Alto vs Spark Vs Nano Vs Maruti 800, which is most reliable and great value car?

Reliable and cheap (this obviously means great value car) car one can buy in India. Once anyone cuts the pie basis price range and limits to under 3 lacs, the choice gets limited to Maruti 800, Alto, Spark and Nano. All of them competent and great cars from established car makers.

What is a good reliable & cheap First car?

Alto vs Spark Vs Nano Vs Maruti 800, which is most reliable and great value car?

First car by definition could be from any price range, it therefore becomes a must to have one.

However, basis your requirement of cheap car, we will restrict our price range to under or upto 3 lacs, then you have following options;

Maruti 800 (If you are not staying in top 8 metros)
Tata Nano

Lets look at each car and what it has to offer

Maruti 800
- Great Reliable brand, but old and will be phased out soon from India. With teh new Cervo expected next year from Maruti 800 will have no value, and if you are from any top 8 metros, you can't even buy it even today.

Maruti Alto - Another reliable and great value car, however, this car too will soon be replaced by new 800 cc from Maruti. New 800 is expected to be launched in September 2012

Tata Nano - Thsi car unfortunately suffers from lots fo noise, has low or almost zero boot space, feels lethargic with AC on. A lot was expected from it, but unfortunately did not live upto the Indian car buyers expectation. We believe Nano Diesel might do the trick, as one is hearing quite positive reports about it. It might see a surprise launch soon rather than later.

- From Chevrolet, great buy today, all thanks to Free Maintenance package for 3 yrs/45,000 Kms, whilst T & C does apply, however, the package covers even some parts which has a natural wear and tear. Offers are great on this car. Its spacious, drives well and is also not very thirsty.

Our Recommendation out of all existing cars is Chevrolet Spark, however, if you can waith for 30-45 days then you can evaluate it against the New 800 cc car from Maruti.