Suggest Hatchback in Rs.2 lacs to Rs.3 lacs in India

There are pretty good options available in Rs.2 Lacs to Rs. 3 lacs in India. They are quiet well equipped for their price and good looking too. 

Which hatchback between 2-3 lakhs scores well on features, style, space, mileage and is economically priced plus it offers audio system also

Suggest Hatchback in Rs.2 lacs to Rs.3 lacs in India

Most hatchbacks within 2-3 lacs do not come with company fitted audio system.

Nano, Alto, Spark, Santro and EON are the cars that fall in your price range. Power steering and AC is a standard fitment in the middle variant of these cars, There is therefore not much to choose from.

Our preference basis your requirements which pretty much covers everything from a small hatch is as given below:

Space – Spark, Santro, Nano, EON, Alto

Comfort – Santro, Spark, Nano and Alto

Mileage – Nano, EON, Alto, Spark & Santro

Price – Nano, Alto, Spark, EON and Santro

Our Recomendation – EON followed by Spark and Santr



Budget 2-3 Lakhs, March 24 2017.

AGENT                                    Afternoon


VISITOR                                  sir i want used car beat ls 1lt 2012 87000 kmt. buy for Chevrolet


AGENT                                    ok


VISITOR                                  how is cost


AGENT                                    what cost


VISITOR                                  i buy company show room true value with one year warranty all denting penting with transfer cost 235000


VISITOR                                  model 2012


AGENT                                    cost seems to be on higher side


VISITOR                                  ok


VISITOR                                  i am a pvt job holder no what u suggestion is best price


AGENT                                    what kind of warranty are you getting


VISITOR                                  engine warranty one year .three service one year on labor .


VISITOR                                  15000kmt


AGENT                                    you need to get the price down dramatically


VISITOR                                  yes


VISITOR                                  he is doctor price i will pay advance rs 10000 for booking . For company asurance


VISITOR                                  he doctor car very need and clean .


VISITOR                                  what I can purchase diesel car or petrol


AGENT                                    your question not clear


VISITOR                                  I want purchase diesel car or petrol


AGENT                                    your used diesel car is overpriced, get price down


VISITOR                                  what is price of beat ls 1LT standard 31 march 2012 model


AGENT                                    we are not into used cars therefore we will not be able to give you any price indication


VISITOR                                  ok


VISITOR                                  please suggest the i want purchase best car of diesel low maintenance cost .


AGENT                                    you must be aware that diesel cars are comparatively more expensive to maintain than petrol cars.


AGENT                                    When you buy a used car try to buy a car that has done less Kms


AGENT                                    example your 2012 beat had done 87000kms


AGENT                                    which in 5 years works out to 17000 Plus Kms per year, this kind of drive per annum is on higher side


AGENT                                    such a car would need higher maintenance cost over time


AGENT                                    as a matter of fact its normally suggested to do a good amount of engine work post 100000 kms


AGENT                                    which is a costly affair


VISITOR                                  ok


VISITOR                                  do you suggest me i want purchase petrol car


AGENT                                    as informed earlier, we are not into used cars, however, if you are looking at low maintenance cost, then Maruti and even Toyota cars would be good options


AGENT                                    find one within your budget


AGENT                                    our advice on used car is normally more generic


AGENT                                    can't be specific on any model


AGENT                                    as one has to physically evaluate the car


VISITOR                                  ok


VISITOR                                  sir my budget is 200000


AGENT                                    ok, I am sure you can find a decent used car in that price, but we may not be able to help


AGENT                                    anything else


VISITOR                                  thanks sir


AGENT                                    pleasure