Blue Motion Technology in VW & Audi

Volkswagen is known for technological innovation. VW owns quite a few car companies in the world. Audi, Skoda and even Bentley operating in India are owned by VW worldwide. This gives Volkswagen the power to develop cutting edge car technologies, which can then be shared with other car manufacturers they own.

What is Blue Motion Technology in Audi Vehicles?

Blue Motion Technology in VW & Audi

In all honesty, haven't heard about Blue Motion Technology in Audi Vehicles. Volkswagen (VW) however, has been promoting the same in their vehicles. As per VW it's a  technology which not only provides cars which are great to drive but are environmentally friendly too.

Since VW owns Audi and if Audi vehicles do come with Blue Motion Technology, then VW would definitely be sharing technologies amongst its various can companies it owns. The extent to which the overlap is there is not known to us, but from an overall perspective, I believe, one can study VW Blue Motion Technology to understand the same.

Blue Motion as per VW is ‘Efficient, Eco-Friendly Approach to Mobility’. The product descriptor does sound exciting and worth spending one’s time in understanding the same. It refers to a set of technologies that drastically reduces carbon-footprint of the car, enhances fuel efficiency, while maintaining driving fun. So what does this great technology consists of;

Optimised Gear Ratios
– DSG and Manual gear in VW cars are designed with such gears ratios, that ‘Gears up-shifts early, while the downshifts are delayed’.

Our Question - Sister concerns Audi and Skoda do have cars that offer DSG. Aren’t they optimised, similarly ? Not to forget most other car manufacturers would have transmission boxes with gear ratios almost similar level of optimisation if not equal. After all who would not like to make their cars more fuel efficient today.

Auto Start Stop
- In a traffic jam or red light situation engines of VW cars equipped with Bluemotion Technologies automatically stops once the driver takes off his foot from the clutch in a manual transmission car or the accelerator in case of DSG Transmission.

So how is this different from m-Hawk engines in the Scorpio or XUV 500 where the engine stops automatically, when the car is idling? Most other premium marquees also boast of similar Auto Start Stop feature too.

Brake Energy Recuperation
– Simply speaking, this means, that every time a drivers applies brakes to his car, the Kinetic Energy generated due to the braking action is converted into Electrical Energy which is stored in the Battery. Full marks to VW on using technologies developed and tested on F1 and other formula racing circuits.

Gear Shift Indicator
– This simply means that the car recommends most optimal gear to be used to the driver basis the cars speed in real-time.

Great feature, but unfortunately not unique. Even Hyundai i10 offers this feature, not to forget the i20 and Fluidic Verna.

Basis above data it seems that Bluemotion Technologies is nothing more than a bundle of features, clubbed and branded, to create a product differentiator for marketing VW Cars. It’s definitely not an engineering break-through as the company would like us to believe.