What all is included in car specifications?

Growing maturity and confidence with cars will only help car buyers in India ask far more pointed and specific questions. This is great news for car makers and sellers as this will mean that car buying will become more and more car details led rather than just being a discount led.

Car specifications, what does it mean?

What all is included in car specifications?
Car specifications are specifc to a model and all its variants. Unlike features of a car which changes with every variant or version of that specific model, car specs remain the same across all its variants.

Car specifications include following items, engine, transmission, performance, dimensions and weights, tyres and suspensions. These OEM specifications will remain constant across all versions of a given model. Let's further define each element in detail:

Engine: This will include, engince size or displacement, engine description, nos of cylinders, valves/cylinder, configuration or layout of cylinders

Transmission: Manual or automatic transmission and its description. Nos of forward gears and reverse gears in manual transmission, in case of automatic transmission description includes nos of drive options and possibility of shifting automatic to manual tarnsmission. Gear ratios also form part of transmission system.

Performance: Stated figures are normally for mileage. However, internationally, car manufacturers also give figures for 0-60, 0-100 or Qtr mile dash. Mileage figures are given for urban, highway and overall.

Dimensions and Weight: These include, overall car length, width, height, boot space, kerb weight, gross weight, boot space, ground clearance. Interantionally car manufacturer might share, legroom, headroom and shoulder room figures too.

Suspension and Tyres: Front and rear suspension. Tyre size in terms of its diameter, aspect ratio and width of the tyre. Steel rim or alloy wheels,