Comapre and suggest best buy between Verna, Honda City and Vento.

Comparing Honda City to Verna nd Vento is really a good consideration set as each one of them are good suitors for your money. No one car is perfect in all respect, but then that's the fun as one is forced to efine one's need from a new car that much more clearly and exhaustively, which finally helps in taking the best decision. 

I want to buy sedan car, have short listed three cars Honda City, Vento & Verna , but I am confused between petrol & diesel 

Comapre and suggest best buy between Verna, Honda City and Vento.

Petrol VS diesel story is driven by your daily usage, means KMs that you drive every day. Mathematically you can calculate your monthly diesel and petrol consumption. Take ARAI as the basis to calculate petrol and diesel consumption/month. The value difference between the two which will be favour of diesel car for any model, then needs to be compared with additional price that you would have paid for the diesel car for a given model. In case you are getting your car financed, add the additional EMI cost also to the equation.


A = (Monthly Kms/ARAI Mileage)* Petrol cost

B = (Monthly Kms/ARAI Mileage)* Diesel cost

C = Additional Diesel acquisition cost

D= Additional EMI cost for diesel car bought under finance

Situation 1 - Car bought with own funds - No finance

If A > B + C/no of months you plan to keep the car - Then go for Diesel car else, settle for Petrol car

Situation 2 - Car bought under finance

If A > B + C/no of months you plan to keep the car + D - Then go for Diesel car else, settle for Petrol car


Fuel Type                            City                        Verna                    Vento

Petrol (KMPL)                    16.8                        17.43                     15.04

Diesel (KMPL)                    -                              23.5                        20.54                                               

If in case you plan to buy a diesel car then your choice gets reduced to 2 cars; Verna and Vento as Honda City does not come with a diesel engine.

In our opinion, what you must do first is decide on fuel type and then look at the models.


Vento, July 28 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Does the new Vento 1.6 comfort line petrol have a led lighting along with the headlamps?                                                                             


AGENT                                                                Morning     


AGENT                                                                Let me check           


VISITOR                                                              Morning     


VISITOR                                                              Ok


VISITOR                                                              Also I have a slight confusion           


VISITOR                                                              Could you clear it for me? 


VISITOR                                                              See actually I am planning to buy a new car. I have two options Vento petrol 1.6 comfort line and city petrol sv manual                          


VISITOR                                                              Which do I go for? 


AGENT                                                                personally both cars have very competent engines               


VISITOR                                                              Ok


AGENT                                                                in my opinion both are equally good ride quality   


AGENT                                                                however on popularity which impacts resale it will be City               


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                plus interiors of City are plusher than Vento            


VISITOR                                                              What about the seating comfort for the passengers?           


AGENT                                                                I drive the older city and have been quite happy    


AGENT                                                                rear seat comfort duets its well bolstered seats with decent thigh support is very comforting                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              In which one?         


AGENT                                                                only down side In City is tighter suspension which transfer road bumps to passengers        


AGENT                                                                City              


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                I have satin Vento not excited         


AGENT                                                                sat in           


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              Does the Vento have any other problems?               


AGENT                                                                have you test driven these cars      


VISITOR                                                              Yes               


VISITOR                                                              2 or 3 weeks back  


AGENT                                                                Ok so let's go with your impressions            


AGENT                                                                maybe we can Baildon that               


AGENT                                                                Build on     


VISITOR                                                              I felt the Vento more silent than the city   


VISITOR                                                              The manual transmission of the Vento was smoother than that of city and also the driving comfort was very smooth                         


AGENT                                                                on transmission gear slotting does get notchy at timeliness city, but I have driven it really long and hard but did not find it tiring


AGENT                                                                hope you are not tall           


VISITOR                                                              No I am not              


VISITOR                                                              5.5 or 5.6    


VISITOR                                                              that is it     


AGENT                                                                my other worry on Vento is the gory stories of spare parts


VISITOR                                                              ?? 


AGENT                                                                I did start this discussion saying that both are competent cars         


AGENT                                                                spare part delay etc. service apathy etc      


VISITOR                                                              Ok


VISITOR                                                              That way    


AGENT                                                                I have a friend who had a Vento one of the first buyers, he always cursed cost of servicing, not that City is easy on pocket                        


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                another she gave up the polo after 2 years thanks to service and parts        


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                having said that Other family members have Vento diesel and they are thrilled with it      


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              Other than the service cost issue does the Vento have any other problems due to which I should not be looking into buying it?  


AGENT                                                                you seem to be like in the Vento   


AGENT                                                                no not nothing major other than service however as mentioned earlier resale could be a problem                                                           


VISITOR                                                              Yeah kind off           


VISITOR                                                              I don’t care about the resale            


AGENT                                                                during a test drive how did you find the suspension I feel that's too soft is my understanding correct                                                               


AGENT                                                                of winter   


VISITOR                                                              I felt it fine               


AGENT                                                                sorry Vento              


VISITOR                                                              didn’t come to know much on a bumpy road            


VISITOR                                                              Other than performance from the looks I liked the Vento's steering wheel and the gear knob more attractive than that of the city    


AGENT                                                                is it because between the two Vento steering gave better road feedback than city or you felt city steering to be light                              


AGENT                                                                I personally prefer lighter steering as they are less tiring   


VISITOR                                                              both actually           


VISITOR                                                              And also the looks of the steering wheel and the gear knob             


AGENT                                                                did have a chance to drive into a turn harder            


VISITOR                                                              No


AGENT                                                                with both cars, my exp is more positive on city       


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                I find it more fun to drive, however I hate it's suspension  


VISITOR                                                              Mm              


AGENT                                                                particularly as a passenger


VISITOR                                                              At the back seat of the Vento at the mid-section there is the hump.             


VISITOR                                                              where the mid passenger keeps his leg      


AGENT                                                                you are talking about the floor hump           


VISITOR                                                              right            


AGENT                                                                but that's true for city but not as prominent             


VISITOR                                                              Will that cause a problem for the person sitting in middle?              


VISITOR                                                              In the Vento?          


AGENT                                                                long distance yes   


AGENT                                                                ut shorter distance no         


AGENT                                                                we aroused it          


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              Will it be uncomfortable for a 6 feet tall person to sit inside a Vento?         


VISITOR                                                              Because i felt the cabin height a bit low     


AGENT                                                                I will send you a comparative link, check expert rating, you will be happy being a Vento fan                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                also check specs and dimensions you will confirm your height issue            


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              So what do you say if I go for a Vento. Yes or no?   


AGENT                                                                I can't fight love     


VISITOR                                                              Just ask your opinion           


AGENT                                                                I think my preference is quite obvious, but then Even Vento is a good buy for a person like you for whom resale (and correctly so) does not matter    


AGENT                                                                both are equally good options        


VISITOR                                                              Ok


AGENT                                                                and I am not being diplomatic         


VISITOR                                                              I know        


VISITOR                                                              I just wanted to know if the Vento had any flaws that had come into notice             


AGENT                                                                no I am sure you would have read many reviews; it's a competent car one hasn't heard major negatives on the car                                    


VISITOR                                                              Ok


AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Vento-vs-new-Honda-city.aspx


AGENT                                                                LInk for expert rating           


AGENT                                                                also in spec section check dimensions         


VISITOR                                                              Will there be any design change for the Vento very soon?


AGENT                                                                Not that one ha sheard of  


VISITOR                                                              Vento very               


VISITOR                                                              ?? 


AGENT                                                                what is that              


VISITOR                                                              Will there be any design change for the Vento very soon?


AGENT                                                                I am not aware of it              


VISITOR                                                              Ok


VISITOR                                                              What about city any new facelift? 


AGENT                                                                basis my knowledge one is expecting an SUV from them not a new Vento


VISITOR                                                              Ok


AGENT                                                                I doubt no news     


VISITOR                                                              Ok


AGENT                                                                anything else          


VISITOR                                                              That is all. thanks


Honda City, June 10 2016.

VISITOR                                                              i have booked orchid pearl white  


VISITOR                                                              they say now not available               


VISITOR                                                              which colour is the best     


VISITOR                                                              Honda city 2016 cvt               


AGENT                                                                My reply is going to be a delayed response Please bear      


AGENT                                                                Ok I m a lover of sliver and whites 


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              in white which is the best 


VISITOR                                                              taffeta white or orchid pearl please suggest             


AGENT                                                                pearl definitely has a good sheen but since it’s not available you seem to have no option 


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              i have paid already               


AGENT                                                                so what are they saying is the col discontinued       


VISITOR                                                              yes


AGENT                                                                There’s no chance a color of a car can be discontinued until the car itself discontinued. There must be shortage of color availability though. All you can do is to wait or go with the other color options.


VISITOR                                                              I think so. thanks 

Comparison: City vs Verna vs Vento, April 12, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      when is vios going to launch in India?


VISITOR                                                      We got to know that it's tentative month of launching is May?


VISITOR                                                      Is it right?


AGENT                                                        Unfortunately, as per our information a full blown new car from Toyota is only expected around early 2017


VISITOR                                                      Oh k ! Is it confirmed?


VISITOR                                                      Could you tell about cars excluding Toyota ?


AGENT                                                        Which cars are we talking about?


VISITOR                                                      We were talking about Toyota vios !


VISITOR                                                      Do you roughly know about other cars excluding Toyota?


AGENT                                                        That’s what I meant when I asked which cars or maybe from which manufacturer


VISITOR                                                      Wen is Skoda Rapid new model going to launch ?


AGENT                                                        Both the Vento and Rapid has just being discontinued, I see no reason for them to come back so soon


VISITOR                                                      Which is best car among these -?


VISITOR                                                      Skoda Rapid , VW Vento, Honda City, Hyundai Verna ?


VISITOR                                                      For performance, suspension, features, and best ride?


AGENT                                                        Hold please let me check. Plus and any case since Vento and Rapid are not being sold, discussing about them will be of no use


VISITOR                                                      Oh k


VISITOR                                                      so Vento and rapid are going to come with new model and looks?


AGENT                                                        I am confused as to what are you looking for


VISITOR                                                      Actually I’m looking for car up till range 12 to 13 lakhs !


AGENT                                                        because you seem to be going back to cars that are not in circulation or cars that are yet to come


AGENT                                                        Between City and Verna - Diesel or petrol


VISITOR                                                      Diesel


AGENT                                                        Would go with City Petrol in terms of Driving and Verna in looks.

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  • hello sir, i m a teacher and wanted to buy a car with in a week but i m confused wheather i should go with swift dezire vxi or dezire vdi as my daily run is near about 10 km, very less long distance journey and does the maintainence charge of disel car is high, so pls prefer me between them as soon as possible thank you

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