Suggest the best sedan between Verna, Vento, Sunny and City

Comparing class leading sedans like Verna, City, Vento and Sunny is difficult for both the new car buyer as well as experts reviewing the car. Unknowingly, personal biases and preferences do come into play, howsoever hard one tries. After Verna, Vento, City and Sunny are individually quite competent cars. 

A bit confused :: friends with knowledge & experience do help me. Honda City, Volkswagen Vento,  Nissan Sunny, Hyundai Verna Fluidic.  My budget is 8.5 to 9 lakhs pls give a good comparision.

Suggest the best sedan between Verna, Vento, Sunny and City

Assumption 1: Since you have included Honda in your comparative set, we will assume that you are looking for petrol cars only. Our comparison would therefore be for petrol power plant based variants of these models.

Assumption 2: Price of 8.5 lacs to 9 lacs - Answer would be given basis on-road price with 9 lacs as the outer limit. The variants that you would get within your budget are: Honda New City E, Nissan Sunny XV, Verna EX, Vento Comfortline. Vento and Verna will take you beyond 9 lacs on-road. Being either the base or mid variant, in terms of features you might have to compromise with these variants.

Whilst feature wise comparison can be done on any website including www.ecardlr.com, we will try and give you ratings of these cars basis car expert reviews

NEW CITY                               VERNA                    VENTO                    SUNNY

ARAI KMPL               15.6                                         17.7                         15.8                        16.5            

PERFORMANCE        9/10                                         8/10                         8/10                       8/10

COMFORT                8/10                                         8/10                         8/10                        9/10

REFINEMENT            8/10                                         9/10                         8/10                        7/10

VALUE                       8/10                                         9/10                         8/10                         8/10  

SAFETY                      9/10                                         8/10                         8/10                         7/10

RIDE QUALITY           8/10                                         9/10                         8/10                         7/10 

HANDLING                 7/10                                         7/10                         8/10                         8/10

BUILD STRENGTH      8/10                                         8/10                         8/10                         8/10

Qualitatively speaking, I personally find most Volkswagen car to be less appealing when it comes to a cars interiors when its compared to the City and Verna, both have great or should we say class leading tactile feel.

Unlike Honda City whose dealers will pester you for service every 3 months (which is surprising for a car with such high quality), Hyundai and Volkswagen dealer won't do so , with gap between Vento service schedule being the longest.

In terms of maintenance cost we would like to bet in favour Verna, followed by City and then Vento. However, this is basis perception and hearsay as one does not access to any concrete data on this.


Comparison: Sunny vs City vs Micra vs Verna vs Ecosport, June 28 2016.

AGENT                                                                    Good Morning     


VISITOR                                                                  Hi, can you share your view over the best sedan between 10 to 12 lacs ??              


VISITOR                                                                  Gm           


AGENT                                                                    Too wide a selection lets narrow it down to some cars    


AGENT                                                                    that will make this interaction more fruitful for you, hopefully   


VISITOR                                                                  sure         


VISITOR                                                                  MY AVERAGE RUN IS 1200 KM PER MONTH             


VISITOR                                                                  so do you suggest a petrol or a diesel      


AGENT                                                                    borderline case for diesel, but I will go with petrol keeping in mind the lack of love for diesel by many quarters, plus I expect diesel to become more costlier than petrol over time as is the case elsewhere in the world                                                                                 


AGENT                                                                    add to this close to 20% higher maintenance cost for diesel and higher entry cost             


VISITOR                                                                  I have a Nissan Micra Diesel since 4 years and I am very happy, I think I will keep it for another 2 years atleast                                  


AGENT                                                                    ok             


AGENT                                                                    good to hear that               


VISITOR                                                                  This new car will be an addition 


AGENT                                                                    allow me to ask as to what makes you happy about Micra              


AGENT                                                                    so will you be dividing your travel between two cars       


VISITOR                                                                  The performance, its mileage, also maintenance cost is not high               


VISITOR                                                                  No I am planning the sedan for my use and the other car at my dad's disposal     


AGENT                                                                    what's your City mileage and highway mileage for Micra for         


VISITOR                                                                  City is 16 to 18 km .. Highway is around 20 km per lt          


AGENT                                                                    as you are so happy with Nissan cars, have you looked at the Sunny, maybe its automatic transmission version                                      


AGENT                                                                    between 10-12 lacs ex showroom - Verna, City and           


AGENT                                                                    Vento     


VISITOR                                                                  sunny is not a handsome car at all ... also please tell me how is the market feedback for Nisaan Cars                                                         


VISITOR                                                                  Verna is not a good handler of high spend and during cornering I have heard       


AGENT                                                                    Honestly not very popular, but its owners like you are quite happy on many fronts That's why I asked you more about Micra           


VISITOR                                                                  It may not be true but     


VISITOR                                                                  So what do you suggest a petrol or a diesel??      


VISITOR                                                                  To narrow down 


AGENT                                                                    My dice is rolled in favour of petrol          


VISITOR                                                                  kk             


AGENT                                                                    Yes one has heard stories of Verna           


VISITOR                                                                  How is Honda City CVT    


AGENT                                                                    among the cars suggested, handling belongs to City and Vento   


VISITOR                                                                  SV would cost me 12.24 in my sity             


VISITOR                                                                  WV and Skoda known for high maintenance and expensive spare parts  


VISITOR                                                                  I have heard         


AGENT                                                                    Even City is not cheap on your pocket; I have one older version, ask me 


AGENT                                                                    not as killing as VW and Skoda, but high for sure


VISITOR                                                                  Do you drive an automatic or manual?    


AGENT                                                                    no Manual, I am not an auto fan 


VISITOR                                                                  Real men drive a 3 peddle they say           


AGENT                                                                    amongst Auto transmission CVT from City is considered to be the best transmission        


VISITOR                                                                  According to my analysis diesel vs petrol difference is Rs. 2.5 per km ... But one ends up paying around a lac and a quater more for diesel  


VISITOR                                                                  So petrol is final 


AGENT                                                                    so the maths is that go for diesel if savings from lower fuel cost and higher fuel eff is greater than additional EMI and maintenance cost over 5 years     


AGENT                                                                    I will go for City for self-drive, looks, premium interiors and great resale               


VISITOR                                                                  but then manual City sv is 11 lacs , a good 1.25 lac difference from a CVT


AGENT                                                                    I will ignore City because of its maintenance cost and suspension             


VISITOR                                                                  What is the average maintenance cost for City manual per year  


AGENT                                                                    It's not the annual cost that is killing, but Honda dealers drives you to higher frequency  of service else threaten with Warranty Void 


AGENT                                                                    I spend close 10 K/year and at times evn more    


VISITOR                                                                  warranty is for 2 years only ??     


VISITOR                                                                  or else is the case              


AGENT                                                                    I believe in buying maximum warranty - so I had 4 years


VISITOR                                                                  do you think I should check out the Sunny??        


VISITOR                                                                  like if I ignore the looks  


VISITOR                                                                  but Nissan is known for their diesel engines, correct me if I am wrong    


AGENT                                                                    its a huge car, just this morning I crossed one on the road and mistook it for another bigger car                                                                           


AGENT                                                                    It's a nice practical, spacious cars


AGENT                                                                    yes teh 1.5 Dci si a good power plant        


AGENT                                                                    PLus its Auto is also CVT which is considered to be good


VISITOR                                                                  they have an auto in diesel ??     


AGENT                                                                    I doubt   


VISITOR                                                                  kk and how is the mileage             


VISITOR                                                                  review    


AGENT                                                                    let me check        


AGENT                                                                    don’t go by other review, if you had done that you would not have bought the Micra      


AGENT                                                                    Before we go any further, go test drive City and Sunny on same day         


AGENT                                                                    and let me add the Ciaz also to the mix   


VISITOR                                                                  i don’t want a Maruti , it has no class and feel      


VISITOR                                                                  sorry to say that 


AGENT                                                                    OK if these two are your major need, then it better be City and no other car        


AGENT                                                                    which City are you from 


VISITOR                                                                  Nagpur   


AGENT                                                                    my home town   


VISITOR                                                                  oh nice, where from??    


AGENT                                                                    Gopal Nagar         


VISITOR                                                                  kk             


AGENT                                                                    SFSschool Hislop College, NIT ( VRCE earlier)       


VISITOR                                                                  cool , I am from Bhavan's and then moved to Banglore for higher studies               


VISITOR                                                                  So going back ... do you think I should look at changing the segment to a cross over          


VISITOR                                                                  like an Ecosport  


AGENT                                                                    my other car is a Ecosport Diesel


VISITOR                                                                  haha        


AGENT                                                                    and I just fall more in love with it everyday          


VISITOR                                                                  what a coincidence           


AGENT                                                                    yes I read your dad's choice          


VISITOR                                                                  which City are you placed              


AGENT                                                                    Delhi       


VISITOR                                                                  kk ..          


VISITOR                                                                  it has a smaller cabin space , does it ??    


VISITOR                                                                  please tell me the pros and cons of a eco sport   


AGENT                                                                    i agree, but it’s such a great driver car      


AGENT                                                                    hold - let me send you a link        


AGENT                                                                    http          //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/s-cross-vs-ecosport-vs-brezza-vs-polo-tsi-which-is-the-best-buy.aspx


VISITOR                                                                  kk ... I would love to know your personal experience       


AGENT                                                                    check this for ratings        


AGENT                                                                    http          //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/model/should-i-buy-ford-ecosport.aspx


AGENT                                                                    Check this for Ecosport specifically           


VISITOR                                                                  I am on it .. what kind of mileage are you getting ... how is the maintenance and safety 


AGENT                                                                    http          //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/Maruti-suzuki-brezza-vs-ford-ecosport.aspx


AGENT                                                                    City around 15, highway - 17         


AGENT                                                                    This should probably answer many questions for you, or else visit our Car advice section for more                                                                      


AGENT                                                                    can I ask you one more question


VISITOR                                                                  sure         


AGENT                                                                    how did you come to our site      


VISITOR                                                                  google    


VISITOR                                                                  was looking for car expert talk    


VISITOR                                                                  in the search        


AGENT                                                                    ok , that was the string you had used correct        


VISITOR                                                                  Being a lighter and taller car, it does show some amount of sway and one does feel uncomfortable at high speed.                    


VISITOR                                                                  is it so??


AGENT                                                                    yes my personal experience, but its not bad once you drive it for some time, its  a great car to drive, with near zero diesel lag, I have pretty good stories on its Ecoboost petrol,  mileage seems to be its very strong point    


VISITOR                                                                  petrol review says the mileage is 10 km per lt     


AGENT                                                                    is it the 1.5 or 1 litre ecoboost     


VISITOR                                                                  1.5 l t       


AGENT                                                                    let me look at its ARAI mileage   


AGENT                                                                    I have some problem on internet hear, go to the ecosport model page, select the variant and discount the ARAI mileage by 30% to get a ball park real life mileage 


AGENT                                                                    Hope that's all     


Comparison: Verna vs City vs Vento, June 17 2016.

VISITOR                                                                  Hello       


VISITOR                                                                  I want to buy new car      


VISITOR                                                                  But i m confused


VISITOR                                                                  Between Verna , Vento , City and Rapid 


AGENT                                                                    sure what is your confusion          


VISITOR                                                                  I want both performance and looks          


AGENT                                                                    are you considering diesel or petrol         


VISITOR                                                                  But i heard Verna is not good on high speed         


VISITOR                                                                  Petrol     


VISITOR                                                                  Can you suggest something good?            


AGENT                                                                    in petrol our ranking will be City followed by Vento and then Verna        


AGENT                                                                    though light car petrol refinement is amazing     


VISITOR                                                                  Ya but considering present market situation you can see lots of  Honda City         


VISITOR                                                                  Is 2016 Verna not good enough   


AGENT                                                                    good but in petrol not our first recommendation               


VISITOR                                                                  N how about diesel          


AGENT                                                                    Verna and Vento close choices   


VISITOR                                                                  Bcoz look wise i don’t think any car in these segment can beat Verna      


AGENT                                                                    looks are individual preference  


AGENT                                                                    since like City and some even Vento which personally we find outdated               


AGENT                                                                    some we meant in place of since               


AGENT                                                                    how much do you drive on average monthly        


VISITOR                                                                  So what you suggestion my max budget is 11 lac


VISITOR                                                                  Daily max 40 km 


AGENT                                                                    then you don't need diesel           


AGENT                                                                    City in petrol is clear ahead as per us       


AGENT                                                                    we still recommended you to test drive all back to back and then decide               


VISITOR                                                                  What are pro and cons of Verna  


AGENT                                                                    not as refined, less leg room low mileage in petrol version          


VISITOR                                                                  But how much top end model will cost in City ex Pune    


VISITOR                                                                  I mean Honda City             


AGENT                                                                    for that friend will recommend you to go to new car section fill in basic Details and cost City and model and you will get on road price 


AGENT                                                                    hope you have found this interaction useful        


AGENT                                                                    all the best for your new wheels


VISITOR                                                                  Thanks    


AGENT                                                                    for any further help feel free to comeback             

Comparison: Verna vs Honda City, May 4, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      good afternoon i plan to buy sedan car petrol  


AGENT                                                        any budget in mind      


VISITOR                                                      below 12           


AGENT                                                        Options are City, Verna,             


VISITOR                                                      i choose Verna petrol and Honda City petrol which one is best for         


VISITOR                                                      build quality, mileage, maintenance, services, suspension, driving quality ,     


AGENT                                                        I drive older version of City and I am very unhappy with the car in terms of its suspension, maintenance cost                                 


AGENT                                                        Build quality 8/10          


VISITOR                                                      any idea about new City             


AGENT                                                        Ride quality 7/10           


VISITOR                                                      Verna  


AGENT                                                        New City except for increased ground clearance, have similar problems            


AGENT                                                        better mileage, but suspension still as hash as ever     


AGENT                                                        The numbers above are same for both cars       


VISITOR                                                      your suggestion             


AGENT                                                        Looking at the complete chart I find both cars are quite comparable     


AGENT                                                        Personally speaking, I will not go for City, but then its based on my experience, however, my other agent who has the new City is not thrilled by it, even though he does not feel as bad about it as me              


AGENT                                                        Have you test driven these cars              


VISITOR                                                      s City  only        


AGENT                                                        Looks like that basis other people experience