Hydraulic Vs Electronic Automatic Transmission Which is Better?


Not many Indian Car Buyers would deep dive when buying a new car. Most of them would be satisfied with basic numbers and simple explanation. However, there are some car buyers who deep dive before putting their money on the table. The query below is one such example.



1. 105PS @5250rpm vs 123PS @6300rpm which one is better
2. 158Nm @4200rpm vs 153Nm @3800rpm which one is better
3. 4 speed AT (of SX4/Verna) vs 6 speed AT (of Skoda) which one is better?

Actually I am looking for a small/low mid segment car with Electronically Controlled Auto Transmission, with High Safety and Parking Back View/Sensor with0n 10-12 Lacs. Preferably with
Direct Injection & Keyless Entry


Hydraulic Vs Electronic Automatic Transmission Which is Better?

Please go through the link from our site comparing cars from your consideration set. It could be a good starting point.


This will be of limited use to the extent of how these cars are loaded , where Verna has parking assist Vento does not offer the same as OEM fitment. On safety from Verna scores due to its 6 airbags, abs and EBD. Verna has keyless ignition and entry.

None of these car offer Direct Injection, as a matter of fact in our price range no car offers such an engine.

In terms of Transmission with the Tiptronic system the 6 speed Vento Gear box is a better option, but then that’s all
. Verna's Automatic transmission is Hydraulic, whilst Vento's AT seems to be Electronic.

Verna is more stylish, much better endowed internally than the Vento. In Terms of power and torque one will have to really get hold of the PT curves for both these cars, but I don’t see that making major impact on our decision as the  actual performance difference may not be perceptible.


Power and Torque, January 10 2017.

VISITOR                                                        Hi        


VISITOR                                                        Between the Engine power 66KW/6000 as opposed to 67KW/3750 rpm - which of the two is better and stronger                               


VISITOR                                                        and why?        


AGENT                                                          you are unfortunately comparing petrol with diesel   


VISITOR                                                        both are Diesel engines           


AGENT                                                          you have written Trend petrol              


VISITOR                                                        its Diesel all the way  


VISITOR                                                        My query as posed earlier was 'Between the Engine power 66KW/6000 as opposed to 67KW/3750 rpm - which of the two is better and stronger'        


AGENT                                                          any car which deliver max power at lower RPm is a better more powerful car


AGENT                                                          that is the best way to read power and torque and not get taken up by bigger numerators without looking at denominators   


VISITOR                                                        then how is it that the acceleration is better with the engine having more power?     


AGENT                                                          acceleration is a diff subject. 


AGENT                                                          power is a derived figure and we will start getting tech if we go in that direction, which is quite avoidable                                                   


AGENT                                                          how one should read 67KW/3750 rpm - its max power  at a given rpm


AGENT                                                          means the car generates 67KW of turning power at 3750 rpm 


VISITOR                                                        fair enough.  But should it not also mean to generate more acceleration given that it has been able to generate more power and lower rpm?       


AGENT                                                          what I suggest that you look at Power Torque curve of any car, you will able to understand how it works                                                           


AGENT                                                          and as mentioned earlier I would like to avoid absolute tech discussion          


VISITOR                                                        ok.  Cheers for now    


AGENT                                                          pleasure, have a good day       


VISITOR                                                        you too.