4S Fluidic Verna vs Rivals Specification Comparison Review - ecardlr

ECADLR brings you the specification comparison review of new Fluidic Verna against its market rivals. 

4S Fluidic Verna vs Rivals Specification Comparison Review

4S Fluidic Verna vs Rivals Specification Comparison Review - ecardlr

Hyundai took a beating in the mid-size sedan segment last year as older Verna struggled against more contemporary and upmarket rivals. This prompted Korean manufacturer to rethink its strategy and as a result, new updated 4S fluidic Verna has made its way into market. Loaded with fresh arsenal and healthy equipment list, new Verna now seems all set to make life difficult for Honda City and Maruti Ciaz. So how all these three segment contenders stack up against each other on paper, we gauge through this specification comparison review. 

Space Matters: Mid-size sedan has to have genuine space for owners as this segment pays extra bucks over sub-4m pseudo sedans for rear seat comfort and convenience. This makes dimensional integrity extremely important here and Maruti Win hands down in this department. Ciaz boasts of longest wheelbase of 2650 mm while City stacks at second spot with 2600 mm. Hyundai Verna has shortest wheelbase of 2570 mm and so is its overall length of 4375 mm. On another critical variable of width, Ciaz again trounces competition with widest cabin of 1730 mm while Hyundai and Honda stack below with respective 1700 mm and 1695 mm of width. Further while Maruti and Hyundai share 170 mm of ground clearance, Honda sits more close to ground with 165 mm of clearance.


Dimension ( in mm)

4S Fluidic Verna

Honda City

Maruti Ciaz


















Heart Capacity: Hyundai is the only manufacturer here that offers two separate engine choices in both petrol and diesel power plants. Verna tops the performance chart with its bigger 1.6-litre iteration of engines and also offers wide choice to prospective consumers. Maruti and Honda, on the other hand, offer only one engine in petrol and diesel guises.



4S Fluidic Verna

Honda City

Maruti Ciaz

   Engine (Petrol P/

     Diesel D; in litres)

1.4 Petrol

1.6 Petrol

1.5 Petrol

1.4 P

1.4 Diesel

1.6 Diesel

1.5 Diesel

1.3 D

Power (in PS)





Torque ( in Nm)






Value for money(all prices, ex-showroom, Delhi): Maruti has priced very competitively as it undercuts prices of both Honda and Hyundai by handsome margin, especiallyin top variant. That said, Hyundai is only manufacturer here that offers Automatic in both petrol and diesel variants as other two i.e. Honda and Maruti has automatic convenience attached only to their petrol variants. Hyundai Verna is available in automatic diesel but its ownership doesn’t come cheap as one has to shell out a hefty amount of Rs 12.19 lakh to acquire this auto convenience.



4S Fluidic Verna

Honda City

Maruti Ciaz

( in lakh)

7.74 – 12.19

7.53 – 11.53

7.21 – 10.19



Comparison: 4S Fluidic Verna vs New City, December 14, 2015


VISITOR                         how was the Verna 1.6 petrol?


VISITOR                         is it punchy engine as compare to Honda City?


AGENT                           Honda known for its performance, however, 4S fluidic Verna engine comes to first in terms of producing power and torque. It produces 126bhp and 259Nm torques. The engine is refined and there is hardly any engine noise compared to City.


AGENT                           the only disadvantage of the Verna is that the drive quality suffers at high speeds or even if you are cornering.


VISITOR                         sir i was taking about petrol variant.


AGENT                           In petrol, Honda City produces 119 Ps / 6600 Rpm power and 123.05 Ps / 6300 Rpm torque, whereas, in Verna, it produces 145 Nm / 4600 Rpm Torque and 155 (15.8Kgm) / NM / 4200 RPM power. Again Verna takes a lead. Hyundai petrol engines are quite smoother and durable too. Apart from all, the Verna is a great car and you will have a feel of smooth ride quality.


VISITOR                         thanks sir


AGENT                           Our pleasure!


VISITOR                         sir any discount on Hyundai car?


AGENT                           yes, discount worth 65K (Petrol and diesel), but only for Delhi NCR.


VISITOR                         OK THANX


Verna, March 31 2017.

VISITOR                                  mileage of Verna


VISITOR                                  petrol


AGENT                                    Afternoon


VISITOR                                  tell me the best 5 seater four Wheeler


AGENT                                    Looking at the pages you have visited, you are looking at different types of cars. Plus with a brief of best 5 seater, nearly all the cars in India will fall in your consideration set


AGENT                                    so my request would be to narrow down your basket by doing some initial research and maybe some test drives, then when you discuss with us you will get a far clearer inputs


VISITOR                                  here is any bs3 car in 5 seater


AGENT                                    most 5 seater are bsiV, if any in any case, you will have to visit your nearest dealership to find one,


VISITOR                                  okk

Comparison: Verna vs City, March 6 2017.

VISITOR                                  Hi        


VISITOR                                  Hello sir            


AGENT                                    Hello  


VISITOR                                  Which one is best??....1- Verna or 2-city???     


VISITOR                                  Say overall      


AGENT                                    diesel or petrol'            


VISITOR                                  Petrol


AGENT                                    I will go with City for its better average, better handling and being more popular than the Verna                                     


AGENT                                    I will not buy City as its service cost are pretty high, with dealer’s realty pestering you a lot                                                 


AGENT                                    I will go with Verna for its Looks, features and being Hyundai  


AGENT                                    I will not go with Verna because of its ride quality, the car feels much lighter   


AGENT                                    in terms of looks I will do a toss-up      


VISITOR                                  I think Verna looks much better than city          


AGENT                                    Yes you could be right, but its subjective           


VISITOR                                  Thanks                

Comparison: Verna vs City vs Ciaz, September 27 2016.

VISITOR                                                          Hiiii  


AGENT                                                            hello how can we help            


VISITOR                                                          i want to buy car but i am confused to which one i should buy             


VISITOR                                                          I like sedan   


AGENT                                                            if you could share your budget need then we can try and guide          


VISITOR                                                          Verna or Honda City or Ciaz... Which one is better     


VISITOR                                                          Budget is 12 lakhs      


VISITOR                                                          As i need diesel engine          


AGENT                                                            what are your parameters for evaluating this purchase           


VISITOR                                                          I am going to ride in City require avg about 20 km/ltr               


VISITOR                                                          And loaded with features      


VISITOR                                                          Mostly i will use car in City    


AGENT                                                            20 km average daily ?              


VISITOR                                                          Not daily but random              


AGENT                                                            friend which City       


AGENT                                                            what will  be monthly kms average   


VISITOR                                                          In Surat City 


VISITOR                                                          Which one is better?               


VISITOR                                                          And what about Creta?           


AGENT                                                            friend what we make out that you will have average 20km drive effectively 600 km monthly then you don't need diesel                  


VISITOR                                                          Sir actually i will use car on Sunday only so avg is not matter


VISITOR                                                          I am confused in Verna and City and Creta     


AGENT                                                            our suggestion in such case is to stick to petrol variant as unless you are driving monthly 1800km or so diesel is not required                  


AGENT                                                            Ciaz has Maruti advantage and has more legroom      


AGENT                                                            City is more premium and decent on features and offers more refined engine in petrol         


VISITOR                                                          But everyone saying that Ciaz got hybrid engine so after some year engine will not perform good                                                               


AGENT                                                            Verna is loaded with features offers best ride however lowest on passenger legroom and since has been around for a while looks a little dated    


VISITOR                                                          And sir use of car is not much more so how petrol is good as price of petrol is high compare to diesel                                                            


VISITOR                                                          So according to you City is convenient for me??         


AGENT                                                            diesel variant up front will be costlier than petrol variant by almost 75k-100k              


AGENT                                                            City amongst options basis your inputs seem a better choice with decently loaded features and offers a good premium product         


VISITOR                                                          City diesel or City petrol??    


AGENT                                                            petrol             


VISITOR                                                          Okay sir          


AGENT                                                            unless you want to invest more upfront in buying a diesel car             


AGENT                                                            average running of 1800 km appx over 3-4 years will help you recover additional money you will spend up front on diesel versus petrol       


VISITOR                                                          Thank you for your advice     


AGENT                                                            you are welcome. all the best ...happy and safe driving          


VISITOR                                                          So i should go for petrol??    


AGENT                                                            absolutely    


VISITOR                                                          Okay thank you sir