CNG Kit Fitted by Car Manufacturer Vs Market Fitted CNG KIT

The price difference in a CNG kit from the after market when compared to a CNG kit fitted by car manufacturer authorised CNG suppliers is large, at times the difference could be as big as Rs.20000. No wonder most car owners tend to get their car CNG kit fitted from after market.

If company fitted cng then how much mileage given

CNG Kit Fitted by Car Manufacturer Vs Market Fitted CNG KIT


It's not a question of company fitted CNG Vs CNG fitment by an external supplier. What's more important is the technology being used in the CNG system.

Current CNG technology have really improved, some of  the improvements are:

Sequential Injection 
Dual ECU (Engine Control Units) with CNG ECU controlling CNG Injectors
CNG Injection follows Petrol Injection Mapping
CNG with EOBD (Engine On Board Diagonistic) System
Electronically Controlled CNG System
Euro IV 

These technological advancements help CNG engine perform better and deliver efficicent fuel efficiencies, no major compromise on cars performance and lower damage to the environment

In addition to these advantages company fitted CNG system comes with company warranty and they also have the advantage of being tested extensively by ICAT (A government approving agency).

The major advantage of company fitted CNG is on the cars suspension. Cars with company fitted CNG system have suitably adjusted suspension to take the extra load of the CNG Kit which when done by an outside party is completly ignored by them.

It's also true that company fitted CNG system are far more expensive than outside fitment, but they do come with lots of advantages as stated above, we at ecardlr.com, would therefore recommend a company fitted CNG Vs that through any other source