Which is Better between EON, New Spark and New Alto 800

Indian car buyers probably can be termed as a mature car buyer, no wonder they are able to narrow down their consideration set so precisely as is obvious in the case of car comparison between Hyundai EON, Chevrolet New Spark and Maruti Suzuki New Alto 800.

What is the mileage of new spark launched recently? Which is better between Hyundai Eon, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, and Chevrolet New Spark?

Which is Better between  EON, New Spark and New Alto 800




The Arai Mileage of Chevrolet New Spark is 17 Kmpl. As against this Hyundai EON delivers a mileage of 21.1 Kmpl and Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 delivers 22.74 Kmpl.

Variants of respective models being compared are; Chevrolet New Spark LS Vs Hyundai Eon DLite + Vs Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. Out of the three New Spark LS at Rs.3.52 lacs is costlier by 46,000 over Hyundai Eon Dlite+ and by Rs.56,000 over New Alto 800

Basically on sheer cost of entry and running cost basis the priority would be New Alto 800 followed by Hyundai Eon Dlite + and the Chevrolet New Spark.

Entry hatchback are bought by first time cars buyers, this means in most cases it’s the only family car, therefore this car needs to be big enough to handle minimum 4 passengers with some luggage. Let’s pitch each of these cars on dimensions



Dimensions (mm)

New Spark

Hyundai Eon

New Alto 800

Overall length




Overall width




Overall height








Basis dimensions Eon offers maximum legroom (More Length and Wheelbase) and more shoulder room (More width), whilst New Spark offers more headroom (Height). In terms of space, we would go with EON followed by Spark and then the New Alto 800. I other words comfort of space would be more in Eon DLite + vs New Spark and new Alto 800

Eon Dlite+ offers AC and Power steering whereas both New Spark and New Alto 800 offer front door power windows. Eon loses out on convenience to both New Spark and New Alto 800.

Nothing much separates Eon Dlite+, New Spark and New Alto 800, in terms of safety features. All these cars comes with impact beams on the door, collapsible steering, Seatbelts and headrests. New Alto 800 and Eon DLite+ comes with Immobilser. New Alto 800 also come with Anti-theft alarm and roof top crumple zone. However, we believe on safety front Eon Dlite+, New Spark and New Alto 800 are evenly matched.

Style is Eon Dlite+ territory, the car with its fluidic design has really set the benchmark for styling, whilst New Spark has really improved in terms of styling, we still believe that its still has some distance to go, unfortunately in presence of these cars, Alto 800 does not look so good.

(One caveat – styling is subjective and preference might vary as some consumers do feel that EON is kind of over the top in terms of styling). We have for your reference, presented the front and rear of these cars for your own judgement.

Our final choice in order of our preference would be Hyundai EON DLite+, Chevrolet New Spark LS and then Maruti New Alto 800.

You can also visit this link for more details on these cars http://www.ecardlr.com/NewCar/ComparefeaturesandSpecifications/Chevrolet/New-Spark/New-Spark-1.0-LS-1-vs-Hyundai/Eon/Eon-Delight---vs-Maruti-Suzuki/Alto-800/Alto-800-Lxi.aspx

We at www.ecardlr.com always recommend a test drive. We also recommend car selection basis your need from a car. Do note that our input should be treated as an indicative suggestion only and not a final decision. 




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  • Eon is best car compared to alto 800 and the interior is also excellent.

    anitha reply