Budget 5.5 Lacs, Swift Vs Polo Vs i10 Vs Micra Vs Figo Vs A-Star Vs Beat

When a new car buyer suggests a budget, one is not very sure whether, the suggested budget is final cost the new car buyer is ready to pay or does he/she has some more margin. Most new cars buyers in India do start with a budget, but by the time they end of buying their new car, they normally overshoot it by a decent margin as is obvious from the shortlist of new cars.


Planning to buy a full loaded car within 5.5 lac. I will be running around 500-600 km in a month. So, what u suggest ? i10, Beat, Brio, Micra, Swift, AStar, Polo, Figo

Budget 5.5 Lacs, Swift Vs Polo Vs i10 Vs Micra Vs Figo Vs A-Star Vs Beat

That's an exhaustive list. I am sure you have your own reasons to include all the cars in your buying list.

However, all these cars can't be clubbed together, as they have different engine specs and dimensions. Technically they fall in different segments; one cluster includes, i10, Beat and A Star, balance cars fall into what is loosely defined as premium hatchback category.

You are looking for a fully loaded car in Rs.5.5 lacs, given below are approximate Ex-showroom Delhi Price for top-end models of cars in your basket

Swift ZXi (Petrol)                      Rs. 5.68 lacs

A Star (ZXi) Petrol                     Rs. 4.33 Lacs

i10 1.2 Kappa 2 Asta GLS         Rs. 5.42 Lacs

Brio VMT                                  Rs. 5.23 Lacs

Micra XV                                   Rs. 5.51 Lacs

Figo 1.2 Titanium                      Rs. 4.96 Lacs

Polo 1.2 Highline Breeze           Rs. 6.04 Lacs

Beat LT                                       Rs. 4.50 Lacs

Basis price, your car basket gets limited to i10, Brio, Beat, AStar, Micra and Figo. However, do note that for all these cars your landed cost will go up by another 13% approximately.

Our Recommendation

Style - Brio, Micra, Beat, i10, A Star, Figo

Maintenance cost - Beat, A Star, i10, Figo, Brio, Micra

Running Cost - Basis ARAI Mileage - i10, A Star, Beat, Brio, Micra, Figo

Space - (Length/Width/Height/Wheelbase Basis) -  Figo, Brio, Micra, Beat, i10, A-Star

We are sure, you will have your own specific needs from your new car,  ideally basis this information if you could be more specific we could suggest even better. 


Budget 5 Lakhs, December 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Hi          


AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      I am looking for a car under budget 5 lac             


VISITOR                                                      my requirement is to travel intercity on rough roads    


VISITOR                                                      which car should I prefer?         


VISITOR                                                      Safety/Comfort/Handling is primary concern   


AGENT                                                        Thanks for detailed requirement, but it would help if you can specify some models else we are looking at a very long confusing list             


VISITOR                                                      oh ok... I search for Grandi10 and Tiago               


VISITOR                                                      which one would be better?    


VISITOR                                                      Can I consider Renault Kwid?   


AGENT                                                        At a generic level rough roads would mean higher ground clearance    


AGENT                                                        which is best served by Kwid and Redigo in your budget            


VISITOR                                                      ok and if not rough road then means city?         


VISITOR                                                      Small cities like Allahabad        


AGENT                                                        Then Tiago and Grand i10 makes sense               


AGENT                                                        however Tiago might bet you a higher end variant vs grand io for same price   


AGENT                                                        higher end variant means more features           


VISITOR                                                      ok         


VISITOR                                                      so shall I go for Tiago then? or Kwid?   


AGENT                                                        but then Tata motors in the past are known for higher maintenance    


VISITOR                                                      ok         


VISITOR                                                      is there any equivalent option from Maruti as well?     


AGENT                                                        plus Grand i10 with rear ac vents is a good feature to have in hot cities               


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        probably WagonR, maybe lower version of swify but let me check        


VISITOR                                                      Wagon R look is not good           (


AGENT                                                        Swift ex showroom in your city lxi version is 4,91 lacs appr0x, on rd will be another 13-14 % extra                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      ok thanks           ) Can you suggest best between swift/Kwid/grandi10/tiago?


AGENT                                                        my personal order of preference - grand i10 for rear ac, good looks      


AGENT                                                        swift - good drive, maruti but old design            


AGENT                                                        tiago - great value, good space, but high maintenance


AGENT                                                        Kwid avoid in this group             


VISITOR                                                      ok thanks a lot                 ) its really helpful


AGENT                                                        by giving you my order of preference i have already answered your question, but don't take my word test drive all cars and then decide\  


VISITOR                                                      thanks a lot       ) it was really helpful


AGENT                                                        pleasure             

Budget 5.5 Lakhs, August 28 2016.

VISITOR                                                              i am looking for car which i am going o use in semi urban area and running is about 4000/ year not regular at present and in future after 2 year daily 120 km , actually i have finalized Tata Tiago petrol xz and WagonR vxi AMT , WagonR vxi (o) my budget is up to 5 lac that i can extend up to almost 5.5lac when i think of Tiago all is there except auto gear and one more thing as a Tata resale, and service, maintenance , performance after 2 years, quality also new one so not market opinion and again petrol in Tata so thinking of WagonR but again in my budget i will get vxi AMT without airbag and abs if i go for vxi mannual in my budget i will get all things again as AGS AMT i hear like that average is less not good on countryside as well as maintenance repairing is cost but good for heavy traffic in city so please give best option from this one or any other  ,      


VISITOR                                                              hi gm           


VISITOR                                                              again one more thing that sales person tell me if you go for AGS as such measures not that much imp bcoz AGS breaks are function like bas    


ÀGENT                                                                Abs and Bas are completely diff     


ÀGENT                                                                BAS is Brake Assist System which I think could be as simple as giving more power to braking even with small manual input                


ÀGENT                                                                ABS on the other hand works in panic braking or in wet surface or gravelled surface            


VISITOR                                                              ok so in AGS they have bas


ÀGENT                                                                in my opinion AMT are an apology plus they drain lots of power from the engine making them sluggish and reducing driving fun         


ÀGENT                                                                I could be wrong most cars comes with BAS OR BA std         


ÀGENT                                                                braking feature      


VISITOR                                                              ok so what your opinion about my earlier question for which i should go


ÀGENT                                                                personally look at Manual loaded with features     


ÀGENT                                                                I do agree with comments on Tata Motors Tiago, expect service exp ti be bad don't know abt resale too early                                             


ÀGENT                                                                on WagonR it's a dated design that's my apprehension       


VISITOR                                                              so any other option              


ÀGENT                                                                look at a Hyundai these days Kwid seems to another buyer’s darling, niw it has 1 litre engine                                                                             


ÀGENT                                                                just now saw the Go + looks pretty spacious             


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks lot             

Budget 6 Lakhs, August 25 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hi  


AGENT                                                                hello how can we help        


VISITOR                                                              i want to buy a car under 5-6 lakh   


VISITOR                                                              which is best in the market               


AGENT                                                                ok any shortlist you have   


VISITOR                                                              this is my first car  


AGENT                                                                any specific features or requirement           


VISITOR                                                              mileage and safety is priority          


AGENT                                                                which city 


VISITOR                                                              Karnal (Haryana)    


AGENT                                                                for first time buyer we recommend between Maruti and Hyundai due to overall controlled costs and decent resale                             


VISITOR                                                              okay            


VISITOR                                                              which is good option           


AGENT                                                                in your budget you should get Wagon r which is decent practical car....Grand i10 is decent and Swift basic should also fit in                    


VISITOR                                                              and modal also       


VISITOR                                                              Grand I10 and Swift which is better choice.               


AGENT                                                                you can go to our site fill in basic details in new car section and should be able to see on road price                                                                   


AGENT                                                                Grand i10 for features but Swift for overall space and fun to drive 


AGENT                                                                looks are always individual preference       


VISITOR                                                              okay , thanks           


AGENT                                                                hope you have found this useful    


AGENT                                                                do test drive both before buying and go with one you enjoy most 


AGENT                                                                all the best for your new wheels    


AGENT                                                                happy and safe driving        


VISITOR                                                              thanks         

Budget 5.5 Lakhs, August 20 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              NAMASKAR SIR       


VISITOR                                                              I WANT TO PURCHASE NEW CAR     


AGENT                                                                would need to know budget and models if possible             


VISITOR                                                              MY BUDGET IS 4 TO 5.5 LAC


VISITOR                                                              ONLY PERTOL CAR 


VISITOR                                                              MY RUNNING IS VERY LESS 


AGENT                                                                it would help if you could give me names of some models


VISITOR                                                              SWIFT, CELERIO, I10, GRAND I10, TATA TIAGO, KWID, ETC   


AGENT                                                                I think Kwid , and Tiago and i10 can be completely avoided               


VISITOR                                                              WHICH IS GOOD AVERAGE AND LESS MAINTENACE


AGENT                                                                but you must be looking at them because you must be getting top end variants with more features                                                            


AGENT                                                                In case of average - check ARAI mileage and rate them accordingly               


AGENT                                                                Maintenance wise I expect the order to be                Swift, i10, Grand i10, Tiago and Kwid


AGENT                                                                they are in increasing cost of maintenance               


AGENT                                                                My personal preference would be either Swift or Grand i10             


AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/swift-vs-grand-i10-which-is-a-better-buy.aspx


AGENT                                                                this links gives you reason to buy one vs other        


VISITOR                                                              ABOUT TIAGO PERFORMACE PL TEL               


AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/swift-vs-grand-i-10-vs-tiago.aspx


AGENT                                                                this link gives you comparison between 3 cars        


AGENT                                                                you can change cars or variants to study them in depth       


VISITOR                                                              HOW AND WHERE 


AGENT                                                                means what             


VISITOR                                                              REG. DEPTH STUDY OF CAR


AGENT                                                                go to the attached link - what you see in blue colour            


VISITOR                                                              OK SIR         


VISITOR                                                              THANKS     


AGENT                                                                pleasure     

Budget 5.5 Lakhs, 17 August 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hi                


VISITOR                                                                hello                         


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon                   


VISITOR                                                                good afternoon                    


AGENT                                                                  How can we assist you today?                       


VISITOR                                                                i have 5 lakh which is best car                        


AGENT                                                                  I would request you to please narrow it down further to some preferred models that will help this discussion                                             


VISITOR                                                                i want abs and airbag also prefer petrol model                      


AGENT                                                                  5 lacs will be on road price                              


VISITOR                                                                ya                               


AGENT                                                                  in your price bracket it might be difficult to find a car with ABS and airbags, and even if its present, I would request you to go through the attached link for creating a shortlist                           


AGENT                                                                  http            //www.ecardlr.com/recommend-cars/cars-upto-4.5-lakhs/#Count        


VISITOR                                                                is there any car up to 5.5 lakh                         


AGENT                                                                  I am sure there will be cars in your price bracket, but it’s a matter of searching them, creating a short list, test driving them and maybe then discussing with us. Such a discussion will be more fruitful for you                  


VISITOR                                                                i have two options Tata Tiago xz and Swift lxi(o) which is better                   


AGENT                                                                  Tiago will give you more features, but Swift will get you better drive and comfortable ride, with better resale over time. Tiago basis past Tata car maintenance exp might be costlier to maintain than the Swift                         


VISITOR                                                                i prefer safety and mileage                             


AGENT                                                                  As you have shortlisted these cars, I am sure both must be coming with Airbags and ABS - good safety features                                           


AGENT                                                                  In terms of mileage, I will still prefer Swift over Tiago even if Tiago has higher ARAI mileage, because of reasons mentioned above        


VISITOR                                                                which is best for long driving                         


AGENT                                                                  what do you mean?                            


AGENT                                                                  If its highway driving, then one does see many Swifts on highways                            


AGENT                                                                  As a matter of fact all of us have also driven Maruti 800 on highways                          


AGENT                                                                  so where is the problem                  


VISITOR                                                                but comfort of Maruti 800 is different                        


AGENT                                                                  Maruti 800 was mentioned only as an example; I am not suggesting that car                           


VISITOR                                                                yes i know                              


VISITOR                                                                i mean which car is more comfortable for long journey                     


AGENT                                                                  personally I prefer Swift as one had travelled long distance in it and it was a comfortable ride                                                                                     


VISITOR                                                                is there any upcoming vehicle in this segment                      


AGENT                                                                  There is a new Swift coming this year, if rumours are to be believed, I am not aware of it                                                                                


AGENT                                                                  IN your price bracket there is nothing from Ford, Tata, GM, Maruti, Hyundai ( Only if they get the Santro back around year end - again rumours) etc         


VISITOR                                                                thanks        

Figo, August 13 2016.

VISTOR                                                               hi  


VISTOR                                                               let me know about ford Figo diesel driving quality


AGENT                                                                what do you mean by quality           


VISTOR                                                               its giving pleasure while driving     


VISTOR                                                               how about sound  


AGENT                                                                diesel sound is the one of the lowest in Figo           


AGENT                                                                It’s called NVH in tech terms means Noise, Vibration and Harshness            


VISTOR                                                               I have already shortlisted Figo and polo 1.2              


VISTOR                                                               which is better       


AGENT                                                                IN terms of drive quality and diesel noise and lag - both have very good diesel engine       


AGENT                                                                I will not go for Polo because of its spare parts and maintenance cost          


VISTOR                                                               Can you tell me what’s exact service cost for Figo  


VISTOR                                                               which car is better petrol or diesel


AGENT                                                                Go to ford website and you will get all service cost               


VISTOR                                                               ARAI specified mileage can be achievable on the actual road?        


AGENT                                                                NO , ARAI to on road will be 30% less           


VISTOR                                                               Sir thank you            

Figo, June 27 2016.

AGENT                                                                  Good Morning


VISITOR                                                                gm              


VISITOR                                                                I am Having a Ford Figo 2013           


VISITOR                                                                This query is regarding headlight 


AGENT                                                                  means what           


AGENT                                                                  are you looking at replacement or something else              


VISITOR                                                                Exactly      


VISITOR                                                                lot of problem when driving in highways 


AGENT                                                                  I don't know whether I am equipped to handle this but do explain and let me see what I can do something                                                   


AGENT                                                                  maybe I need to get back post your query               


VISITOR                                                                I am planning to go for auxiliary light... i received a suggestion saying to replace fog light with projectors...... Kindly suggest a viable and reasonable option               


AGENT                                                                  Oops I will have to get back, beyond my scope and understanding, but I do have people who might be able to help, is your mail id correct           


VISITOR                                                                yes             


VISITOR                                                                its vk****@****l.com       


AGENT                                                                  and you are from 


VISITOR                                                                Bengaluru               


AGENT                                                                  ok, give me a day 


VISITOR                                                                Ya sure....


VISITOR                                                                waiting for your reply        


AGENT                                                                  you will hear from me in any case               


VISITOR                                                                Thank You