Beat Vs i10 Vs Eon. Which one is better?

Two cars from Hyundai, i10 and Eon and one from Chevrolet, Beat. Two new cars and one an old horse when compared to Beat and Eon, even though i10 has undergone quite a few face-lifts and still remains to the favoured cars by most car buyers in India. Eon and Beat are on their way to becoming one.

I want to buy an economical hatchback with good comfort and handling. Confused between : 1.Chevrolet Beat Diesel LS/LT 2.Hyndai Eon Magna/Sportz 3.Hyundai i10 Magna 1.2 Kindly advice the best of the lot or something else that you may suggest keeping the economic factor in mind. Regards.

Beat Vs i10 Vs Eon. Which one is better?

I think comparing a diesel power plant car (Beat Diesel) with Petrol driven cars is unfair to petrol cars as the economics tilt in favour of diesel car thanks to its mileage and lower fuel price. These 2 alone can help overcome the higher entry cost of the diesel car if one drives more than 50 Kms /day.

Fair measure of a cars economical benefit must be calculated by adding the cars Entry Cost (Net landed price post all discounts) + Running Cost (Fuel cost + Maintenance cost) - Exit Cost (Resale value).

Comfort again is dependent on space inside the car + the fatigue one feels when driving all cars in our basket oo purchase over the same distance in an almost similar conditions. This is very qualitative in nature and is completely dependent on a given individual.

You can refer the link below to check out the comfort in terms of legroom Front & Rearand headroom


This link also gives expert driven fuel efficiency figures in real life situation.

In terms of handling I expect all of them to behave similarly except maybe Beat the car might show comparative more roll thanks to its height.

Our recommendation would still be Beat, I10 and then Eon in the order given