Honda Brio Or Maruti Swift, Which One?

Swift has been the market leader in premium hatchback segment right from the day it was launched. Brio from Honda is trying to get a foothold in the highly competitive premium hatchback segment through its great looks and hHonda lineage

Is it worth buying Brio S MT version than New Maruti Swift?

Honda Brio Or Maruti Swift, Which One?

What a question - comparing two very stylish cars and both from two auto power giants of Inda, One from Honda and other from Maruti Suzuki. Beat That?

On the face of it, Swift is more popular, bigger and enjoys all benefits associated with Maruti like; trust, service cost, realiability and above all great resale value.

Brio on the other hand looks small (but only from outside) - just get in to get awed by space. It's beautiful 1.2 ltr power plant which in a car weighing just 925 Kg makes it such a pleasure to drive. Its a great looker (not many would agree), would or should deliver great mileage thanks to a very good power to weight ratio in its favour and like all Honda cars has real plush interiors.The only grey area with Brio is Honda's service policy, it quite frequent and expensive to say the least. How we wish Honda realises this sooner than they realised the price blunder they made on all their cars and took a long time correcting it.

Personally speaking I would love to go with the Brio, but then not with SMT but VMT which quite well loaded (but also priced high). Its a car which will pamper me and would be an indulgence.

But on a more practical note I too might follow the herd, after all, there's always safety in numbers, therefore it would be Swift, it will not dig deeper into my pocket everytime it meets the dealer on its regular service schedule, which fortunately are spaced out quite well and will also not dent my pocket on resale.

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