Suggest Best New car Under 5 lacs in India

Staring with a budget is the most common form of embarking on the journey of buying a new car in India by most car buyers. This normally is the starting point, helps them to get a list of new cars that can come in their consideration set. Once the list is done the attrition starts to hone on one's dream car

Sir. this is the first time going to buy a car. I want good performance and looks. My range is under 500000 on road. Pls tell me which will be the best for me. Thank you.

Suggest Best New car Under 5 lacs in India

To give you the right answer, I would also like to know your monthly average travel. If it’s anywhere above 50 Kms/day, a diesel car would be the best option for you on sheer economics.

Do note my answer would be based on Delhi pricing. Looking at your on road budget of 5 lacs then the ex-showroom price should be around 4.3 to 4.40 lacs.

Your petrol car basket would have WagonR, Swift, Ritz, Ford Figo, Fiat Punto, Micra and Beat. Diesel car basket would have only Beat as an option.

Now let’s look at cars upto 4.6 lacs (assuming some market discounts) and the lowest price to be Rs.4 lacs, then the basket for petrol cars would also include Hyundai i10, Vista (Petrol), Estilo, Spark LPG, A Star, Brio. Diesel basket would get the addition of Indica Ev2.

You are looking at cars with looks and performance, the comparison among Beat diesel and Indica ev2 is as below     

Ex-Showroom Delhi help

         Rs. 4,02,051.00/-

Rs. 4,39,990.00/-

Engine description

16 V Common Rail CR4 Diesel engine

12 V, DOHC, Turbo charger with intercooler, EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation), Diesel engine

Displacement (cc)
Nos of cylinders
Cylinder configuration


3 in-line

Valves / Cylinder
Fuel Type




70 Ps / 4000 Rpm

58.5 Ps / 4000 Rpm


140 Nm / 1800-3000 Rpm

150 Nm / 1750 Rpm

Mileage ARAI (Kmpl)
Our recommendation basis newness and latest design would be in favour of Beat Diesel

In case of petrol cars since the basket is too large let us give you some inputs for you to chew on and once you have narrowed it down to 3 cars then it would be better to get a more exhaustive comparison

Style : Brio,Micra,i10, Beat, Ritz, Swift, Punto and the rest

Performance: Would depend on what you are looking for whether its about driving pleasure, power, mileage etc. Its better we reserve our comments till we have a more tighter basket of brands

You can also visit
www.ecardlr.com feature/specifications as well as Autocar real life car testing based comparison on our site. This will help you narrow your brabd choices to a more manageable number.