Help me decide between Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Suzuki Swift

Car buyers on most occasions decide their car purchase basis budget. Indian car market is yet to evolve when it comes to matching ones car purchase to one's specific need from a car.But Its on it's way as people are now comparing cars in greater details and investing their time on it.  

Which is best Swift or Beat?

Help me decide between Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Suzuki Swift

Beat and Swift are as different as chalk & Cheese. We think these re un-comparable cars. However, since these are in your basket of purchase, given below are our inputs for your considerations.

Starting with the engine Swift is a 1.3 Litre diesel Vs Beat's 1Litre engine. Performance figures therefore are in favour of Swift, even though ARAI Milage of beat at 25 KMPL is higher as compared to Swift.

Swift is bigger in length, width and height over Beat. Therefore it will obviously be more spacious than Beat.

Whilst Swift looks are contemporary, Beat on the other hand is more radical in terms of design, therefore will have strong negatives or positives, unlike Swift which by some could be considered as a safe bet. Personally speaking, design wise I like Beat more than the Swift.

Beat also come with Chevrolet's 3 years maintenance package. This for Beat is available at around Rs.16-17 000. This offers will give you a service cost cover for 3 years. which means that you will not be paying anything towards service cost for 3 years, However, it does come with its own terms and conditions which you must understand before buying one. Beat unlike Swift also comes with a Standard 3yrs/100000 Kms Warranty. Warranty along with Maintenance package makes Beat a Great Peace of Mind purchase.

Net, net if you are looking for a car with low running and maintenance cost then Beat should be your preferred choice. However, if you looking for a more premium, performance driven, spacious hatchback, with great tactile feel from a trustworthy car manufacturer, then it's obviously got to be the Swift.