Which Diesel car to buy in India for 5 lacs Budget?

Rising prices have skewed the Indian car market dramatically in favour of cars with diesel power plant. Diesel preference cuts across segments and price band. We at ecardlr.com get many such queries one such for a given budget is answered below.


Looking for a diesel car under 5 lacs. The recommended car should give me good mileage and also be low on maintenance


Which Diesel car to buy in India for 5 lacs Budget?


For a budget of 5 lacs for a diesel hatch then you get only 6 cars to choose from from 3 manufacturers. These are Tata Motors Indica eV2 range of cars, Chevrolet Beat Diesel and Ford Figo Lxi variant.

However the moment we start looking at a budget of 6 lacs then you get to choose from 36 cars which includes cars from Maruti (Ritz and Swift), Chevrolet (Beat), Ford (Figo), Tata Motors (Vista, Indica ev2 and Manza), Fiat (Punto), Renault (Pulse) and Skoda (Fabia).

Your other key requirements are Mileage and Service.

Since you have limited your Budget to under 5 then  we would recommend the Beat Diesel for following reason

1)      At 25.4 KMPL  ARAI certified mileage – Its better than both Indica as well as Ford Figo

2)      Chevrolet has been communication Chevrolet Promise (CPCO) for their cars. Simply put  what it means is, that Chevrolet will refund any excess spends incured by the customer towards car servicing basis prescribed service schedule. (T & C does apply and it does not cover accidental damages and parts that wear naturally with time). 3 yrs/1,00,000 Kms standard warranty adds to one's peace of mind further.

3)      Unique design which is now finding favour with Indian car buyers


Hope we have been able to answer your question satisfactorily


Budget 5 lakhs, August 1 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi


VISITOR                                                              how are you doing ?


AGENT                                                                Doing Good, Hope you are having fun too


VISITOR                                                              i am planning to buy a new car and my budget is 5 lakh


VISITOR                                                              please suggest me some option


AGENT                                                                ON road?, petrol or diesel?, hatchback or sedan?


VISITOR                                                              petrol


VISITOR                                                              ex showroom


VISITOR                                                              i can go for both


AGENT                                                                The list will be pretty long, can you help me narrow it down by giving me some model names that you might be considering


VISITOR                                                              look..i like Tiago top petrol model...but when i saw features of VW Ameo base model i found most of the features are same in both the cars except music system. Should i go for Ameo or you can suggest me some better option


AGENT                                                                yes Ameo does look quite loaded even at Trendline level


AGENT                                                                Two reasons why I might not decide in favour of Ameo are


AGENT                                                                1) The car from the rear looks as if has been abruptly cut to meet the size requirement


AGENT                                                                That makes its look bad from the back


AGENT                                                                2) Service cost of a VW is on higher side, plus there are still parts issues


VISITOR                                                              indeed


VISITOR                                                              any other option in this range ?


AGENT                                                                have you considered Grand i10 or is it beyond your defined budget


AGENT                                                                in your city


VISITOR                                                              it’s pretty nice car but it looks veru small


VISITOR                                                              m looking for little big car


VISITOR                                                              in 5 or 5.5 lakh with enough features


AGENT                                                                IN terms of wheel base which defines cabin space its 2425 mm Vs 2400 Tiago and 2470 mm Ameo


AGENT                                                                which city


VISITOR                                                              Mumbai


VISITOR                                                              that’s why m asking you for option in little long car?


AGENT                                                                Only one small input never look at overall length of the car - always check wheelbase


AGENT                                                                Other options are Dzire, Xcent but then unfortunately you are getting their base variants which are not so loaded


VISITOR                                                              so Tiago top Vinson is worth to buy


AGENT                                                                Yes the long waiting list does suggest popularity


VISITOR                                                              n i heard its little noisy as compare other cars


AGENT                                                                Have you test driven these cars


AGENT                                                                and if yes what was your impression


VISITOR                                                              nope


AGENT                                                                I suggest, you do that, before we go ahead, as discussing cars on paper will not get you the best car


VISITOR                                                              i just read reviews of Tiago


VISITOR                                                              one more stupid question


AGENT                                                                OK, but I still recommend TD


VISITOR                                                              TD ?


AGENT                                                                test drive


VISITOR                                                              ok


AGENT                                                                Let’s talk once you are through with that


VISITOR                                                              yeah sure


VISITOR                                                              thank you so much


AGENT                                                                pleasure