Renault Kwid

Kwid Vs Alto, which is a better option. For the not so adventurous one's its better to be safe and go for another Maruti, for others looking for a change after 10 years, it has to be Kwid from the cars under your consideration. 

I own alto lx now, which is 10 years old. Is it advisable to opt for renault kwid now ?

Renault Kwid
It all depends on your current requirement or expectation from new car. If you can share more details we can try and guide you.

Now that you have been driving the Alto for 10 years, why don't you list your expectations from yoru new car within you budget.

Start by saying
I want more mileage from new car over the Alto
I want more space
I want more power, etc, etc

Evalualte your friends cars withing similar price range and make your requirements list that itself will make choosing so easy. easier.

Independent of criteria, Kwid has received fairly decent feedback as it offers unique benefit at that price point.  Can be a option to consider to change from Maruti for better design, road presence, ground clearance. No for relatively higher maintenance cost and comparatively lower resale value. 

Kwid from Renault has been priced so aggressively, that it makes a compelling pitch for itself over other entry level hatchbacks. 

Kwid vs Redi Go, November 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Hello sir             


AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      Good afternoon             


AGENT                                                        How can we assist you today    


VISITOR                                                      Actually I want to buy a car       


VISITOR                                                      I am little bit confused so please help me         


AGENT                                                        what is the confusion  


AGENT                                                        I can see that you have compared Redigo D vs Kwid Std              


VISITOR                                                      I ned a small car hach back. Car               


VISITOR                                                      Yes sir 


AGENT                                                        what is your confusion between these cars      


VISITOR                                                      Sir I want a car whose price will be        


VISITOR                                                      Not greater than 4l       


VISITOR                                                      Sorry not greater than 5lack      


VISITOR                                                      I need ac power steering engine should be good           


VISITOR                                                      Which comp should be good    


AGENT                                                        cars that you can look at are, eon, alto k 10, Kwid, Redigo and tiago      


AGENT                                                        if Tiago falls in your Budget that will be the best buy   


AGENT                                                        good looking, decent features and good engine             


VISITOR                                                      Sir how is Datsun           


VISITOR                                                      Kiwid vs Redigo              


VISITOR                                                      Which engine is good  


AGENT                                                        I Wld prefer Kwid for its looks and see if you can get the 1 litre Kwid in your budget    


VISITOR                                                      Ok        


VISITOR                                                      BT sir I want good engine           


AGENT                                                        Kwid 1 litre is a good engine    


VISITOR                                                      BT sir I have listen that Kwid engine have prob               


AGENT                                                        what kind of prow         


AGENT                                                        problem            


VISITOR                                                      I have seen in review that the car engine has stopped bla bla  


VISITOR                                                      Sir i have heard that Datsun is from the house of Nissan             


VISITOR                                                      And Nissan is a very good comp              


AGENT                                                        some issues will be there with all cars, company will surely rectify it and yes Datsun is a Nissan grp company and is also good         


VISITOR                                                      thanks

Kwid, October 27 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hi


VISITOR                                                      i buy a car Kwid new from Dehradun Uttarakhand and


AGENT                                                        Afternoon


VISITOR                                                      but the dealer did not give me paper till now


VISITOR                                                      from 11 oct


VISITOR                                                      today i got the paper and when i go to rto they said to me u got more charge for late


VISITOR                                                      and they Renault Dehradun took from me logistics charge which they did not mention before when i query with them


AGENT                                                        Logistics charges these days are covered under Handling charges


AGENT                                                        What does RTO means that you have been charged more?


VISITOR                                                      car registration


AGENT                                                        RC - i.e. registration certificate normally comes in 45-60 days


VISITOR                                                      for number


AGENT                                                        Yes these days in Delhi at least you have to pay more if you are looking for a specific number


AGENT                                                        you don't go to RTO


VISITOR                                                      but rto office said me that they will take more charge for delay


AGENT                                                        what delay?


VISITOR                                                      i bought Kwid rxt on Dehradun


VISITOR                                                      but they did not give me paper of car that they


VISITOR                                                      they will give me later


VISITOR                                                      but they gave me paper today


VISITOR                                                      when i go to rto office to register


VISITOR                                                      then official told me  more charge u should pay


VISITOR                                                      this all inconvenience  from the dealer


AGENT                                                        I think you need to put an official complaint at to Renault, send a mail to them


VISITOR                                                      but dealer side warn me that if i do that


VISITOR                                                      they will look me on the service


VISITOR                                                      on this reign they are the only


VISITOR                                                      and i can do my car service from another dealer or showroom??


VISITOR                                                      can you please tell me where i should do mail


AGENT                                                        visit the company website, write the full complaint, do mention that you are being threatened, you can get your address from their website


VISITOR                                                      i  can do service to another dealer site 3 service is from company give


VISITOR                                                      ??


AGENT                                                        yes any other Renault dealer can service your car


VISITOR                                                      or what is handling charge??


VISITOR                                                      i booked car 2or 3 month before


VISITOR                                                      but when i go to showroom they took 6000 rupee from me in name of logistic charge


VISITOR                                                      and extend warranty 5000


VISITOR                                                      but they did not send me paper till now


VISITOR                                                      and what should be registration charge on rishikesh  uttarakhand Kwid rxt


VISITOR                                                      ??


AGENT                                                        I think, i might not be able to help you much on this a complaint to Renault will definitely work and dealer cannot threaten you at all


VISITOR                                                      Ok. thanks by the way

Comparison: Kwid vs Alto K10, June 15 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hi


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                                good afternoon    


VISITOR                                                                i wanted to know about Renault Kwid       


AGENT                                                                  what would you like to know         


AGENT                                                                  have you checked Datsun Redigo 


VISITOR                                                                sorry?       


VISITOR                                                                how Kwid  is better than Alto k10 ?             


AGENT                                                                  Hold let me check               


AGENT                                                                  Dimensionally a much bigger car i.e Kwid over Alto k10    


VISITOR                                                                in terms of power?             


VISITOR                                                                mileage/ 


AGENT                                                                  its wheelbase at 2422 mm vs 2360 mm means more cabin space in Kwid   


AGENT                                                                  power and torque belongs to Alto K10, being a 998 cc car vs 799cc Kwid    


AGENT                                                                  By the way Kwid is coming with a 1 litre engine in June itself         


VISITOR                                                                hows RXT variant is better than other variants?    


AGENT                                                                  sending you a comparison link, you can check out options basis your requirement              


AGENT                                                                  http            //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Kwid-vs-alto-k10-vs-redi-go.aspx


VISITOR                                                                Thanks 

Comparison: Tiago vs Kwid, April 25 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Planning to purchase RENAULT-KWID (RXT))     


AGENT                                                        Are you in a hurry to buy your new car


VISITOR                                                      your suggestions           


VISITOR                                                      YES - on or before 20th may -planning to buy   


AGENT                                                        You must have heard that Nissan is launching their Kwid Equivalent in June     


AGENT                                                        PLus Kwid will soon be coming with bigger 1 litre engine           


AGENT                                                        I will suggest you wait 


AGENT                                                        in any case Kwid will take some time for delivery          


VISITOR                                                      YUP      


VISITOR                                                      BUT ONE DEALER IN CHENNAI - ready to provide before 15th may          


VISITOR                                                      I have paid booking advance too            


VISITOR                                                      & also I’m literally confused with Tata-TIAGO (Model   XM-Petrol) - 1200cc


VISITOR                                                      Because both the models have same features - except audio - system. - TIAGO comes with 1200cc engine - Interior space is more - pricewise both are same (4.50lac/approx - Onroad price)               


AGENT                                                        I still recommend a wait             


AGENT                                                        If you are open to Taigo, even though its not comparable to Kwid, I would suggest Tiago           


AGENT                                                        If prices are similar in Chennai, go for Tiago over Kwid


VISITOR                                                      thanks

Comparison: Redi Go vs Kwid vs Eon, May 16, 2016.

VISITOR                                    I am planning for purchase small call      


VISITOR                                    Renault Kwid best or Hyundai Eon           


AGENT                                      Add Redigo from Datsun to  that list       


VISITOR                                    I am check Datsun           


AGENT                                      means what       


VISITOR                                    not check yet Datsun details      


AGENT                                      This car will be launched on June 1st      


AGENT                                      It has already being announced


VISITOR                                    ok i am checking details               


VISITOR                                    thank you            


AGENT                                      pleasure               

Eon vs Kwid vs i10, March 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                        I'm looking for an entry level hatchback


VISITOR                                                        Such as k10 or Kwid or Eon


VISITOR                                                        Can you please suggest me the better among three


AGENT                                                          I Would personally go with I10, Eon and then Kwid


VISITOR                                                        Can you please provide me with valid reasons?


AGENT                                                          i10 is the biggest of the lot, and then other two cars are smaller in size


VISITOR                                                        Ok, got it


VISITOR                                                        Why Eon over Kwid


AGENT                                                          better looking, easier to maintain, due to it being Hyundai


VISITOR                                                        how about space inside Eon


VISITOR                                                        rear and front


VISITOR                                                        whether boot space is fine


AGENT                                                          Personally I found i10 has better boot space than Kwid and Eon


VISITOR                                                        ok thanks for your time. Cheers, bye!!

Alto k10, March 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                        I had purchased new alto k10 20 days ago


AGENT                                                          oK


VISITOR                                                        but its vibrating a lot


VISITOR                                                        engine, steering, rear mirror


VISITOR                                                        is it common or issue with my car


VISITOR                                                        ?


AGENT                                                          HOLD


AGENT                                                          Let me check with my service advisor


VISITOR                                                        ok sure


AGENT                                                          do you feel the same while idling or while driving


VISITOR                                                        I feel at idling more than in running


VISITOR                                                        it feels in both but in idling mode its much


AGENT                                                          you need to get the idling rpm readjusted, engine needs to be tuned


AGENT                                                          this can only be done at workshop through scanner


AGENT                                                          Other problems could engine mounting, check nut bolts - 1%


VISITOR                                                        you mean mounting chances are lesser


AGENT                                                          YES


AGENT                                                          No its should not be a long process


AGENT                                                          However, you need to highlight this problem immediately and if required raise it to higher level, such a problem should not happen in a new car


AGENT                                                          Normally we believe, it could simple be an idling issue.


AGENT                                                          Did you check the idling RPM


VISITOR                                                        how can I check ?


AGENT                                                          which variant of Alto K10 you have


VISITOR                                                        vxi


AGENT                                                          Then on there should be an RPM reader on the dashboard, its a meter beside the millimetre


VISITOR                                                        yes


AGENT                                                          when you start the car check the needle and see at what RPm it stabilises


VISITOR                                                        what level it should be ?


VISITOR                                                        initially


AGENT                                                          I will have to check, it varies from car to car, but normally 800 to 900 is what I have personally observed in the cars that I have driven till date


VISITOR                                                        ok


AGENT                                                          Please visit the dealer workshop immediately, they might give you the right solution. Do not delay


VISITOR                                                        and sometimes it vibrates in running mode also and jerks in first gear


AGENT                                                          without an exhaustive test drive and physical examination of the car, our inputs could be quite theoretical, so it’s better to get checked at workshop


VISITOR                                                        ok sir


AGENT                                                          issues being described by you are not normal


VISITOR                                                        ok.


AGENT                                                          anything else


VISITOR                                                        no sir. Actually I had gone to workshop but they told this is with K-series engines


VISITOR                                                        first they checked and they felt its vibrating. But then they checked another car and told me its also in another car


AGENT                                                          No I suggest, you need to escalate the situation, go to Maruti website and put your feedback, hopefully someone should respond


AGENT                                                          I haven't heard of such a problem in any car with K series engines and all petrol models of Maruti have K series engines


VISITOR                                                        ok. but thing is they would come up with that check another car and its not a problem


AGENT                                                          I was you, I will not take a no for an answer, till fully satisfied


VISITOR                                                        anyways I escalate this matter on http


VISITOR                                                        yes right. I have taken a loan to buy car. So it should run fine and should not give feeling of old car


AGENT                                                          I agree


VISITOR                                                        ok thanks  Sir


AGENT                                                          Pleasure


VISITOR                                                        I follow instructions as you guided

Model: Kwid, January 18 2016

VISITOR                            i am planning to buy a Renault Kwid !


AGENT                               nice car.


VISITOR                            can you please tell me is it a overall a good option? Are there any other better option also?


VISITOR                            can you please also tell the drawbacks of KWID


AGENT                               yes it is a good car. No doubt it has eye catchy styling and value for money pricing. You’ll get a lot from the car in terms of features. You can say a well packaged car having ample cabin space, comfortable seats and lots of storage


AGENT                               the only drawback I’m seeing right now is Renault's dealer and after-sales network is far weaker than Maruti and Hyundai


VISITOR                            But there are certain issue with the car like noisy engine and maintenance also non availability of spare parts in remote areas!


AGENT                               and some essential features missing like internally adjustable ORVMs and rear seatbelts.


VISITOR                            Back power windows also


AGENT                               yup!


AGENT                               as i said, Renault is having thin dealership network results in lack of spare parts and service centers.


AGENT                               i haven't heard about noisy engine problem yet. That must be diesel engine though.


VISITOR                            okay !


VISITOR                            thanks! That is really helpful


Model: Kwid, December 3 2015

VISITOR                                 i want to buy the new car


AGENT                                  Okay! Any options do you have?


VISITOR                                KWID


VISITOR                                CAN U HELP ON THIS


AGENT                                 Yes, pretty nice one. A well -packed car, loaded with features, spacious.


AGENT                                 I would say worth buying


VISITOR                               Market value?


AGENT                                  Kwid is a car having loads of features compared to it's competitors. It has ample space, nice engine


VISITOR                                OK


VISITOR                                ACTUAL MILEAGE   ?


AGENT                                  gives you 25.17 ARAI (Kmpl) Mileage


VISITOR                                OK thanks