Car Compare - Duster Vs Ecosport Vs XUV 500. Which is better?

Most women driver opt for a bigger cars and one would notice that most of the SUV drivers are women driver. This is not to say that SUV is not a man's territory. SUV's thanks to their macho appeal and big size helps its buyer communicate a robust macho personality. However, women drivers seek safety from these SUV's due to their size and seating position, which gives them a feeling of sitting above other cars or is it about having more control?

I would like to ask you compare between duster n ecosport n xuv 500

Car Compare - Duster Vs Ecosport Vs XUV 500. Which is better?

You seem to be inclined to SUV’s, quite expected from a female car buyers, as an SUV, gives them a sense of security due to the car size and SUV’s high seating position. Must admit that your basket of choice is quite commendable and it is obvious that you have studied the market quite in-depth.

Out of the three cars in your basket, Ford Ecosport is yet to be officially launched in India even though the interest in the car is no less than an upcoming Shahrukh Khan movie. Ford cars are known for their driveability and if you are one of them who is more often in the driver seat, then it has to be a Ford and you should wait for this upcoming compact SUV from them. Ford Ecosport as per our information is scheduled for sometime March or April 2013. 

Duster is quie similar to Ford Ecos Sport as it is also a compact SUV. XUV 500 on the other hand is a full blown SUV; a big monstrous car, with lots of macho appeal. Add to it its attractive pricing and Mahindra dealers till date are smiling to the bank with every XUV 500 sold.

So basis current option, one can compare only XUV 500 and Renault Duster, as one has authentic information of these cars only. Information regarding Ford Ecosport may not prove to be correct once the car is launched.

XUV 500 W8 is priced around Rs.13.85 lacs (Ex-showroom Delhi), this makes it almost Rs.1.10 lacs expensive than a comparable Duster RxZ 110 Ps (Pack) car. 

One cannot compare these cars in terms of their engine and dimensions as XUV with a 2.2  Ltrs engine is almost 0.7 ltrs bigger in size and this means it delivers more power and torque than the duster. Such performance figures are also required, to carry a mass of XUV 500 size. Being a bigger engine at 15.1 KMPL (ARAI Mileage) Vs 19.01 KMPL Arai Mileage of Duster its more thirsty.

However, for the additional 1.10 Lacs XUV 500 has lots to offer in terms of creature comfort and safety features, some of the features, that Duster does not offer but XUV 500 does are;

Automatic Climate Control
Cruise Cntrol
Automatic Headlamp and Wiper on
GPS Navigation
Audio System with 6” Touch Display Screen
Voice Activated Command Control
Side and Curtain Airbags
Vehicle Stability Program
Hill Hold Assist
Auto Engine Shut-off during idling 

Features common to both XUV 500 and Duster are:

Leather Upholstery
Rear AC Control
Front Airbags
Bluetooth facility
Reverse Parking

Overall if parking is no problem and one does not have to travel in crowded places, then XUV 500 is the obvious choice. However, off late consumers are complaining about XUV 500 braking and suspension issue. But feature loaded it is and to a great extent both its size and top-end safety features makes it an ideal choice.

In case, you are looking at manageable SUV, which is not over the top in terms of features, offers you a lower entry cost and is less thirsty at least on paper, go for the Renault Duster. 

Comparison: Ecosport vs Duster, March 31 2016.

VISITOR                                                    Hi I am confused between Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster, which one should one goes for?


VISITOR                                                    Cost of running and maintenance?


AGENT                                                      Are you looking at Diesel or petrol?


VISITOR                                                    Diesel


AGENT                                                      I do not expect cost of running and maintenance to be near similar


VISITOR                                                    Which is low on this?


AGENT                                                      as I said it would hardly matter


VISITOR                                                    OK


VISITOR                                                    What about after sales support and resale value?


AGENT                                                      Currently basis popularity, Ecosport will get you better resale


VISITOR                                                    Ok


AGENT                                                      in terms of after sales support both should be near equally good


VISITOR                                                    So for city driving and family of four Ecosport is a better option?


AGENT                                                      I drive Ecosport Diesel


VISITOR                                                    What about mileage?


AGENT                                                      As a matter of fact Duster and Ecosport were in my final consideration set


VISITOR                                                    Ok


AGENT                                                      I went for Ecosport


VISITOR                                                    Any reason?


AGENT                                                      It’s a great car to drive, great mileage, but short on space as it’s a sub 4 meter car


VISITOR                                                    Yes


AGENT                                                      Duster on the other hand is more tiring to drive but more spacious


AGENT                                                      closer to the ground


VISITOR                                                    Yes I have experienced in the test drive


AGENT                                                      Are you from Delhi


VISITOR                                                    Anyways I will make up my mind for the Ecosport, many thanks for your suggestions


VISITOR                                                    Mumbai


AGENT                                                      Good Choice. Happy Driving


VISITOR                                                    Thanks

Comparison: Ecosport vs Duster vs Terrano vs TUV 3OO, Dec 8 2015.

VISITOR                                 Hi Sir,


VISITOR                                 I want to buy a new SUV model car.


VISITOR                                 range max 10 lakhs.


VISITOR                                 can you advice me which will be best?


AGENT                                   Do you have specific preferences


VISITOR                                 no


AGENT                                   Petrol or diesel?


VISITOR                                 petrol will be good


AGENT                                   The available options are Ecosport, Duster, Terrano, TUV 3OO


VISITOR                                 but can go for diesel


VISITOR                                 recently one of my close friends purchased eco sports


VISITOR                                 that’s why i don’t want that


AGENT                  Decide for diesel basis your monthly running, anything above 75 kms/day for 25 days - Diesel should be your choice, else petrol.


AGENT                                   Is your friend facing any problem with Ecosport


VISITOR                                 daily below 20 km


AGENT                                   Then definitely petrol only


VISITOR                                 and average monthly 40-50km


AGENT                                   if it’s daily 20, then how come monthly average is 40-50 Kms only


VISITOR                                 in weekends (sat and Sunday) can go for long routes.


AGENT                                   then only petrol,


VISITOR                                 so kindly advise me which model will be best to buy.


AGENT                   I still want to know as to why not Ecosport, - I am using one, for last 1 years, diesel, and I love every moment of its drive


AGENT                                   yes one has to be cautious at high speed, but it still fun to drive


VISITOR                 yes eco sports are best. i knew it. And also I selected that one. But as written above, one of my close friends taken few days before.


AGENT                                   Yes I have understood that, but buy a good option that's no reason


VISITOR                                 that’s why want to change


AGENT                                   So you arr left with Terrano, Duster and TUV3OO


VISITOR                                 how will be Terrano


AGENT                                   Between these my choice will be between Terrano and Duster only


AGENT                   Yes it’s a good option, has good space, ride quality and more importantly an Electric Power Steering Vs Duster Hydraulic PS, therefore less tiring


VISITOR                                 what will be the price and best model to buy


VISITOR                                 of Terrano


AGENT                                   which city are you based in


VISITOR                                 Delhi


AGENT                                   Have you visited any dealer or taken any quote from them


VISITOR                                 no not yet


AGENT                   then the best thing to do will be to visit at least one of them, get a quote and call the other, maybe we can help you later and see, if we help you better the quote, no promise though


VISITOR                                 ok


VISITOR                                 thanks for your kind support.


AGENT                                   Thanks, do come back once you get your quote


VISITOR                                 ok bye..........wish you a great day ahead....


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  • According to me renault duster is a better car than xuv500 and ecosport

    sparsh chauhan reply