Best cars for a first time car buyers which is easy on one's pocket

A car buyers wants everything from his new car and his needs are as varied as the number of new car buyers in India. Most first time buyers want to buy the best car for themselves at lowest price, maximum mileage and lowest maintenance cost. However, health problem in future is a new one till date. 


I am a budding businessman looking to buy a car by end of September. Since I am new to cars, I would request you to suggest me a car with following priorities. 1) Average monthly running of 1500 to 2000 Kms on rough roads. 2) 18-20 Km Mileage and low maintenance cost. 3) Rate should not be between 3.5 lacs to 4 lacs. 4) Driver seat should not result into health issue in future. 5) Safety with Airbags in the front.




Best cars for a first time car buyers which is easy on one's pocket

Let's start your answer by first creating a list of all cars between 3.5 lacs to 4 lacs. You can also visit the link below for an in-depth self study


Do note that we have assumed your prescribed budget as ex-showroom value, basis this assumption you get a choice of 23 cars (including all variants) are

Maruti Suzuki - Alto 800, Eeco, Estilo, WagonR

Hyundai - Santro, i10 1.1, Eon

Nissan - Micra

Ford - Figo

Tata Motors - Xeta

Chevrolet - Spark and Beat

Next with an average monthly drive of over 1500 Kms over rough road - You need a CNG car, else it will be expensive to run. With CNG as your next requirement, then cars you can chose from your set are:

Maruti Suzuki - Eeco, WagonR and Alto 800

Hyundai - Santro and i10

Your next need is that it should not create health problems in future - for this you need a car which is easy to enter and exit and one does not have to bow down a lot to either enter or exit the car. With this your list further narrows down to:

Maruti Suzuki - Eeco and WagonR

Hyundai - Santro

Basis maintenance cost cars from Maruti and Hyundai are not very expensive to maintaining, thanks to their volume and competitive parts and labour cost.

Then you are looking for front airbags. Unfortunately none of the cars from your last list come with airbags. The only car that offers airbags is EON Sportz from your list, but then it does not come in CNG and being a low slung car getting in and out of the car is not comfortable. For that you will have to increase your budget or reduce your expectations.

Car will be driven on rough roads - Basis this you need a car with best ground clearance too, then you list narrows down to

1) WagonR or Santro 

2) Eeco

If we have to suggest you a car ignoring your safety requirement, then our preference in order of priority would be

1) WagonR or Santro - Could be a Toss

2) Eeco

We at www.ecardlr.com request you to please take exhaustive test drive of all cars in your consideration set. Please, do treat our inputs as suggestion only and not a final answer.

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  • Very well presented options for the specific needs that we're addressed. Kudos.

    Suresh reply
  • I am cng used plz guide me I have tata manza from last 4yr I want to change my car Which car is best at present my budget approx. 5lac

    Sandip Dond reply