Can Fiat Punto Sport touch a speed of 180 KMPH?

Speed thrills with road becoming better with time, thanks to all teh investment, it's tempting most indian drivers to strect their legs in their car. The delight of throttling a a car and seeing it rev and speed up is quite alluring. This unfortunately can be dangerous too. It's in this light we are answering thequestion Can Fiat Punto Sport touch a speed of 180 KMPH?, we believe its best avoided even though the car/s may be capable of achieving top speeds

Can Fiat Punto Sport touch a speed of 180 KMPH?

Can Fiat Punto Sport touch a speed of 180 KMPH?

Theoretically, yes it can as the top speed on speedo is 220 KMPH. There are people who have done this with enough video's on you tube. One such video can be seen i the attached link:


Fiat Punto does touch  the speed of 180 KMPH with the reading on Tacho being 4600 to 4700 RPM. This is much beyond the rated peak power 4000 RPM.

Whilst stretching the engine beyond manufacturer listed peak RPM limits will not be dangerous, however such an exercise does put strain on material as they are made to work way past their defined performance limits. This could over time add to your maintenance cost.

However, repeatedly operating engines for long beyond it's redline (top RPM limit) can make engine fail and the same could even lead to fatal accidents.

So whilst the Punto may have the capability to attain a top speed of 220 KMPH, however, it's best avoided.

One should also consider the safety features and road conditions when attempting such as exercise. Yes Punto Sport does come with ABS, EBD and dual front airbags, but will they be sufficient to keep one safe is a question we would not like one to ever experiment.

Punto is a great car in terms of its handling capabilities and  build quality, but still most Indian car are best driven within safe driving limits.


Punto, September 1 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hello           


AGENT                                                                Hello Morning         


VISITOR                                                              well I want to know something about Fiat cars        


AGENT                                                                what would you like to know           


VISITOR                                                              I want to buy Fiat Punto Grand Diesel (2009)            


AGENT                                                                Pre-owned car        


VISITOR                                                              Yes               


VISITOR                                                              and its has run up to 52 k till now   


VISITOR                                                              but the car still looks good in overall            


VISITOR                                                              what's the mileage of this car          


VISITOR                                                              and is it worth buying?       


AGENT                                                                Personally speaking whilst Fiat cars are great and has really long lasting engines, i am not in favour of them                                              


VISITOR                                                              OK


AGENT                                                                However, if you are getting it a a throw away price then it does not matter              


AGENT                                                                get the engine checked - take it to a Fiat workshop and get a diagnostic report       


VISITOR                                                              It's coming in 1.50k               


AGENT                                                                The report should also include body diagnostic in addition to engine details           


VISITOR                                                              the car is very smooth in running   


VISITOR                                                              I have test drive it 


AGENT                                                                If possible check insurance details for accidental reports   


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                That's ok - but I will still get it done even 1,59 is good money           


AGENT                                                                1.59 lacs     


VISITOR                                                              tax is paid till 2019 insurance is also paid    


AGENT                                                                then check whether it has no claim bonus and for how many years, that will tell you whether  and accidental repairs were done         


VISITOR                                                              okay            


AGENT                                                                Check tyres ideally they should be new - irrespective of the Kms done tyres get damaged over age and if they have not been replaced then you will have to get all 4 new   


AGENT                                                                I am having problem with my City tyres which has done only 45000 Kms in 9 years but its asking for tyre change                                


VISITOR                                                              yes all 5 new tubeless tyres are done          


AGENT                                                                so buy basis diagnostic and Insurance no claim bonus report            


AGENT                                                                is it a second sale  


AGENT                                                                as in will you be second owner       


VISITOR                                                              yes that’s correct   


AGENT                                                                I think I have told you all to look for             


VISITOR                                                              what's the mileage of this car ?       


AGENT                                                                I would not know, but you should be happy with 12 if it’s petrol    


AGENT                                                                Sorry you said it was diesel - then 14 -15 max           


VISITOR                                                              It's a diesel               


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                Yes i checked an answered, but more my gut feeling           


VISITOR                                                              ok thank you so much for your help              


VISITOR                                                              I am looking forward for it