What-does-3.5L mean?

Car engines comes in various sizes. This in turn impacts the cars performance, in terms of power, torque, fuel efficiency/Fuel mileage, sprint/dash to quarter or a mile.

  What does 3.5L mean in case of a car?

What-does-3.5L mean?

All car engines have a capacity, and that is defined either in terms of CC (Cubic Capacity) or in L Or Lts Or Ltr (Litres).

Cubic centimeters (cc) or L in case of an internal combustion engine, is a measure of the combustion space in the cylinders. In other words, these terms define the size of the engine. Engine size is measured by removing the cylinder head and filling water in the cylinder by pushing the piston down till its lowest point in the cylinder or BDC (Bottom Dead Centre). The L or CC of liquid displaced when the piston is returned to its topmost position in the cylinder Or TDC (Top Dead Centre) is the  measure of combustion volume of the cylinder.

A 3.5 L car has an engine which can displace 3.5 ltrs or 3500 CC of air & fuel mixture (Combustion Volume).