Which is Better Between Tiago and Used Punto Evo

Test drive car normally makes good sense to buy as they turn out to be a great value buy. However, a test drive Fiat Punto Evo from a dealer might not make so much sense because of Fiat. Perceptions about Fiat cars in Indian market is not so good. With a new Tiago in the consideration set, it becomes the obviousl choice. 

I want to buy a new car. I am confusing between two cars one is Tata Tiago and another is Fiat Punto Evo (2015 model, company using it for test drive, 21000km running). So, please clarify my confusion between these two cars. Can I buy 2015 model test drive car with running of 21000 km or new Tiago. Which car is best for long drives running.

Which is Better Between Tiago and Used Punto Evo

Personally speaking, I will always go with a new car. Betweeen your two choices let's deal with each one of them individually:

Fiat Punto Evo - Being a test drive car, one does not know how badly it's been used. most of these cars are normally also not maintained well by the dealer. They also ask a pretty decent price for it, which normally does not make sense in terms of return on investment. Add to that the fact that Fiat cars even though technologically superior are difficult and costly to maintain and have poor resale value. Yes on long drives, I will be more comfortable in the Punto.

Tata Tiago - Tiago is responsible for turning Tata Motors fortune in India. The car is really popular, mainly becasue of the value that it offers. It's a decently sized hatchback with pretty good features and it comes at a geat entry price. Gong by past experiences, Tata cars are expensive to maintain and suffer from poor resale value. But maybe, Tiago can change that for Tata Motors, being a sought after car today and no major negatives being heard aboiut it since its launch in April 2016. The car still has some waiting period, but overall a good buy.

My Preference - Tiago for its value, service reach and popularity, plus its a brand new car.


Tiago, January 27 2017.

VISITOR                                good morning 


AGENT                                  Morning             


VISITOR                                sir Tata ki tiago kya rateh           


AGENT                                  http      //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/Tata-motors-tiago-revotron-xb.aspx


AGENT                                  is link par jayen              


VISITOR                                ok         


AGENT                                  aur variant chose karen, saath mein apni city   


VISITOR                                ok         


AGENT                                  phir on road price per ja kar apni city mein Tiago ki approximate on road price dekhen               


AGENT                                  final on road price ke liye dealer ke pass jaroor jayen  


VISITOR                                kya sir Tata ki gadi succes h       


AGENT                                  Tiago aaj bhi demand mein hai               


VISITOR                                right sir              


VISITOR                                ingine ka sund kaise h 


AGENT                                  Thoda jyad hai doosere diesel ke comparison mein par problem nahi hai          


AGENT                                  Logon to yeh Tata ki car bahut pasand hai          


AGENT                                  plus recently Tiago ne bahut awards bhi jeete hai         


VISITOR                                ys sir    


VISITOR                                sir mujhe daily 60 k/m chalna h kya mere liye sahi rah3gi or kon si gadi lu          


VISITOR                                model 


AGENT                                  aap ko petrol lena chaiye           


VISITOR                                ok sir   


AGENT                                  variant aap ke budget ke upar depend hai         


VISITOR                                ys sir    


AGENT                                  petrol ki car ka sound thoda jyad hai    


AGENT                                  definitely much more than other petrol cars    


VISITOR                                or sir desil me kya h     


AGENT                                  but it does give you great value and also looks decent


AGENT                                  with your daily drive, don't buy diesel


VISITOR                                sir hindi me typ kare    


AGENT                                  appki jop daily khapat hai useke hisab se petrol car he lena chaiye       


AGENT                                  diesel mehengi pade gi              


VISITOR                                ys sir    


VISITOR                                sir tiago me ji mirror hota h o elecrik nhi h        


AGENT                                  kaun sa mirror 


AGENT                                  ORVM 


AGENT                                  gaadi ke bahar ka           


VISITOR                                age jo driver ke pass  h


VISITOR                                ha         


VISITOR                                bahar ka             


AGENT                                  top variant mein electric variant mein hai         


VISITOR                                sir agar finnec karwana h to kitna downpyement karna hoga    


VISITOR                                kon si model me            


AGENT                                  down payment aap ko decide karna hota hai    


AGENT                                  model ka matlab - variant          


VISITOR                                variant kon se me h      


VISITOR                                elecrtric mirror               


AGENT                                  yeh bhi aapko decide karna hoga, appke budget ke anusar        


VISITOR                                1 lac     


AGENT                                  pehle decide karen ki kaun se feature chaiye  


AGENT                                  usek ke hisab se budget decide kare    


AGENT                                  joih link diya hai us par sab kuch mil sakta hai  


AGENT                                  study kaker, car ko test drive kare aur phir decide kare               


VISITOR                                sir feature me bat kare to 4 power windos rahe or remot rahe mirror electric ho music system ho bs                                          


VISITOR                                kya sir test drive karate hai showroom wale     


AGENT                                  I think aap ko car ki test drive karni chaiye         


AGENT                                  jo features chaiye us variant ki aur adhik jankari dealer le lijye               


VISITOR                                ok. thanks          

Tiago, July 19 2016.

VISITOR                                                            hi    


VISITOR                                                            can we convert the Manual Gear Tata Tiago to Automatic Gear?        


VISITOR                                                            in future if required?             


AGENT                                                              i HAVE NEVER HEARD THAT MAYBE BECAUSE ITS NEW TECH 


VISITOR                                                            ok   


AGENT                                                              PLUS EVEN FOR ME THAT WILL MEAN CHANGING THE GEAR BOX AND THAT WILL BE A COSTLY PROPOSITION                                              


VISITOR                                                            do you have Tiago? 


AGENT                                                              AS MANUFACTURERS WON'T DO IT FOR FINANCIAL REASONS, GETTING IT DONE OUTSIDE WOULD BE A BIG ISSUE                             


AGENT                                                              NO I DON;T BUT HAVE DRIVEN ONE AND OTHER HAVE BOUGHT THE SAME IN THE FAMILY     


VISITOR                                                            how you feel?           


VISITOR                                                            is to worth to buy?  


AGENT                                                              ITS A GREAT VALUE BUY KEEPING IN MIND THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR THE CAR AND FEATURES YOU GET, ALONG WITH SPACE                        


AGENT                                                              However, even the petrol engine of the car was more noisy than any other petrol power plant                                                                           


VISITOR                                                            i booked  already and waiting for it 


AGENT                                                              so why ask these questions now      


VISITOR                                                            is it audible outside?             


AGENT                                                              yes i could feel it     


AGENT                                                              even outside the showroom              


AGENT                                                              did you take a test drive of the Tiago             


VISITOR                                                            yes 


AGENT                                                              so what was your exp            


VISITOR                                                            but idid.t feel the noise inside the car           


AGENT                                                              okay, it could differ from person to person 


AGENT                                                              for many it may not be audible         


VISITOR                                                            ok   


AGENT                                                              did you come across this problem in other reviews 


VISITOR                                                            some say's  


VISITOR                                                            some review's say it is bit noisy        


VISITOR                                                            but some of them say's no  


AGENT                                                              Thank God, there are others who believe so              


VISITOR                                                            i am confused           


AGENT                                                              so in that case you go with your impression


VISITOR                                                            yes..              


AGENT                                                              As you have already booked it look at the positives


AGENT                                                              great value, great features, great space        


VISITOR                                                            if we change the gear to automatic outside normally how much it costs?     


VISITOR                                                            any idea?    


AGENT                                                              In my limited opinion, it cannot be changed outside              


VISITOR                                                            with Tata?   


AGENT                                                              all current cars are ECM driven and gear box will have to be mapped properly           


AGENT                                                              doubt anyone else or maybe even Tata will be able to do so              


AGENT                                                              even if they do so, its going to be a very costly proposition 


VISITOR                                                            1 lack?          


AGENT                                                              As gear box in one of the costly element in a car      


AGENT                                                              I don't know and won't comment, zero knowledge 


VISITOR                                                            ok   


Tiago, June 20 2016.

AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                                hi


VISITOR                                                                please tell how is Tata Tiago          


VISITOR                                                                ???????????          


AGENT                                                                  It's a good value car            


VISITOR                                                                compare Hyundai i 10 sports or Tata Tiago top model in petrol      


AGENT                                                                  I’ll still prefer Tiago if Tata cars are ok with you     


VISITOR                                                                k.


VISITOR                                                                i heard it’s a new engine  


VISITOR                                                                wat you say            


AGENT                                                                  checking hold        


VISITOR                                                                means      


AGENT                                                                  its a revotron engine         


AGENT                                                                  this engine has been there for some time               


VISITOR                                                                can’t get you...      


VISITOR                                                                please tell me in detail     


VISITOR                                                                or call me


AGENT                                                                  what you can’t get              


VISITOR                                                                this engine has been there for some time               


VISITOR                                                                what it means       


AGENT                                                                  it means it’s not a newly developed engine specifically for Tiago, same engine is also used in bolt and zest                                                     


VISITOR                                                                so how’s result     


AGENT                                                                  what results           


AGENT                                                                  may i request you to visit Tiago model page and get most of your answers              


AGENT                                                                  Performance figures diff from car to car as the car manufacturers tweak engines 


AGENT                                                                  basis what they believe the buyer of that particular model would be interested in             


AGENT                                                                  so in most cases same engine in terms of assembly, material etc, but diif performance    


VISITOR                                                                Ok.. Thanks

Tiago, May 16, 2016.

VSITOR                                               are there any offers on Tiago Diesel XZ??  


AGENT                                                I doubt it’s a new car with lots of waiting   


VSITOR                                               so what is the waiting time in Bangalore    


AGENT                                                expect at least 8 weeks      


VSITOR                                               On road price would be?    


AGENT                                                Which city, plus most on road price are just indicative only               


VSITOR                                               Bangalore 


VSITOR                                               Tiago diesel XZ       


AGENT                                                Let me send you teh link for your variant, you can then get on road price; do select just browsing in case you don't want our agents or associates to disturb you             


VSITOR                                               ok, That’s gr8           


AGENT                                                I am having prob accessing my site, for you on our site        


VSITOR                                               ok, i will search from my end           


VSITOR                                               nice to chat with you           


VSITOR                                                      :) Thanks a lot


AGENT                                                pleasure     

Comparison: Tiago vs Datsun Go, April 19 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Please Guide ME Which Car is Best between Wagon R, Tata Tiago And Datsun Plus Or Any Other Brand Which is Best in Your Opinion            


AGENT                                                        Do you have any preference?  


AGENT                                                        are you there  


VISITOR                                                      Sir,       


VISITOR                                                      Sir, I Have No Preference I Have A Innova Car But I Want To Buy A Small Hatch Back Car For Daily Used                                                           


AGENT                                                        Unfortunately I have not test driven the Tiago


AGENT                                                        so won't be able to comment on that   


AGENT                                                        but basis market information and someone I know people are seriously considering the Tiago                                                                     


AGENT                                                        WagonR is pretty old design I would avoid        


VISITOR                                                      and What About Datsun Go Performance And Resale Value      


AGENT                                                        Datsun Go+ I would currently avoid basically because of low service reach        


VISITOR                                                      Sir, Which Model You Preferred             


AGENT                                                        I would prefer the Tiago as it looks like a bigger car, plus being a Tata and new platform hopefully it should be a good car                       


AGENT                                                        Do test drive the same before you actually decide        


VISITOR                                                      Thanks