3-Cylinder-Vs-4-Cylinder-Engine Simplfy the Jargon Please

The best way to buy a New car is to understand it in depth, go beyond the obvious and simple numbers. Study the real meaning behind them like 3 Cylinder Vs 4 Cylinder Engine.

What's the difference between 3 & 4 cylinders ? Which one is better?

3-Cylinder-Vs-4-Cylinder-Engine Simplfy the Jargon Please

Larger the displacement or CC or capacity of a car engine more the number of cylinders, however, even this thumb rule will have its own operating rules and technical requirement.

As the number suggest 3 Cylinder means; a car with this cylinder spec will have 3 cylinder in th engine for example the Hyundai Eon. 4 cylinder therefore means that the car engine will have 4 cylinders in its engine under its hood, for example - the Swift, i10, etc.

Number of cylinder define the tolat CC of a car. Chances are that 4 cylinder engine will in all probability  have a bigger engine i,e higher CC or displacement. In common parlance, a higher capacity engine is normally more powerful that a smaller capacity engine.

No of cylinder would make it difficult to categorically decide which one is better. We would need to know, the number of valves /cylinder, camshaft arrangement and many other parameters.