Compare Amaze Vs Zest Vs Sail Vs Etios and Suggest which is the Best Car

Toyota Etios , Honda Amaze, Tata Motors Zest and Chevrolet Sail, four equally competent cars therefore the confusion. In most cases the decision is taken basis the most preferred or most popular choice in the country. On-road car visibility also works in favour of the car seen most on the road - Jho Dikha Tah hai who Bik Tah Hai driven by a beliief that is 'if so many people are driving that car it has to be good, so many of them cannot go wrong. Going against the trend is quite difficult, we at www.ecardlr.com however believe that one needs to look at buying a car that most suits ones need. Hopefully the detaisl below will help our customer make the right choice between Amaze, Zest, Sail and Etios.

I seek your expert advice on choosing one of the cars out of the following PETROL options:- Etios (G), Amaze(SMT), Sail(LS), Zest(XM). Request you to pl give your advice. 

Compare Amaze Vs Zest Vs Sail Vs Etios and Suggest which is the Best Car

You have in your car comparison very intelligently compared two Japanese (Toyota & Honda) cars with and American (Chevrolet) car and an Indian (Tata Motors) car. It seems you have done your homework right. Hope we can help you with your decision.

Let me also congratulae you on making the basic decision between petrol vs diesel car. We at ecardlr.com strongly believe that, over time the difference between these fuel type will only reduce. As a matter of fact our belife is that, there will come a day soon when diesel cost per litre will be more than petrol cost per litre. With fuel type decision out of the way, lets see, which car could be your car of choice basis entry cost, running cost, resale value and comfort of space. 

Entry Cost - defined by the ex-showroom price in your city (however we are taking Exhowroom Delhi as the basis for this car comaprison).



Zest XM

Sail LS

Amaze SMT

Etios G

Ex-Showroom Delhi (Rs. Lakhs)





Zest offers lowest entry cost - therefore could be looked at seriously, followed by Amaze.

Running & Maintenance Cost and Resale Value - 
Car mileage as given by ARAI forms  good comparison ground, after all its under standard test conditions applying equally to all cars in our comparison set. On an average discount these test condtions figures by 30-35% to come to a very good estimate for real-life mileage in city driving conditions.


Mileage (KMPL)

Zest XM

Sail LS

Amaze SMT

Etios G






Running cost can also include maintenance cost - which unfortunately in absence of any hard data and basis our own experience with other cars from the same manufacturer, we can safely assume that Honda Amaze will be the most costly to maintain followed by Zest, Etios and Sail. Sail scores becasue Chevrolet offers a 3 year maintainence promise which protect over expense on their cars as far as maintenance is concerned.

Unlike other countries where there are defined and verifiable resale value of cars that one can refer to, in India we are still to reach that level of sophistication, therefore we are once again taking the liberty of our assumptions (which could be quite wrong). Basis our assumption, Honda Amaze should get us the best resale value, followed by Etios and one can do a toss-up between Sail and Zest for the last two position.

Basis entry and maintenance cost and resale value, the order could be Sail (High Mileage and Low Maintenace cost) followed by Amaze ( Resale Value and Mileage).

Comfort of Space - As defined by cabin space (wheel base), head-room ( height) and shoulder room( width), add to thsi boot or luggage space. Whilst question can be rasied as to whether, Wheel base defines cabin space etc, however, these dimension do to a great extent mean what we have mentioned. 


Dimensions (mm)

Zest XM

Sail LS

Amaze SMT

Etios G

Wheel Base





Overall Height





Overall Width





Boot Space (Ltrs)





Except for boot space Zest wins the space battle quite comfortbly particularly when it comes to space for the passengers.

Zest, Sail, Amaze and Etios all come with electric power steering and power windows as standard fitment, however only Zest comes with audio system and ABS, EBD as standard fitment, whereas Etios comes with fron two airbags. 

Our consideration set order will be Zest, Etios (particularly for airbags), Sail and finally Amaze.

We at ecardlr.com always recommend an exhaustive test drive and request you to take our inputs as suggestions only and not a final decision.


Comparison: Xcent vs Amaze, October 4 2016.

AGENT                                                        Good Afternoon             


VISITOR                                                      good afternoon              


VISITOR                                                      m planning to buy a new petrol family sedan car            


VISITOR                                                      but bit confuse in Honda Amaze and Hyundai Xcent....


AGENT                                                        petrol 


VISITOR                                                      yes       


AGENT                                                        honestly both are competent cars         


AGENT                                                        so it depends on what are you looking from your new car          


VISITOR                                                      requirement a family sedan     


VISITOR                                                      weekly run approx. 110 km       


AGENT                                                        family of 4 or 5


VISITOR                                                      4             


AGENT                                                        it get seven more difficult - let me check the difference in cabin space, you will have to hold as I will take some time to check          


VISITOR                                                      how much?      


AGENT                                                        wheelbase which defines cabin space is 2425 for Xcent vs 2405 for Amaze         


AGENT                                                        but Amaze does feel more spacious inside due to thinner and narrower front seats     


VISITOR                                                      ok...but what about the performance while driving...i mean engine     


AGENT                                                        0-60 Xcent 5.80 secs vs 5,64 Amaze        


AGENT                                                        0-100 Xcent14.23 vs 13,27 Amaze            


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Xcent-vs-Amaze.aspx


AGENT                                                        check this link it might have answers to most of your questions             


VISITOR                                                      ok...but what is the difference between both car's engine...anything specific in each car?        


AGENT                                                        regarding engine details its available in comparative chart       


AGENT                                                        anything else is subjective, so you will have to help me anything specific you are looking from your new car for example - I want a great looking car          


VISITOR                                                      m not sure about kappa engine and iVTEC?       


VISITOR                                                      any idea?          


AGENT                                                        these are engine operation details       


AGENT                                                        basis speed figure, it seems Amaze is a better performing engine, more fun to drive comparatively for someone who will like to put pedal to the floor               


AGENT                                                        it reaches 3 digit speeds nearly 1 sec faster than Xcent


VISITOR                                                      for family oriented..Interiors does matter         


AGENT                                                        correct therefore I was talking from space perspective, plus between the two I find Xcent to have a more pleasing and loaded interiors as compared to Amaze          


AGENT                                                        i-VTEC 

                                                                      Honda introduced i-VTEC technology in Honda's K-series four cylinder engine family in 2001. With this technology                                     

                                                                      The intake camshaft is capable of advancing between 25 and 50 degrees when the engine is running.                                                    

                                                                      Phase changes are implemented by a computer controlled, oil driven adjustable cam gear.      

                                                                      Phasing is determined by a combination of engine load and rpm, ranging from fully retarded at idle to somewhat advanced at full throttle and low RPM. 

                                                                      The effect is further optimization of torque output, especially at low and midrange RPM.          

                                                                      Valve lift and duration is still limited to distinct low- and high-RPM profiles.    


AGENT                                                        hope you got what you wanted about car engine particularly with respect to iVTEC engines     


VISITOR                                                      Ya.. thanks 

Comparison: Amaze vs Xcent vs Dzire vs Zest, April 30, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      i want to buy Tata Zest


VISITOR                                                      is it good car?  


AGENT                                                        Which city are you from             


VISITOR                                                      Annand              


VISITOR                                                      Gujarat               


AGENT                                                        Ok, then I thinks it's not a bad idea as Tata cars are not looked down upon in western and southern part of the country like they are in North. Yes Zest is a decent purchase 


VISITOR                                                      i can use it up to 10years without any problem


AGENT                                                        Thanks to technology you upgrade a well maintained car can easily go that distance    


VISITOR                                                      people say do not go Tata brand because it is making family car             


AGENT                                                        What do you mean?     


VISITOR                                                      mean people say Tata car is taxi car      


AGENT                                                        ok so does Toyota, Maruti, Hyundai etc. as their cars are running as taxi's today on road             


VISITOR                                                      it give large maintenance          


VISITOR                                                      so that i give strong suggestion from you           


VISITOR                                                      i want strong suggestion from you        


AGENT                                                        in terms of maintenance cost yes Tata cars are comparatively costly to maintain            


AGENT                                                        Are you looking for petrol or diesel?    


VISITOR                                                      petrol 


AGENT                                                        Then I suggest you should also test drive the Dzire, Xcent and Amaze and Figo Aspire from Ford                                                                     


AGENT                                                        between these cars - Hyundai Xcent and Maruti Suzuki will be cheaper to maintain     


AGENT                                                        Honda Amaze and Figo Aspire will be costly     


AGENT                                                        However, in terms of drive and space it will be Amaze


AGENT                                                        which is better               


VISITOR                                                      i had driven Xcent and Amaze and Zest               


VISITOR                                                      but space and vision is very clear in Zest            


VISITOR                                                      looking of Xcent is good             


AGENT                                                        Yes you are right Zest is really spacious, then it would be Amaze and Xcent in that order           


AGENT                                                        The only reason we moved to other options was because of your concern on maintenance cost                                                                     


AGENT                                                        The other problem I have had with my Manza from Tata Motors was the nose inside the car    


AGENT                                                        plus because it was big, it had issues on cooling during Delhi summer 


VISITOR                                                      sir finally out of all options what do you suggest ?         


AGENT                                                        Space - Zest and Amaze              


AGENT                                                        Ride - Amaze, Xcent Dzire         


AGENT                                                        Looks - Xcent and Amaze           


AGENT                                                        Maintenance - Dzire and Xcent               


AGENT                                                        decide what's most important for you and take your pick           


VISITOR                                                      i need space and performance


AGENT                                                        Go for Amaze basis these parameters  


AGENT                                                        Plus Honda cars have better resale value thanks to it being from Honda             


VISITOR                                                      ok thanks a lot sir          


AGENT                                                        My request is take our inputs as suggestion only and take your call basis what you need from your new car                                                     


VISITOR                                                      sure sir                

Comparison: Amaze vs Xcent vs Aspire vs Zest, April 23, 2016.

AGENT                                                        you need a new car      


AGENT                                                        with very good ac          


VISITOR                                                      Yes       


VISITOR                                                      Ac should be good        


AGENT                                                        Any favourites


VISITOR                                                      I want to buy a compact sedan


AGENT                                                        Basically, Xcent, Amaze, Zest, Dzire      


VISITOR                                                      I need petrol   


VISITOR                                                      Which one is better?   


AGENT                                                        That's a good decision 


AGENT                                                        Mostly City drive?         


VISITOR                                                      Sometimes highway drive too 


AGENT                                                        From the list above I will seriously look at Figo Aspire (Not in the previous list), Amaze, Xcent and maybe zest                                              


VISITOR                                                      Figo aspire which company       


AGENT                                                        Ford     


VISITOR                                                      I don’t heard much about Ford


VISITOR                                                      Is Ford cars reliable      


AGENT                                                        Yes I agree other than Ecosport none of their cars are very popular       


AGENT                                                        No question on Ford reliability               


VISITOR                                                      I liked Swift Dzire          


VISITOR                                                      But its design is becoming very common now  


AGENT                                                        Yes India's favourite in that segment   

AGENT                                                        Because you have so many on the road. Plus it’s an old design nearly 5-6 years old       


VISITOR                                                      I heard Tata cars have very bad petrol engine  


VISITOR                                                      And they are very bad to drive


AGENT                                                        No they have improved, but within our set, you have better petrol engine options      


VISITOR                                                      My preference good looks, reliable and good pickup   


VISITOR                                                      And comfortable to sit in long journeys              


AGENT                                                        If reliable is equal to long lasting, then all cars in India will score a good min 8 out of 10 for it  


AGENT                                                        Looks belong Amaze and then Xcent, personally Figo Aspire is the best looking car in that category of compact sedans            


AGENT                                                        PIck-up wise I think all of them can be rated equally, as they all do not have big engines           


VISITOR                                                      So should i go for Figo aspire   


VISITOR                                                      Or Swift Dzire  


AGENT                                                        I suggest you check the Figo Aspire test drive it, along with Amaze, Xcent and Dzire     


VISITOR                                                      Ok        


VISITOR                                                      But which1 you will prefer        


VISITOR                                                      To me 


VISITOR                                                      you have better idea than us   


AGENT                                                        I believe my job is more directional and not to give a decision, as I am not the one who will driving it on daily basis for some years post purchase         


AGENT                                                        So as you have defined your needs which are; Looks Performance, Reliability and Comfort      


AGENT                                                        I have earlier answered on Looks           


AGENT                                                        Reliability same             


AGENT                                                        On paper basis engine size, power, and torque all are nearly same       


AGENT                                                        So when you test drive these cars - check the pick-up of the car             


AGENT                                                        Then during test drive - be a drivers, co-passenger and rear seat passenger      


AGENT                                                        When you are sitting in the rear seat, check the thigh support, cushion and seat incline as they affect long drive comfort                  


VISITOR                                                      Thanks 


Comparison: Baleno vs Zest vs Amaze, March 16 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Looking for compact Sedan


VISITOR                                                      can you please recommend


AGENT                                                        any model or budget


VISITOR                                                      reviewed some cars shortlisted


VISITOR                                                      1. Zest, 2. Amaze, 3. Baleno


AGENT                                                        I will only go with Baleno


VISITOR                                                      can you please suggest in between 1st 2


AGENT                                                        from your list none if other cars are worth considering


AGENT                                                        amaze too barren inside


AGENT                                                        zest unfortunately Tata still has some distance to cover, even though they have travelled long


VISITOR                                                      you are saying about new amaze?


AGENT                                                        yes, it’s basically cosmetic in nature, plus Honda is costly to maintain


AGENT                                                        you can look at i20 it's a worthy option


VISITOR                                                      variant?


AGENT                                                        minimum sportz


AGENT                                                        it's a good looking car, feature loaded

Comparison: Aspire vs Zest vs Dzire, Dec 22 2015.

VISITOR                          I would like to choose one of the following Swift Dzire petrol, Figo Aspire diesel and Tata Zest diesel. All at the starting model. Which is better?


AGENT                          How much kms you drive in a month?


VISITOR                        my travel is within city most. Per month travel will be 600 km except once in two months of outstation of 400 km


AGENT                          buying petrol version would be a good decision then.


AGENT                          among the mentioned cars, The Figo Aspire is a noteworthy car and a strong contender for the attention of the people.


AGENT                           if we look at the engine, Figo Aspire has a powerful one, as it churns out 88 Ps (66.7kw) / 6300 Rpm Power and 112 Nm / 4000 Rpm Torque which is quite impressive and makes the drive smoother.


AGENT                           apart from this, The Ford Figo Aspire has become the first car in its league to offer driver and front-passenger airbags standard across all variants. It also is the only one to come with leather seats and a 6 speed Dual-Clutch transmission.


VISITOR                         ok how about Tata Zest petrol instead of diesel in the comparison


VISITOR                         somehow i keep Figo as the last choice only. I had earlier used Tata vista hence comfortable with tat also


AGENT                          okay!


AGENT                          Among the petrols, my choice would be the Figo Aspire followed by the Dzire. Tata Zest isn't a bad choice though but slightly lacks in some areas i.e., features, reliability.


VISITOR                        Aspire petrol i heard that is not much impressive than its diesel versions


AGENT                          yes I’ve heard the same thing that the "fun to drive" factor is missing in it, but It has the biggest engine with the best power/torque combo. The Ford will definitely be the best in terms of ride and handling among its rivals.


AGENT                          what are the things you're looking in your new car?


VISITOR                        mileage, 3 seater comfort in rear and ground clearance and maintenance cost


AGENT                          Mileage: Dzire, Comfort: Tata Zest, Maintenance Cost: Maruti, Ground clearance: Tata Zest.


VISITOR                        Thanks a lot sir.