Should I buy the Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is a no go, not because its been phased out, but beyond teh cockpit feel, the car was a gas guzzler.

I want to purchase Honda Civic.Can you tell me the overall performance of Honda Civic ?

Should I buy the Honda Civic?

Honda has recently announced that it will discontinue the Civic and the brand will be launched, only with new design.

The new design will take some time to come. Our Advice therefor eis to consider other models in the category like; Toyota Corolla Altis (available in both petrol and diesel engine), Chevrolet Cruze (only diesel engine), Volkswagen Jetta (available in both petrol and diesel Engines). You can also look at Renault Duster.

Our recommendation would be the newly launched New Fluidic Elantra from Hyundai. Great design, greta value, great features and good mileage.