Which is a Better Car between Alto 800 LXi and Alto K10 VXi?

Imagine getting an 800 CC car getting compared with a bigger engine car, that's what Maruti Engineer has managed to with the New Alto 800. The newly designed Alto 800 is definitely an option to be compared with teh more powerful Alto K10, simply because its a new car with really good looks.

I v to buy a hatchback but i m confused between Alto 800 LXi and Alto K10 VXi. Kindly suggest me which one is better for me.

Which is a Better Car between Alto 800 LXi and Alto K10 VXi?

We wonder why one would buy the Alto K10 post the launch of the New Alto 800. The only reason could be in terms of a bigger and better K10 engine which has been Maruti’s Ace since it’s launch. The K10 engine series is great to drive and quite fuel efficient.

We believe that most Alto buyers whether it’s Alto K10 or the New Alto 800 are normally first time one car households. It therefore means that the small has to be big enough to drive at least 5 people in comfort they deserve in addition to the shopping bags or other items. It also should be able to carry decent amount of luggage on the odd long distance travel the family would undertake.

Basis this understanding, we would recommend the New Alto 800 over the Alto K10 (If driveability is not a key reason for car purchase). The New Alto 800 is far modern looking, its looks big and definitely far better to look at.

Except for the length of the car where the Alto K10 at 3620 mm is 125 mm longer than the New Alto 800, the New Alto 800 matches or even slightly bigger on width (1490 mm Vs 1475 mm of Alto K10), height (1475 mm vs 1460 mm of Alto K10) and Wheelbase (2360 mm Vs 2350 mm of Alto K10 mm).

Alto K10 VXi priced at 3.31 Lacs is around 34000 more expensive than the New Alto 800, however, if you throw in the deals available on the Alto K10, then at least in terms of price both cars will work out to be the same.

The decision will then boil down to whether one is looking for a newly designed car vs a good drivers car (when we compare the two Alto’s). We will however, put our money on the New Alto 800 simply on design terms.

We at www.ecardlr.com always recommend a test drive. We also recommend car selection basis your need from a car. Do note that our input should be treated as an indicative suggestion only and not a final decision.


Comparison: Alto K10 vs Alto 800, July 7 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hi


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                                GA              


VISITOR                                                                I'm planning to buy the car but I'm bit confused'   


AGENT                                                                  any cars in mind   


VISITOR                                                                I’m from middle class family and I’m confused between Alto 800 and Alto K10      


VISITOR                                                                My question is that why should I go with Alto K10 and not Alto 800?           


VISITOR                                                                Are you there?     


AGENT                                                                  Hold with other, might be slow in responding       


VISITOR                                                                k  


AGENT                                                                  A- Depends on your budget            


VISITOR                                                                Well as I told that I’m from middle class and will buy car (50% cash and 50% loan)               


VISITOR                                                                I’m stuck between these 2 cars     


AGENT                                                                  The diff between two cars is basically engine size, body structure is same              


AGENT                                                                  plus I believe the new 800 has better mileage also and some other cosmetic changes       


AGENT                                                                  so if one is looking at working within a budget, then 800  


VISITOR                                                                what is the diff between F8D and K10B engine? Which is best?     


AGENT                                                                  http            //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Alto-k10-vs-Alto-800.aspx


AGENT                                                                  difference in features and specs  


AGENT                                                                  engine size being diff I would not compare them


VISITOR                                                                k  


VISITOR                                                                Can I have the demerits of Alto 800 over Alto K10?              


AGENT                                                                  why pay more for a car with same looks and feel 


VISITOR                                                                except price           


AGENT                                                                  unless you want a more powerful car        


AGENT                                                                  No              


VISITOR                                                                Are you from Maruti Suzuki?          


AGENT                                                                  I am not from Maruti          


VISITOR                                                                k  


AGENT                                                                  dimension wise expect length of the car everything is same'         


VISITOR                                                                Ok, what is the diff between LXi and VXi, what will you recommend me?


VISITOR                                                                I just need complete car with all amenities except airbag


AGENT                                                                  cabin space is key criteria for cabin space its same for both             


AGENT                                                                  Vxi is above Lxi and I am sure you know that          


VISITOR                                                                Sorry, I am not aware of it               


VISITOR                                                                I don’t know why Vxi is above Lxi


AGENT                                                                  VXI is premium variant     


VISITOR                                                                really sorry             


AGENT                                                                  more features       


VISITOR                                                                k  


VISITOR                                                                any major feature which make high diff between 2            


AGENT                                                                  I am sending you the link for 800 variant comparison, you can see the same at liesure       


AGENT                                                                  http            //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Alto-800-vs-Alto-800.aspx


AGENT                                                                  change variant and check please  


VISITOR                                                                Ok, can i get the road price of both from you?       


AGENT                                                                  yes you can get an approximate price on our site for any model/car           


VISITOR                                                                means final price for both               


AGENT                                                                  on line prices will never be final as ones gets discounts which vary across cities   


VISITOR                                                                so am I getting right that final prices will be approx. less than shown online prices?           


AGENT                                                                  ON line prices shown by most websites do not include discounts if any, therefore the final price vary                                                           


VISITOR                                                                ahhh          


AGENT                                                                  and the variation is diff across cities           


VISITOR                                                                may i get the price of both for Udaipur (Rajasthan)?           


VISITOR                                                                with all amenities except airbag. 


AGENT                                                                  as I have already sent you the links, you can check the same yourself        


VISITOR                                                                Vxi model               


VISITOR                                                                just last question.               


AGENT                                                                  just ensure that you chose just browsing option, so that we do not disturb you    


VISITOR                                                                Okay, last question             


VISITOR                                                                How would i know that the car I selected to see price cover all amenities except airbag? 


AGENT                                                                  The feature list that you can check for each variant does not change          


AGENT                                                                  you should also cross check the feature list on Maruti Site also     


AGENT                                                                  http            //www.ecardlr.com/on-road-car-price-delhi/Alto-800-vxi-1-metallic.aspx


VISITOR                                                                fine.....     


VISITOR                                                                thx for all the information....         


AGENT                                                                  May I ask you a question  


VISITOR                                                                sure........please go ahead               


AGENT                                                                  what was the query you had entered which landed you on our site            


VISITOR                                                                Actually, as told in beginning I am from middle class and so confused between both the cars, since both the car purchase has the diff of around 50, 000 and that is a huge amount for me to get spend so I need to clear all my doubts regarding the same, still if I wish to go with Alto K10, then I should have some specific and strong reason. On top of that I will be there with my buy car for 10-12 years so certainly I have lot of itching to spend extra 50, 000 and that forced me to enter in this chat room to get ans for all my queries.     


VISITOR                                                                And you answered all my question very well so thx a lot for it.....


AGENT                                                                  long answer and I understand. Thanks. What I just wanted to know was the search query you had used in google                                        


VISITOR                                                                Searching word was car comparison


VISITOR                                                                between both cars              


AGENT                                                                  thanks      


Alto k10 AMT, April 16 2016.

VISITOR                                                          Is K10 vxi auto gear shift is available in the market? ?              


AGENT                                                            Let me check, please hold     


AGENT                                                            I don't think it comes with Amt, but hold       


VISITOR                                                          I've seen alto k10 auto gear sift on Maruti suzuki website. . But on which model        


AGENT                                                            that's what I was checking, just to reconfirm


AGENT                                                            on our website it's showing as vxi amt            


AGENT                                                            so it means it's available        


VISITOR                                                          Thanks. .. But on vxi or vxi (o) model


AGENT                                                            currently it's showing on Vxi


AGENT                                                            not optional 


VISITOR                                                          Thanks for the information. ..