Car Comparison Between Baleno Vs Elite i20 Vs Jazz. Which One is better

Indian car buyers are becoming more and more knowledgable with time. Their shorlist fo cars are becoming more refined and question more precise. They seek sources where they can get answers to their confusion. Ecardlr.com presents chat excerpts of various live chats on ther site regarding comparison between Baleno Vs Elite i20 Vs Jazz or for that matter comparison across all premium hatches. We hope that the QNA sessions below might have answers to your query, if not, you can chat live with our experts to get your answer, real time.

Which car will you suggest between Baleno, Elite i20 or Honda Jazz. My budget is 6 to 8 lakhs. Should I buy petrol or diesel?

Car Comparison Between Baleno Vs Elite i20 Vs Jazz. Which One is better

Car buyers in India, are really getting spoilt for choice. This is so true for hatchback categories of cars, where every manufacturer with an intention to garner decent volumes in Indian market is present. Premium hatchback segment which till recently was dominated by Hyundai Elite i20 is now being attacked by the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Premium hatchback in India have quite a few cars like; Baleno, Elite i20, Jazz, Polo etc. 

In order to facilitate car buyers decision making process, we at ecardlr.com present to you a brief comparison between two favourites from premium hatchbacks and also the pros and cons as presented by car experts from Autocarand Overdrive.



Elite i20

Pros (Autocar)

Easy to drive

Cabin space


Space and praticality



Premium looks

Cons (Autocar)

Diesel enigine not on par with rivals

Lacks driver appeal


Could do with more of a premium feel

Minimal safety kit on lower trims


High-end variants pricey

Pros (Overdrive)


Overall styling


Ride Quality

Ride Quality




Cons (Overdrive)

No 90PS diesel motor option

Steering feel


Not as sporty as styling

Futher basis some key selection parameters, which are important for all car buyers, ecardlr.com presents a rating comparison for new car buyers in India. Rating comparison are sourced from Autocar and our own test drivers.



Elite I20

Autocar Rating



9 / 10.



7 / 10.



8 / 10.



9 / 10.



7 / 10.

Ride Quality


7 / 10.



7 / 10.

Build Strength


9 / 10.

Overall Rating

8 / 10.

8 / 10.

Ecardlr Rating

Style & Substance

4 / 5.

4 / 5.

Ride & Handling 

4 / 5.

3 / 5.

Interiors & Ergonomics:

4 / 5.

4 / 5.

Safety & Equipment  

4 / 5.

4 / 5.

Power & Transmission   

3.5 / 5.

3.5 / 5.

Fuel Efficiency 

4 / 5.

3.5 / 5.

Value for Money

4 / 5.

3.5 / 5.

Overall Rating

4 / 5.

4 / 5.


Comparison: Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Etios Liva, April 18 2017.

VISITOR                                  Hi        


AGENT                                    Good afternoon           


VISITOR                                  Hi        


VISITOR                                  I want some advice in choosing in between two cars.  


VISITOR                                  I have 3 cars in my mind.           


AGENT                                    which are those            


VISITOR                                  1. Suzuki Baleno           


                                                  2. Toyota Liva  


                                                  3. Hyundai i20 


AGENT                                    Liva seems to be the odd car in the set as most new car buyers normally consider the Baleno and elite i20          


AGENT                                    Both Baleno and elite i20 are current favorite'


VISITOR                                  For comfort and long run, i considered Liva, what do you say ?


AGENT                                    Long lasting engine, manageable service cost and Toyota badge does make Liva a stron proposition                          


AGENT                                    However, it's unfortunate, that both Etios and to some extent Liva are tending to becoming Taxi's                                      


AGENT                                    That over time becomes a problem. Yes most commercial owners look at customer satisfaction                          


AGENT                                    and Etios and Liva do offer lots of space            


AGENT                                    which is preferred by their customers


AGENT                                    Taxi buyers want long lasting engines with near zero maintenance which again goes in favour of Liva                      


AGENT                                    Personally speaking the only reason I will not buy the Liva would be its barren interiors                                                 


AGENT                                    the seat with integrated headrest do not feel comfortable      


AGENT                                    but since you have defined your need so well my suggested order of purchase would be Liva, Baleno and Elite i20


AGENT                                    I will also throw S CRoss in the mix, but only if you buy the 1,6


VISITOR                                  That's little out of my budget   (


VISITOR                                  Safety point of view how is Baleno ?   


VISITOR                                  Do we have any NCAP result with Indian Baleno ?        


AGENT                                    Hold let me check        


VISITOR                                  sure   


AGENT                                    http    //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Baleno-vs-elite-i20-vs-Etios-Liva.aspx


AGENT                                    go to this link scroll down and look at expert rating       


AGENT                                    these ratings are basis Autocar              


VISITOR                                  cool    


VISITOR                                  Seems like Toyota makes more safer cars than Suzuki, is not it ?            


AGENT                                    Isn't it good that one gets to compare and then since one is clear of his/her requirement - decision becomes easy  


VISITOR                                  hm. Thanks man           


VISITOR                                  I appreciate your advice.          


AGENT                                    do test drive all the cars if you haven't done already    


VISITOR                                  yes i will.          


AGENT                                    I would appreciate and will be thankful if you could write a review for us post your purchase                              


VISITOR                                  sure, i will do the same.            


VISITOR                                  Bye buddy       

Comparison: Baleno vs Figo, December 20 2016.

AGENT                                                          Morning           


VISITOR                                                        good morning


VISITOR                                                        how are you   


VISITOR                                                        i want to know your view on ford Aspire           


VISITOR                                                        petrol variant titanium              


AGENT                                                          What would you like to know


VISITOR                                                        like     


VISITOR                                                        if i have a choice of buying Baleno petrol and Figo petrol          


VISITOR                                                        which one i should buy             


AGENT                                                          Whilst my suggestion might not be in sync with market realities, I will go with Aspire followed by Baleno. Igonore Figo                       


AGENT                                                          Aspire because of its looks, features and ride quality for both petrol and diesel           


VISITOR                                                        ok       


AGENT                                                          Baleno good looks, good interiors,  Maruti, but a hatchback    


AGENT                                                          Aspire might have issues with resales, however, that's the problem with most Indians they start thinking about resale even before buying and enjoying the car     


VISITOR                                                        hehe 


AGENT                                                          Ford recently have managed their service cost quite well and they are quite competitive on that front                                                             


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        what about mileage   


AGENT                                                          ARAI - 30-35% for both Baleno and Aspire, I have heard some murmurs about Baleno Mileage being low, unconfirmed                      


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        o what do you think about Aspire mileage in city          


VISITOR                                                        petrol variant


AGENT                                                          let me see if we have values for the same from autocar           


VISITOR                                                        ok       


AGENT                                                          No unfortunately we don't and I would not like to go with unconfirmed information 


AGENT                                                          but ARAI - 30% is a very good estimate              


VISITOR                                                        what do u mean by 30%            


AGENT                                                          i.e Aspire can give you around 12-13 Kmpl in real life conditions and Baleno will give you 14-15 Kmpl under similar circumstances  


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        what about service cost of Baleno and Aspire


VISITOR                                                        i heard Aspire would have lesser service cost 


AGENT                                                          Whilst I don't have numbers Baleno and Aspire could cost you roughly the same for service. I would not be surprised if Aspire turns out to be cheaper to maintain than Baleno in the long run, thanks to hawk eye focus  on maintenance cost by Ford                  


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        and one more thing    


VISITOR                                                        is it possible to convert Aspire into cng              


VISITOR                                                        after two year of driving           


AGENT                                                          yes all petrol cars can be converted to CNG after any numbers of years             


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        so your verdict is for ford Aspire           


AGENT                                                          If I was to put my money on table, then yes Aspire, even though Banoe is everyone's favourite                                                                       


AGENT                                                          Have you test driven the cars 


VISITOR                                                        even i too want to go with Aspire titanium petrol         


VISITOR                                                        no       


AGENT                                                          yes going near top-end variant is a good decision        


VISITOR                                                        i didnt.. i drive Toyota Prado ....i am in Ethiopia              


VISITOR                                                        so i cannot judge any of these car as i m use to of big engine   


VISITOR                                                        i am buying it for my wife         


AGENT                                                          then why not go with automatic, Ford AT is really good            


VISITOR                                                        she don’t like automatic           


AGENT                                                          ok       


VISITOR                                                        automatic is turbo charge?      


AGENT                                                          no       


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        then no use    


AGENT                                                          why do you say so       


VISITOR                                                        i feel its gives u a certain amount of push when you need in traffic       


VISITOR                                                        without it its lagging much       


AGENT                                                          Lagging is a turbo problem, as most of them kick in after a certain RPM             


VISITOR                                                        anyways so i should go for Aspire        


VISITOR                                                        and    


AGENT                                                          Yes I think so too         


VISITOR                                                        you know do ford is offering   


VISITOR                                                        any discount or something      


AGENT                                                          I believe there are good year end discounts   


AGENT                                                          you will have to check the same in your city   


VISITOR                                                        can you brief me about that    


VISITOR                                                        Varanasi          


VISITOR                                                        if you let me  


VISITOR                                                        know 


VISITOR                                                        it will be good               


AGENT                                                          Varanasi would be difficult to get discount details, however, someone from family can look up the scheme ads being released by ford      


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        thanks a lot    


VISITOR                                                        for your views and information             


AGENT                                                          my pleasure   


VISITOR                                                        i appreciate that           


VISITOR                                                        and wish you a very happy new year ahead     


AGENT                                                          same to you and your family, have fun in 2017 with a new car


VISITOR                                                        thanks               

Comparison: Baleno vs Bolt, October 3 2016.

VISITOR                                                        hi        


VISITOR                                                        i want to know about Tata Bolt xt..      


AGENT                                                          what would you like to know 


VISITOR                                                        is it a good option to buy?       


VISITOR                                                        car performance          


VISITOR                                                        really liked the car but worried as the sales is really on lower side      


AGENT                                                          I wonder why sales of a car should matter particularly  when you like it, fits your requirement from a car and then in any case you are not going to change it fo rat least 5 years avg          


AGENT                                                          When no one was buying old Baleno and it was being phased out I went ahead and bought it a great price                                                 


AGENT                                                          I never enjoyed any car so much          


AGENT                                                          Even today I am looking at S Cross which no one wants to buy but for its 1.6 is a great car within my budget of 10 lacs                             


AGENT                                                          Hope that helps           


VISITOR                                                        ok.. thanks..   


AGENT                                                          Pleasure           

Comparison: Baleno vs Jazz, August 23 2016.

VISITOR                                                            hi    


AGENT                                                              Good Afternoon       


VISITOR                                                            buy new car               


VISITOR                                                            Baleno or Jazz           


AGENT                                                              Anyday Baleno         


AGENT                                                              Better features, better design, more popular therefore overall a much better value buy over Jazz                                                                   


VISITOR                                                            which features and design  


VISITOR                                                            maruit is popular     


AGENT                                                              Overall features and design               


AGENT                                                              Baleno is from Maruti, it’s just being sold from different outlets (Nexa)       


VISITOR                                                            power is more in Jazz            


VISITOR                                                            Baleno suspension problem               


AGENT                                                              Where did you hear this from, have you yourself test driven this car, I have someone in Family who has bought this car around 2 months back and they are quite happy  


VISITOR                                                            n Baleno reviews by buyer  


VISITOR                                                            lot problem in suspension  


AGENT                                                              I have not heard nor felt while driving the car           


VISITOR                                                            after 6 month            


VISITOR                                                            you drives Jazz?       


AGENT                                                              yes way back when it was launched, as a matter of fcat my problem with Jazz is that for teh price i pay i do not get the value when I compare it like to like with let’s say Baleno           


AGENT                                                              http                //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Baleno-vs-Jazz.aspx


AGENT                                                              visit the link and change Baleno to Sigma and Jazz to VX       


AGENT                                                              and then compare   


VISITOR                                                            ok thanks    


AGENT                                                              Baleno gives you Airbags, ABS and EBD which is not there in Jazz VX variant'              


VISITOR                                                            there is air bag ebd in  sv model vx higher model     


AGENT                                                              Sorry -my mistake   


AGENT                                                              If we compare Baleno Alpha Delhi price 7.24 Lakhs ex showroom, Vs Jazz Vx Mt Price 7.64 Lakhs                                                                           


VISITOR                                                            sv model is 7.4          


AGENT                                                              I am doing like to Like           


VISITOR                                                            Baleno zeta is 7.5     


VISITOR                                                            sv is on road price   


VISITOR                                                            in Vadodara               


VISITOR                                                            with all abs,ebd, camara      


AGENT                                                              Then your comparable Baleno variant will change too           


VISITOR                                                            ok for you Baleno is good thanks for give advice        

Comparison: Jazz vs Baleno vs Micra vs Polo, August 20 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              i want buy new car hatchback          


VISITOR                                                              which is good  one


AGENT                                                                need you to give me some model names else we are talking of over 75 cars             


VISITOR                                                              i20,Honda Jazz, Maruti Baleno,Polo              


VISITOR                                                              Nissan Micra            


AGENT                                                                In our car advice section, we have a very exhaustive discussion on these cars, except Micra                                                                             


AGENT                                                                have you test driven these cars      


VISITOR                                                              yes i20, Jazz,Baleno              


AGENT                                                                so maybe we can use that as the starting point       


VISITOR                                                              why not Micra         


AGENT                                                                what I meant was that Micra has not been discussed, therefore     


AGENT                                                                nothing against the car       


VISITOR                                                              i take test drive very good 


AGENT                                                                yes it’s a good car, as a matter of fact over my discussion with some current Micra owners they are very happy with the car and also one/two were even considering to upgrade to a Sunny, based on their positive exp of the Micra                                                                  


AGENT                                                                If you are looking at it seriously, then test drive Micra automatic, great price, great transmission                                                   


VISITOR                                                              can u give me advise car i going to buy i give list     


VISITOR                                                              for all car i feel good            


AGENT                                                                where are you based           


VISITOR                                                              Vadodara  


AGENT                                                                so why don't you share your experience with each of these cars and then maybe I will react basis my understanding of them           


AGENT                                                                also define what are the three things you definitely want from your new car          


VISITOR                                                              tele me      


AGENT                                                                means what?           


AGENT                                                                you will have to define your need from your new car, also share what you felt about them during your test drive and then we can map them over your need so as to come to some conclusion          


AGENT                                                                all the cars that are there under your consideration are very good, however, its only when one maps them to one's need then you come to the right conclusion         


VISITOR                                                              my simple question which is best Hatchback car     


AGENT                                                                on what basis - price, mileage, comfort, maintenance etc  


VISITOR                                                              maintenance and price       


AGENT                                                                my answers will be basis perceptions as absolute figures are not available, basis that I believe in terms of maintenance it will be i20, Baleno on lower side, with Micra, Jazz and Polo on higher sie          


AGENT                                                                as a matter of fact one has heard stories about Polo parts and also Micra parts being a problem                                                           


AGENT                                                                higher side means costlier in comparison to other cars in the set   


AGENT                                                                Price is something you will have to take a call, for example as mentioned earlier Micra CVT at its new price is a great buy thanks to it being a car with one of the better automatic transmission


VISITOR                                                              how about Jazz       


AGENT                                                                I am answering this question basis my Honda City experience - expensive because dealer forces you to get it serviced quite frequently else they threaten with Warranty issue, parts expensive even labour exp   


AGENT                                                                so I expect Jazz to have similar problem     


VISITOR                                                              so i go for Maruti Baleno    


AGENT                                                                yes for me it will be a toss-up between Baleno and i20       


AGENT                                                                great looks, great features and good resale expected          


AGENT                                                                If you are ready to not follow the regular path then maybe even Micra CVT              


VISITOR                                                              thanks        


AGENT                                                                pleasure, do test drive the cars , narrow down your selection, define your needs more clearly and then decide                                             

Budget 6 to 8 lakhs, August 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hello           


AGENT                                                                Good afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              good afternoon      


VISITOR                                                              i wanted to know if m investing 6 lakh which car is good    


VISITOR                                                              petrol model           


VISITOR                                                              in Navi Mumbai      


AGENT                                                                two questions - 6 lakhs on road? and do you have any models in mind, else this may not be a fruitful discussion                                        


VISITOR                                                              base models of Baleno,Elite i20,vw Polo or tiago top model?           


AGENT                                                                I think Tiago is the odd car out, nowhere close to the other models under consideration, you are looking at it because you are getting a fully loaded version of Tiago in your budget vs lower variants of other cars       


VISITOR                                                              exactly       


AGENT                                                                Polo - Not a popular car, heavy on maintenance, plus does have at times even parts issues, it’s more a driver’s car rather than a family car. I think, Polo for me would be more of an indulgence for someone who loves driving and is not bothered about other things      


AGENT                                                                So if its looks and great feel inside the car - it has to be i20               


AGENT                                                                Baleno is also a good option, so for me between the two it will be more of a toss-up          


VISITOR                                                              some other option ?            


VISITOR                                                              Swift           


AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/car-comparison-between-Baleno-vs-Elite-i20-vs-jazz-which-one-is-better.aspx


AGENT                                                                this link gets you exhaustive details on Baleno Vs i20 good read    


VISITOR                                                              i have seen dis one               


AGENT                                                                ok Swift is a good car, but not in the same league  


VISITOR                                                              which one is more updated.. i mean enough features         


VISITOR                                                              and latest  


VISITOR                                                              Baleno.i20.Polo      


AGENT                                                                you can check that yourself by using our comparison page


VISITOR                                                              I’m just asking over all idea of yours again 


VISITOR                                                              that i have done already ..m bit confused  


AGENT                                                                what is the confusion          


VISITOR                                                              i found Polo more premium den Baleno and i20 but its not updated like Baleno  is it ?        


AGENT                                                                i will disagree on Polo being premium        


VISITOR                                                              bcz m nt family person so m not looking for a car for family purpose            


AGENT                                                                yes Baleno is a new design good features even in base variant       


AGENT                                                                and a good family car           


AGENT                                                                then go the drivers car that is the Polo, forget the rest and have fun driving             


VISITOR                                                              waiting of Baleno is 27 months cz of this i hv started looking for another car             


AGENT                                                                27 weeks or 7 months          


AGENT                                                                then why not i20 as it’s as good a a Baleno


VISITOR                                                              yep ...         


VISITOR                                                              i can go for i20         


VISITOR                                                              thank u       


AGENT                                                                pleasure     

Comparison: Jazz vs Elite i20 vs Baleno, july 26 2016.

ÀGENT                                                                hi how can we help?            


VISITOR                                                              I am looking for a hatchback my budget is max 7.5 lakhs     


ÀGENT                                                                sure any shortlists 


VISITOR                                                              i am looking as family car   


VISITOR                                                              my daily run is less so looking for petrol... 


VISITOR                                                              Baleno, i20 Jazz where the options...but Baleno have 3-4 months waiting period plus hit kerbs weight is low                                                  


ÀGENT                                                                in petrol Honda is clear winner though less loaded with features  


ÀGENT                                                                Baleno would have been close no 2 but yes on waiting       


VISITOR                                                              so i have remove Baleno from the list...now i have i20 and Jazz as options ...Me and my family is 6+ in height                                                 


ÀGENT                                                                i20 great looking and well feature packed but on refinement on petrol lags behind              


VISITOR                                                              so i20 seems to be small for my family due to its sporty looks and space inside the cabin   


VISITOR                                                              so you would recommend Jazz correct        


ÀGENT                                                                yes.  basis info shared Jazz is better bet      


ÀGENT                                                                and Honda engines have fairly long life...though not the best looker is a fairly decent choice                                                                             


ÀGENT                                                                we find Honda more versatile given height and rear hatch space   


ÀGENT                                                                do test ride before final decision   


ÀGENT                                                                hope you have found this interaction useful            


VISITOR                                                              ya true. Thanks a tone your help and suggestions would really help me now to take a decision..                                                         


ÀGENT                                                                how did you get to know about us 


VISITOR                                                              yes i took couple of test drive .me to find it a practical car the only concern i had abt the review in other forums which keeps on saying low power in Jazz  


VISITOR                                                              i came to know through google about this site        


ÀGENT                                                                super all the best.  Feel free to comeback anytime you need help 


ÀGENT                                                                it is a decent product not the fastest but acceptable for its segment             


ÀGENT                                                                do go for zero dep top up for insurance for peace of mind 


VISITOR                                                              and petrol version would be best fit for me correct...          


VISITOR                                                              as i would be occasionally using it mostly on weekends and hardly on weekdays   


ÀGENT                                                                for driver average monthly less than 1000 petrol is right     


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks a tone..i really appreciate you help. Thank you so much


ÀGENT                                                                all the best friend 


VISITOR                                                              Thanks you                

Comparison: Amaze vs Elite i20, July 26 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Morning         


VISITOR                                                              good morning         


VISITOR                                                              where do you stay?              


VISITOR                                                              you are for ecardlr.com or you are a car owner?       


AGENT                                                                both            


AGENT                                                                own Honda and Ecosport   


AGENT                                                                previous exp in Manza, Baleno (Old) and 800 as owner       


AGENT                                                                driven all other cars             


VISITOR                                                              i am a bit confused               


VISITOR                                                              between i20 active, i20 Elite and Amaze     


VISITOR                                                              for which one to go?            


VISITOR                                                              i was first thinking of Baleno had booked it also but now will cancel that booking as i feel suspension problem in it...                      


VISITOR                                                              and also i read reviews of owner they also mentioned the same problem 


VISITOR                                                              so can you please suggest me          


AGENT                                                                negatives - 3rd car car feels sluggish, AC does not seem powerful 


AGENT                                                                Amaze is a complete no for me - coz it is Honda which kills you in maintenance     


AGENT                                                                Barren inside           


VISITOR                                                              okay            


VISITOR                                                              so you will say go for Hyundai?       


AGENT                                                                Basis user input from my office person - AC effectiveness could be a problem due it being from same blower                                       


AGENT                                                                If looks, features and decent drive is your choice go for Elite i20    


AGENT                                                                Thanks to a bigger wheel base and broader tyres   


VISITOR                                                              but on this site       


VISITOR                                                              in road test you have given 3/5 to active 3.5/5 to Elite and 4/5 to Amaze     


VISITOR                                                              value for money    


AGENT                                                                That's a test drivers view, I was sharing a user’s point of view basis usage over last 8 months                                                                             


AGENT                                                                Amaze is more a personal no no basis my bad City experience        


VISITOR                                                              i want to know your final verdict    


AGENT                                                                I will go with Elite i20 coz of its looks, popularity, features and near decent drive  


AGENT                              Style & Substance                        4/5

                                          Ride & Handling                             3/5 

Interiors & Ergonomics:            4/5                                            

Safety & Equipment     4/5  

                                          Power-Plant & Transmission     3.5/5                                       

                                          Fuel Efficiency            3.5/5   

                                          Value for Money    3.5/5      


AGENT                                                                for Elite      


AGENT                                                                Style & Substance                 4/5                                 


                                                                            Ride & Handling          4/5     

                                                                            Interiors & Ergonomics:           3.5/5                               

                                                                            Safety & Equipment     4.5/5               

                                                                            Power-Plant & Transmission      3.5/5                         

                                                                            Fuel Efficiency            3.5/5   

                                                                            Value for money                              4/5


AGENT                                                                for amaze  


VISITOR                                                              thanks. It helped     

Comparison: Jazz vs Elite i20, July 23 2016.

VISITOR                                                              i am planning to buy one petrol car with cost of 7-8laks      


AGENT                                                                Any models in Mind             


VISITOR                                                              ya 2 options , either 120 Elite or Honda Jazz


AGENT                                                                why Jazz    


VISITOR                                                              because of Honda 


VISITOR                                                              i am using one car now it is i10        


AGENT                                                                Have you test driven these cars as that might make our discussion more meaningful for you                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                so let’s make that as the starting point your likes and dislikes for both cars               


AGENT                                                                and then we will superimpose what you need from your new car on it       


VISITOR                                                              both car i like but just confuse for which i will go   


VISITOR                                                              my worry about the maintenance  


AGENT                                                                I will not be surprised if both cars turn out to be as expensive in terms of maintenance, market feedback however is that Honda will be more expensive as its dealers push you for shorter service cycles              


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              as a small car i am paying for an service in each 6months 4000         


VISITOR                                                              please tell me which you prefer     


VISITOR                                                              Jazz or i20 Elite       


AGENT                                                                I prefer Elite i20 for its looks, features and popularity          


VISITOR                                                              okk               


AGENT                                                                However, my personal opinion on Jazz is that it’s expensive for what I get in terms of features. Unfortunately even in 2nd road Jazz has not being able to woo Indian car buyer


AGENT                                                                Plus I when I drove the car I did not find its engine to be good, however, the car has good driving characteristics                                


AGENT                                                                Low popularity now means poor resale tomorrow 


VISITOR                                                              okk               


VISITOR                                                              okk thanks


Comparison: Elite i20 vs Jazz vs Swift. July 7 2016.

AGENT                                                                  hello how can we help      


VISITOR                                                                hi i am confusing about the car, whether i can buy a new car or used car ?               


VISITOR                                                                since from October 2017 Indian car norms are going to change      


AGENT                                                                  which cars are you evaluating        


VISITOR                                                                so i got confused. Swift zxi              


VISITOR                                                                in used car i m looking for Hyundai i20 2010 model              


AGENT                                                                  yes norms government is changing and its causing confusion         


AGENT                                                                  currently we expect petrol cars to stay relatively less affected and get 15 years of current phasing out norm                                           


AGENT                                                                  normally ownership of cars is less than five years so you should be safe  


AGENT                                                                  norms will affect new car registration more           


VISITOR                                                                so you r advise me to take a new car or used car less than 5 years old ??   


AGENT                                                                  new is always better unless you are really getting a good deal on clean car and upgrade to bigger segment                                               


AGENT                                                                  or if you want to invest less currently so same segment used car will save money               


VISITOR                                                                can you tell about Swift zxi 2016 fully loaded is it safe and what score it is got on indian crash test                                                                       


AGENT                                                                  ncap is not available. it conforms to euro 4 norms which is currently more or less same as bharat                                                                  


AGENT                                                                  happy to hear prospective customers taking safety seriously which was not the case a few years back when people were saying few grands for car without air bag ??


VISITOR                                                                ha ha i am thinking about me and my family safety first then only fuel and other )


AGENT                                                                  in your segment polo has better rating on safety aspect   


VISITOR                                                                ya i got that from internet can you tell me in Swift zxi , Elite i20 sportz , Honda Jazz which one is strongest body model                              


VISITOR                                                                even Toyota Etios liva also scored 4 stars.. but my family is 5 member car with old age people little bit comfort needed that y ?            


AGENT                                                                  see it is not just strongest body which defines safety... it is many other parameter which includes much more                                     


AGENT                                                                  on safety amongst options Honda is better option...          


AGENT                                                                  second we will give to i20 followed by Swift          


AGENT                                                                  this recommendation is on safety perspective      


AGENT                                                                  on other parameters Swift or i20 might excel         


AGENT                                                                  hope you are finding this useful   


VISITOR                                                                oh great thanks for the advice.. Got something now from nothing ...          


VISITOR                                                                thank you very much         


AGENT                                                                  most welcome      


AGENT                                                                  our final advise basis this interaction...polo and Jazz chose the one you like most               


AGENT                                                                  do test ride both for other finer details and buy the you like the most      


AGENT                                                                  go for zero dep insurance for peace of mind           


VISITOR                                                                i think Jazz will be a good choice what is zero dep insurance?        


AGENT                                                                  super...enjoy your new wheels    


AGENT                                                                  zero dep insurance is top up of regular insurance which ensures no depreciation of your car and hence in case you make claim all you will pay is basic claim charge      


AGENT                                                                  in case of Honda we recommend Honda insurance only which has better claim track record                                                                               


VISITOR                                                                oh great thanks for the advice       


AGENT                                                                  welcome friend ....will that be all


AGENT            &nbs