Precautions for fitting AC in a non AC Maruti 800

Most car buyers normally buy a model without AC and get the same fitted at a retail accessory shop as it saves them good money while buying a car. We at www.ecardlr.com believe that one should not take such risk with one's life just to save some few thousands. However, people still do it. Our advice to them is to take due care while doing so. Some of the precautions that can be taken while fitting an AC in a Non-AC Maruti 800 are enunciated below, however, the list necessarily is not exhaustive. 

I have maruti 800 car model 2001.Car is in very good condition. I want to install air-conditioner in it. Is it advisable to install ? If yes any extra precaution.

Precautions for fitting AC in a non AC Maruti 800
Installing A/C in any car which does not come with an OEM (factory) fitted AC normally is not a problem. Since your Maruti 800 is around 14 years old, point to note would be that in states like Delhi  the government does not allow registration of cars over 15 years of age plus the fact that Maruti has discontinued this car, your servicing and parts cost going forward could become costlier. Registration problems could also add to your woes. We would therefore request you to please give a deep thought to your decision of installing an AC is an old Non-AC Maruti 800.

Having said that, there are examples galore where-in car buyers have installed equipment which does not come as an OEM fitment. AC and CNG kits being two popular examples. As per us some precautions (not necessarily an exhaustive list) that you can take while installing the AC are:

Firstly you have to get the blower unit and A/C unit which should match with your car maker

Compressor pulley/bracket should be of your car maker size as the compressor is turned by the 
help of the belt which is rotated by the crankshaft along with the alternator and water pump.

Hose pipe to be fitted in such way that it will not be effected/damaged by the moving parts of the engine.

Install A/C compressor which should be matched with the load and the size of your engine.

Check that the wiring has been done precisely and ensure that AC wiring will not hamper other wiring while the A/C is ON. Wiring is most critical and take utmost precaution while getting that done, insure proper insulation, minimise wiring cuts. Any slackness in this area could be dangerous. Please do take great care and if required ensure personal and expert supervision while doing so.

Post installing the AC keep a very close eye on the temperature gauge at all times.

Having A/C fitted in any vehicle of its own maker or other, the vehicle pulling power will be less by 30% 
of the actual pulling power.

We at ecardlr.com normally do not advice non-OEM fitments in any car and would request you to take due precautions while fitting and during usage of any such non-OEM fitments. Happy Motoring.