Should I fit CNG Kit in Toyota Etios

Most Indian car buyers buy a petrol car and the fit a CNG kit in it. This helps them save some running cost, however, we at ecardlr.com believe that if a car is not recommended by the car manufacturer for a CNG then ideally one must not get a CNG kit fitted in such cars. However, car buyers do have their own logic and get teh CNG kt fitted because of their need to save some running cost.

I am planning to install sequential cng in ETIOS VSP. Pl advise (1) How much luggaage space will be left over ? (2) Wll there be any ground clearance issue because of the extra weight? (3) Though warranties will be void, is it a matter of concern ? (4) what mileage can I expect in city & on highways?

Should I fit CNG Kit in Toyota Etios

At the onset, let me admit that I am no big fan of CNG or any other cylinder in my car, but then it’s a personal opinion and lots of people are installing a CNG kit from resellers. It's a good decision to fit a sequentail CNG kit and not an IN-line one as your car has a DOHC engine, in-lines don't work efficiently or should I say they are not fit for cars with Double Over Head Cam shaft (DOHC) engines,

Installing a CNG kit in a petrol car which has served for some years seems to be becoming quite prevalant these days. Personally speaking I am not on favour of any cylinder in my car, but them that is a very personal belief. You don't have to go by it.

CNG cylinders do take up a boot space, but as Etios has a decent 595 ltrs of boot space, so you might still have enough luggage space left even after installing the cylinder. Approximately expect a loss of 25  to 30% luggage space post CNG fitment. This means post fitment you might be left with approximately 417  to 446 ltrs of luggage space.

Etios has a ground clearance of 170 mm, post fitment don’t see much problem, even though the added weight might run your car a little low and with full passenger load, you might even see impact in car performance.

Yes warranties will be impacted. As it’s going to be a aftermarket fitment.

May not be able to comment on mileage but not expect any drop in mileage over your petrol figures.

Do take our input as suggestion only and do all necessary cheaks at your end before deciding to install the CNG kit in your new Toyota Etios.


Etios, June 30 2016.

AGENT                                                                    good Evening


VISITOR                                                                  for personnel use, under Chennai road conditions, looking for a new petrol car economic but mid end car


VISITOR                                                                  suggest a one


VISITOR                                                                  good evening 


AGENT                                                                    any budget or models in mind


AGENT                                                                    else there will be too many


VISITOR                                                                  What are the best financing options?


VISITOR                                                                  I’m new to buy a new car first time


AGENT                                                                    PSU banks and in particular SBI gives good rates


VISITOR                                                                  i have ready cash option, but i think wise option to go for financing


AGENT                                                                    but getting a loan approved from them is painful


VISITOR                                                                  Looking for  Maruti  &  Toyota


VISITOR                                                                  yeah  i  know


AGENT                                                                    if have your own funds which are only earning regular interest then use it don’t get it financed


VISITOR                                                                  is there  any option  for  Eg  if  total price  8  lakhs , I’ll  make  down payment 4  lakhs partial and  remaining  easy EMI  at  no interest


VISITOR                                                                  I’m not sure just asking you


VISITOR                                                                  please helps me out


VISITOR                                                                  IM an NRI staying currently at UAE, having my residence at Chennai now .


AGENT                                                                    any loan would mean interest


VISITOR                                                                  yes you are right absolutely


AGENT                                                                    sedan or hatchback


VISITOR                                                                  here in UAE, there is an offer scheme with zero EMI


VISITOR                                                                  i thought we have something in India


VISITOR                                                                  same


AGENT                                                                    unfortunately no


VISITOR                                                                  ok fine


VISITOR                                                                  is it  worth   to go for  EMI  with  finance  option  or to go for  full  cash  for  budget of  8  lakh  car


VISITOR                                                                  i mean mid end


VISITOR                                                                  cars


VISITOR                                                                  What  will  be the  Price  of ETIOS  sedan  model  full  option on the  road price  in Chennai market


VISITOR                                                                  Do   you have any comparison model number - year / prices / car different brands?


AGENT                                                                    if your money can earn you higher Returns then finance else use own funds


VISITOR                                                                  or do you have any links


VISITOR                                                                  to check about this


AGENT                                                                    on our site goes to model page and then you can create comparison


VISITOR                                                                  ok fine let me check


VISITOR                                                                  Thanks



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  • Hi I have 2011 year etios g model car.I want to install cng (brc)company kit but I m so confused about the installation bcoz Toyota company nothing manufacturing the car with cng till today but the market cng kit technician told me that cng sequential kit gives you a good performance in terms of milage but I m totally confused should I install cng or not.

    sushil (1) reply