Should I buy the Duster or the XUV 5OO

Most car buyers in India are now comparing the Dusterand XUV 5OO, we at ecardlr.com believe that this could be due to car buyers coming one step below their desired car due to tight and tough market conditions. Whilst this sure is a good news for Duster, it does harm XUV 5OO sales, an impact which is visible for last 3-4 months.

Need help in XUV vs duster decision

Should I buy the Duster or the XUV 5OO


Other than price point overlap these are two completely different set of SUV's. One can be technically termed as a Compact SUV (Duster) and other is a full blown SUV (XUV 5OO). WE are comparing Duster 110 Ps RXL Option pack Vs XUV 5OO W6. similar pricing. Let's examine these cars on different parameters:

Duster being a 1.5 litre car is far less thirsty (ARAI Mileage -19.01 KMPL) than the 2.2 litre XUV 5OO (ARAI MIleage - 15.1 KMPL). Real life road test mileage done by experts are:



                                                 Duster                                     XUV 500                                
 City                                                11.8                     10.2
 Highway                                                17                     14.3        
 Overall                                                14.4                     12.25 



Even though XUV 5OO delivers peak power of 140 Ps Vs 110 Ps of Duster, still the power to weight ratio is in favour of Duster, which is, 82 Ps/Tonne Vs XUV 5OO 77 Ps/Tonne, this means that XUV 5OO has less pulling power than Duster for every 1 tonne of weight. No wonder one needs lots of down shift during city drive in case of XUV 5OO.  Something which you can see in their performance.


                                Duster                                                                XUV500                               
0-60                              4.72 Secs                                               5.56 Secs
 0-100                             11.88 Secs                                            12.34 Secs




XUV 5OO looks big, but then surprisingly, if one was to look at wheelbase figures which defines space available inside the cabin, there is not much of a difference.

             Duster              XUV500                                  
 Wheelbase (mm)             2673               2700
 Front Legroom (mm) (max/min            810/600                790/590
 2nd Row Legroom (mm)(max/min)            825/620              880/670



Let's look at some other parameters also and how these SUV's are rated on them by car experts. 

                                   Duster                                                         XUV500             
 Comfort                                    8/10                                 8/10
 Performance                                       8/10                                    8/10
 Refinement                                        6/10                                      6/10
 Value                                   7/10                                        10/10
 Safety                                   8/10                                                  8/10
 Ride Quality                                    10/10                                         6/10
 Handling                                     8/10                                          6/10
 Build Strength                                  8/10                                                              7/10                  


Basis above analysis, we would like to put our money on Duster, however, what one should definitely take note off is that XUV 5OO is definitely more feature rich as compared to the Duster, looks like a real SUV, therefore has major road presence too, something which most SUV owners cite as a key reason to buying a SUV.We at ecardlr.com always recommend an exhaustive research, long test drives and also request you to take our input as suggestion only and not a final answer.



Comparison: XUV500 vs Hexa, April 24 2017.

AGENT                                        Afernoon    


VISITOR                                      good afternoon        


VISITOR                                      I’m just comparing Hexa XM with XUV500 w6 on this site      


VISITOR                                      Confused to take a decision which one to buy?          


AGENT                                        any day Hexa, newer design and good features         


AGENT                                        depending on the variant you plan to buy    


AGENT                                        quite comparable    


VISITOR                                      Looking at XM Manual. Test driven and drive quality was excellent. One disadvantage I saw there is no way I get reverse parking camera in this variant


VISITOR                                      on the other hand W6 XUV everything is fine but suspensions are not great.               


AGENT                                        I agree          


AGENT                                        more so someone in the family had an XUV, one of early birds, never been too thrilled like he used to be with Safari which he owned earlier    


AGENT                                        The long gear shift handle also does not excite me much      


AGENT                                        I feel the drive quality of XUV was also not upto mark earlier and even today              


VISITOR                                      If you have to pick form these two what do you pick? And why?       


VISITOR                                               grinning


AGENT                                        I would pick Heax for its looks, big tyres which gives the vehicle a nice stance and makes it look bigger. Service cost of Tata cars are known to be lower than Mahindra (particularly labour) bit both are costly in their segment                        


AGENT                                        and not Heax             


AGENT                                        However, the lower variant is not as loaded, therefore in terms of value it may not be the right choice                              


AGENT                                        It also feels more spacious than the XUV      


AGENT                                        This may not matter much but I thought getting in and out of XUV was tad more difficult than the Hexa                        


VISITOR                                      XM being a mid-variant may not get bigger wheels right?      


AGENT                                        yes you are correct, it’s a 16 vs 19     


AGENT                                        Tata seems to have really loaded the XTA version which fares well when compared to w10                                             


VISITOR                                      Thanks