Indian car buyers are obsessed with car mileage. With running cost being an important element of cost for a car owner, a car with poor mileage means that many more visit to petrol stations and that much more damage to one's wallet. Fuel expense is the most visible expense for a car owner, therefore it but obvious to be top-of-mind.


What is the expected mileage of Maruti Alto 800?


Basis government requirement all car manufacturers are supposed to display and announce the mileage of their cars quite prominently. These rated mileages are under test conditions, therefore they are normally higher than actual mileage a customer can get from the same car model.

Car mileage figures are released by iCat and rating agencies have to certify car mileage as per rule no 115 of CMVR.

As a thumb rule (no scientific), actual life car mileage are generally calculated by discounting the ARAI mileage by 25-35% on an average.Car mileage are dependent on one's driving style, traffic conditions and how well thecar is kept, even under or overinflated tyres affect the mileage negatively.

Maruti Alto 800 ARAI Mileage is 19.70 KMPL.


Alto 800 AC Installation, November 8 2016.

AGENT                                                  Morning


VISITOR                                                Hi great morning, I’m using Alto 2010 std model.. i wish to install an ac to my car, will you possible to list any disadvantage or any suggestion for the same?


AGENT                                                  I see no problem in adding an AC to an old car


AGENT                                                  only disadvantage could be power loss with AC on more so for an old car depending on how many Kms it has done and whether he engine requires any work


VISITOR                                                ok, thank you very much for your suggestion..


AGENT                                                  Pleasure