch coloured touch screen infotainment display, integrated music system with CD/MP3, ipod USB connectivity, GPS navigation with touch screen with audio support, steering mounted controls and 6 Speakers (4 Speakers with 2 Tweeters) is a more advanced Audio system vs the Duster audio system which is an integrated 2 Din Audio (CD/MP3/AM/FM) with USB, Aux-in & Bluetooth, Steering Mounted Audio and Bluetooth Controls and 4 Speakers. 

All in all, if size does not matter and you don’t travel to crowded markets very often, money is also available to indulge, then go for the XUV 500 and get envious looks from the neighbours. Else Compact Duster is an equally competent purchase.

We would however, strongly recommend longish test drive of both cars, it may also not be a bad idea to look at customer reviews of both cars. We have heard some unconfirmed reports on XUV 500 brake issue, but please do your own checks.


Comparison: Duster vs Kwid, November 17 2016.

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VISITOR                                                        i m bit confused when it comes to pricing of Renault Duster and Renault Kwid price....it’s almost double....is it justified in any way


AGENT                                                          WOW - because you are considering Kwid to be same as Duster, Hat's off to Renault for creating that perception


VISITOR                                                        i want to get value for my money.....please for god sake ....don't ask what is your budget///


AGENT                                                          They are two very different cars and comparing them is like comparing Apples to oranges


AGENT                                                          One is a economy mini and other a compact SUV


AGENT                                                          dimensionally there could well a diff of at least 1.5 meters


AGENT                                                          Engine 1 litre max for Kwid and 1,5 for Duster


AGENT                                                          I am honestly surprised that you are comparing the two


VISITOR                                                        i totally agree....that Duster has 4 cylinders more torque less mileage etc...But, i do not want to go by high prestige.....attached


VISITOR                                                        No....i know whatever u have said.....But, my question is that even there are more cylinder, power in cc and space ......Can double the price b justified???


AGENT                                                          Justified or not is Renault’s call, however, personally speaking, all the differences is what makes Duster so costly


VISITOR                                                        i m not looking for stereotyped answer.....or whether i should take "test drive" to have the actual feel "what is d difference" what is your expert advice actually??


AGENT                                                          forget expert advice as its common sense that we are talking of different vehicles, yes do test drive and you will understand the, you should start questioning every car maker, example why should there be a double price diff between Alto K10 and Brezza


AGENT                                                          I think we are being difficult for the sake of being difficult, its engine size, power torque, car size and features that makes pricing of different cars to be different


VISITOR                                                        oK......thanks for the advice


AGENT                                                          pleasure