Expert car comparison between Celerio, i10 and Micra Active

Car comaprison help car buyers not only eliminate many cars from their basket of purchase, but also helps them to make a right decision. seeking opinion from some one related with the Indian auto industry further heps them in their decision making process. Rajib Laha's enquiry on Celerion Vs i10 Vs Micra Active comaprison is one such example of exhaustive research by car buyers in India.

I am thinking about purchasing a new car. Can you please help me with the comparison between Maruti Celerio VXI and Nissan Micra Active XL and Hyundai I10 Era.

Expert car comparison between Celerio, i10 and Micra Active
To start with, one is being unfair to Hyundai by comparing mid level variants of Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Micra Active with base variant of Hyundai i10. To ensure apple to apple comparison we  need to change i10 variant to Magna.

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Basis feature list of Micra Active XL, it seems that other than better looks over Celerio and i10, there is not much that Micra Active offers in terms of features. Add to this their low service reach, which could in the long run make servicing the Micra Active a costly proposition. Basis current brand equity for Nissan in India and the possibility of it not improving dramatically even after 5 years, you might not get a good resale value for your car as compared to Celerio and i10 if you plan to sell it even after 5 years.

i10 as a brand seems to have lost sales and its loyal customers to Grand i10, which is a far newer model as compared to i10 which has been in the Indian market now for over 5 years, design fatigue for this car would be far higher after 5 years when compared to Celerio, which has just been launched, this will surely impact it resale price Vs Celerio. I10 therefore would be our 2nd preference.

Celerio is a new car, managed a decent fan following for itself and the good thing you are doing is not buying the automatic version, which basis our test drive experience and even basis various expert review is a far sluggish car, after all the automatic transmission is a basic auto gear box. Celerio is spacious, the new K10 petrol engine is good to drive and the car looks good. Maruti's service network with their perceived low maintenance cost makes it the best buy among your comparison set

We at www.ecardlr.com always recommend exhaustive test drive of all the cars in your consideration. We would  also request you to please take our inputs as suggestion only and not a final recommendation.
Celerio, December 22 2016.

VISITOR                                                    Hi            


AGENT                                                      Afternoon           


VISITOR                                                    Good afternoon               


VISITOR                                                    I am looking for a used car           


AGENT                                                      As we don't deal in used cars, our responses are going to be very generic            


VISITOR                                                    then what is your org for ?          


AGENT                                                      We can help you with some advice on new cars and even on used cars 


VISITOR                                                    What is your role then?


AGENT                                                      in case of new cars we can discuss in depth, same may not be the case with use dcars   


VISITOR                                                    can you tell me something about Maruti suzuki Celerio


VISITOR                                                    Is it a good car to buy     


VISITOR                                                    I have many option in Hyundai also        


AGENT                                                      Celerio is a good buy, yes and it fits your need for mileage, maintenance and resale     


VISITOR                                                    But confused between them     


AGENT                                                      which Hyundai car           


VISITOR                                                    I10 or i20              


VISITOR                                                    Actually i have 3.5 lacs with me but the thing is I am unable to get Celerio in this range


VISITOR                                                    In same range i10's are many for sale     


AGENT                                                      Between the models mentioned, my choice will be i20


AGENT                                                      but then i believe the version that you might be getting would most likely be magna   


AGENT                                                      Plus between the 3 it might be the most aged car            


AGENT                                                      are my assumption right              


VISITOR                                                    Yes Celerio has been launched in 2014 i guess so its. New compare to i10 & i20 


VISITOR                                                    Thanks btw


Comparison: Celerio vs Grand i10, December 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Maruti suzuki zxi amt(o) or hyuindai asta(o)vtvt which is better?


AGENT                                                        Morning


VISITOR                                                      GM


AGENT                                                        which cars are we talking about


VISITOR                                                      Maruti suzuki zxi amt(o) or Hyundai asta(o) AT VTVT which is better?


VISITOR                                                      ???/


AGENT                                                        my question is which models are you comparing


VISITOR                                                      2016


AGENT                                                        names


VISITOR                                                      Celerio top end and Grand i10 asta


VISITOR                                                      both petrol top end models


AGENT                                                        I will go Grandi10, better looking, rear AC vents, bigger car better features


AGENT                                                        I will avoid AMT simply because it takes away the driving fun


AGENT                                                        AMT in 1 litre car is a drain on power


AGENT                                                        even though many people are buying it


VISITOR                                                      am familiar with AMT


VISITOR                                                      should i go for it in India?


AGENT                                                        what is your experience with AMT do you feel the power drop or drop in performance


AGENT                                                        plus AMT is not a fully automatic car, which you are already aware


VISITOR                                                      yes.i was driving Toyota corona is is South Africa. Driving comfort was there without the hassles of clutch


VISITOR                                                      yes there is marginal power drop


AGENT                                                        What was teh engine size of your Toyota?


VISITOR                                                      not sure ,it was a sedan


AGENT                                                        I can see its a 2 litre engine, so you won't feel much of problem, whereas Celerio is a 1 litre engine,


AGENT                                                        So personally speaking, I would look for performance over AMT benefit,


VISITOR                                                      k,thanks

Celerio, December 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hi


AGENT                                                        Good Morning


VISITOR                                                      good morning


VISITOR                                                      i want to buy a car budget 6 to 6.5


VISITOR                                                      suggest


VISITOR                                                      i want to buy Celerio automatic


AGENT                                                        why this car


AGENT                                                        need to understand your reason before i comment


VISITOR                                                      because i want automatic version.


AGENT                                                        Celerio is an AMT and with Celerio not being a bigger engine, the power drops


VISITOR                                                      ok


VISITOR                                                      suggest


VISITOR                                                      suggest best for me.


AGENT                                                        in your price grand i10 if it comes


VISITOR                                                      grand i10 automatic may be 7 plus


AGENT                                                        I did not mean automatic, but unfortunately since you are looking for automatic, you have no option


AGENT                                                        personally AMT in smaller engines are not worth while


VISITOR                                                      ok thanks

Celerio, November 25 2016.

AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      Celerio diesel 


AGENT                                                        what is it that you would like to know about Celerio diesel      


VISITOR                                                      So small engine sir..  What about performance               


VISITOR                                                      Pickup and overtaking while using ac   


AGENT                                                        Yes you could experience some performance issues with AC ON           


AGENT                                                        overtaking is more a driver skill and Indian has managed with M800 for years even on highways                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      But Maruti 800 is petrol engine but Celerio is diesel.. . So diesel engine is less powerful than petrol                                                        


VISITOR                                                      M i right             


VISITOR                                                      Is its engine like Tata Nano engine??? 


AGENT                                                        let’s compare it with Alto 800 petrol - similar power figures, but Celerio Torqe at 125 NM is much higher than 69 NM Alto 800  - Celerio higher torque is high also because it’s a diesel, and diesel cars are more torquey than petrol cars  leading to better pick up         


AGENT                                                        however, it’s not these figures that matter car weight also impact perfromance            


VISITOR                                                      Can u suggest me to buy this car..  Ur personal views sir             


AGENT                                                        how Kms will you be doing monthly     


VISITOR                                                      Nearly 1500 km               


AGENT                                                        ok diesel makes sense, seems we might be limited to Celerio


AGENT                                                        and yes its engine is not like Nano        


VISITOR                                                      Is it ok for me  


AGENT                                                        if it’s mostly a city drive, should work  


AGENT                                                        as a matter of fact the car is still being sold correct        


VISITOR                                                      Is any engine complaint raised by the customers yet    


AGENT                                                        I am not aware of any, but I cannot say for sure whether current owners have any complaint   


VISITOR                                                      Ok sir thanks    


AGENT                                                        pleasure 

Comparison: Celerio vs Kwid vs Redi Go, October 11 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hello


AGENT                                                        hello how can we help


VISITOR                                                      i want to ask about car


VISITOR                                                      its Redi go


AGENT                                                        ok what's your concern


VISITOR                                                      m confused that Redi go is belter or Kwid


AGENT                                                        same platform....slight design changes to represent each brand


AGENT                                                        what is the confusion friend. if you share then we can try and help


VISITOR                                                      someone told me that Redi go giving noise while ac on


AGENT                                                        if price not a concern we find Kwid better packaged


AGENT                                                        red igo has just come in and is improving with time as the car is getting tested by consumers.


AGENT                                                        no serious concern from the car performance....small improvisations happen typically for all new offerings as basis consumer feedback they keep improving


VISITOR                                                      i already book Redi go


AGENT                                                        like we said nothing major wrong. these small improvisations keep happening for all new offerings. That went for xuv500 went for Celerio went for many other brands


AGENT                                                        red igo is a decently packaged product and backed by Nissan which has huge commitment to grow in India. They are not here for short term so we don't expect customers to have any problem


AGENT                                                        we have not received feedback you shared on ac noise.


VISITOR                                                      ok


VISITOR                                                      means its belter


AGENT                                                        yes not to worry.


VISITOR                                                      ok


AGENT                                                        we have decent customer feedback however it still needs to stand test of time. and since its still new that will take time but doesn't mean product will not succeed


AGENT                                                        proper evaluation happens over long driving experience over years when one has real feedback on brand and cost of services and other quality aspects


VISITOR                                                      ok


AGENT                                                        hope you have found this interaction useful


VISITOR                                                      yes


VISITOR                                                      thank you


AGENT                                                        most welcome. Happy and safe driving friend

Comparison: Celerio vs Tiago, October 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hi i m from Mumbai      


AGENT                                                        Hello   


VISITOR                                                      hi          


VISITOR                                                      i m planning buying new car, but i m confused between Celerio and Tiago        


VISITOR                                                      Celerio AMT and Tiago


AGENT                                                        AMT is completely avoidable   


AGENT                                                        eats lots of power, makes cars sluggish               


VISITOR                                                      so how’s Tiago?              


AGENT                                                        Tiago is a better buy any day, it’s a great  value for money, feature loaded, price unloaded      


VISITOR                                                      Tiago is Worth buying for long time period, is Tiago low maintenance and pocket friendly car 


VISITOR                                                      ?            


AGENT                                                        when you say long term, any car is good for 7 years, I believe Maintenance could be on higher side                                                            


VISITOR                                                      ok, so what’s your advice should i go for Petrol Tiago...?            


AGENT                                                        Between Celerio and Tiago, yes Tiago revtron engine  


VISITOR                                                      Buzz...!               


VISITOR                                                      ok...     


VISITOR                                                      Please name Best petrol car under 5 Lakh          


AGENT                                                        there will be just too many cars, its better you narrow it down to some specific models             


VISITOR                                                      i10?      


VISITOR                                                      i mean Petrol i10 or Petrol Tiago?          


AGENT                                                        Still Tiago, bigger space, new design and probably more space               


VISITOR                                                      thanks...            


VISITOR                                                      people says Maruti Suzuki cars are very low maintenance and company is good in road assistance, What about TATA ?                              


AGENT                                                        that's true         


VISITOR                                                      TATA`S don’t meets in that criteria?     


AGENT                                                        yes       


VISITOR                                                      again i m confused between Celerio n Tiago     -)


AGENT                                                        The diff would not be much, so still Tiago, after all Tiago is any day better than Celerio              


VISITOR                                                      Thanks...             

Comparison: Celerio vs WagonR, July 27 2016.

VISITOR                                                                Hello         


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                                are you a customer?           


AGENT                                                                  means what or did you mean owner of the car?    


VISITOR                                                                yes             


AGENT                                                                  not clear  


AGENT                                                                  so what are you looking for            


VISITOR                                                                I am just looking for a comparison between Celerio & Wagnor      


VISITOR                                                                What to buy?         


AGENT                                                                  Have you test driven both the cars              


VISITOR                                                                Yeah          


VISITOR                                                                Feels same             


VISITOR                                                                Its only...my wife is preferring Celerio as look wise its better, but I think wagnor is better...As Celerio sales is too less        


AGENT                                                                  In my opinion WagonR is a very old design              


AGENT                                                                  As you have written you felt both cars felt the same          


VISITOR                                                                A new car is always good...             


AGENT                                                                  All I would request you to do is check the price at which you are buying   


VISITOR                                                                Whichever it si     


VISITOR                                                                Price is more or like same               


AGENT                                                                  I thought as much


VISITOR                                                                Why Celerio didn’t became so popular     


VISITOR                                                                What’s your opinion          


VISITOR                                                                Everyone wants to go for Wagnor


AGENT                                                                  I would say herd mentality, but let me check some details pls hold            


AGENT                                                                  WagonR/Celerio Rating on 10 points          


AGENT                                                                  Comfort 8/7           


AGENT                                                                  Performance 7/7  


AGENT                                                                  Safety 7/8               


AGENT                                                                  Value 9/7


AGENT                                                                  Ride Quality 7/7   


AGENT                                                                  Handling 7/7          


AGENT                                                                  Its only on Value WagonR seems to be better        


AGENT                                                                  So if you want latest design Celerio, else if Comfort and Value go for WagonR      


VISITOR                                                                Thank you so much             


AGENT                                                                  pleasure  


VISITOR                                                                You also feel that Celerio is equally durable           


AGENT                                                                  durability is a very vague terms when it comes to cars       


VISITOR                                                                Yeah...you said right          


VISITOR                                                                If you would like to buy for your own...You would go for which one?         


AGENT                                                                  I will personally go for Celerio ad WagonR is old and boring to look at       


VISITOR                                                                ok...Thanks              

Celerio, June 17 2016.

VISITOR                                                                  hi              


AGENT                                                                    hello how can we help    


VISITOR                                                                  condition of Celerio cars


VISITOR                                                                  reviews of Celerio            


AGENT                                                                    decent review what is your concern         


VISITOR                                                                  I’m not aware of anything but i booked the vehicle so i need to know the reviews            


AGENT                                                                    it's done fairly well and say the trend for automatic in affordable car segment... if you can share concern we can try and address     


VISITOR                                                                  about fuel efficiency and automatic gear system               


AGENT                                                                    at par with wagon r and automatic is acceptable standard at the price its being offered.  let's mileage loss due to our being AMT          


AGENT                                                                    auto manual transmission... which is manual car adapted to auto without clutch in simply put                                                                          


VISITOR                                                                  Thanks     

Comparison: Dzire vs Amaze vs Kwid vs Celerio, Dec 7 2015.

VISITOR               I am looking to buy a car, I have an option of Kwid or Celerio


VISITOR                please let me know the best


VISITOR                even i have an option of Honda Amaze


AGENT                  what are your top three expectation from car i.e. requirement


VISITOR                looking for long drive, in city occasional, good mileage, better space


AGENT                  between three options Amaze is better on space and mileage of course at a price


AGENT                  and has good steering for a more controlled drive specially in city


VISITOR                Kwid i have seen look wise it’s good


AGENT                  actually Kwid and Amaze are very different price point and hence not right to compare


VISITOR                yes correct... it’s my first car wanted to know to invest the hard earned money


AGENT                  Kwid is a well packaged product for the price point...has decent ground clearance better space than Celerio however Celerio has value for money Maruti advantage


AGENT                  Amaze and Dzire as an alternate are both fairly tested options


AGENT                  Renault is still developing its network outside of bigger cities and if your drive is going to be more on highway than city would recommend between Amaze and Dzire...both should do well


AGENT                  hopes you are finding interaction useful.


VISITOR                yes Praveen 100%


VISITOR                thanks for your valuable inputs


AGENT                  most welcomes. Feel free to come back if you need more help


AGENT                  we recommend test ride before final decision


VISITOR                actually i was much attracted with Kwid ...for interior, exterior, and the price wise


AGENT                  also do invest in zero depreciation insurance add on for peace of mind


VISITOR                but people are saying safety wise not recommended


AGENT                  yes it is currently not offering complete safety equipment and popular test results are not in yet


AGENT                  however it is still selling hot as people like new looks and design


AGENT                  for first car usually we recommend people between Maruti Hyundai and Honda and Toyota which offer overall cost of ownership advantage


AGENT                  after you have experienced these one is ready for testing newer brands


AGENT                  of course there are exception to the rule


AGENT                  will that be all friend


VISITOR                yes thank you


AGENT                  all the best for your new wheels. Anytime you need us welcome to comeback.