The Best Utility Vehicle (UV) between 7-9 Lacs

Car comparison between Ertiga, Quanto and Duster is quite common. Rather than reinventing the whole comparison we suggest a visit to one our exhaustive comparison between these cars.

I want to buy a car suggest me which one is best out of Ertiga (maruti) & Duster (Renault) and (Mahindra) Quanto budget :7 to 9 lakhs


The Best Utility Vehicle (UV) between 7-9 Lacs

You can refer to the link below for your answer 


Budget 7 to 10 Lakhs, February 6 2017.

VISITOR                                                      hi          


AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      can you suggest me a good hatchback that has both power and space  


AGENT                                                        Budget               


VISITOR                                                      around 7-10 L   


AGENT                                                        Hot rods - Polo GTSi and Abarthif you are some one      


VISITOR                                                      ya..am a bit concerned about milege too             


VISITOR                                                      i tried FordFigo..andi liked the power    


AGENT                                                        Power, space mileage - takes you back to regular choices of Baleno, Elite i20 etc              


VISITOR                                                      but am feeling that space is a bit less    


VISITOR                                                      haha     


VISITOR                                                      yea       


AGENT                                                        FordFigo avoid - New one around the corner     


VISITOR                                                      avoid ? 


AGENT                                                        I meant avoid Figo         


VISITOR                                                      why so


VISITOR                                                      any specific reason        


AGENT                                                        Its a boring design, even a new car does not feel like new while driving 


VISITOR                                                      haha true           


AGENT                                                        If you are looking at Ford family, I would rather go to Aspire, at least better looks, more space 


VISITOR                                                      looks could not compromise with i20..i tried that as well.. buti can feel lot of lag during gear shifts                                                                     


AGENT                                                        are we talking diesel or petrol  


VISITOR                                                      diesel  


AGENT                                                        then the best ones with near zero lag are Ford and VW engines              


AGENT                                                        what a pleasure to drive - I own the Ecosport and have driven vento as well polo diesel extensively                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      oh good..how about Puntoevo


AGENT                                                        If you getting into Fiat territory, then close eyes buy Abarth - have fun


VISITOR                                                      is Fiat ok with aftersales and all that i have no idea         


AGENT                                                        I would be worried about Fiat service network, plus cartelisation therefore higher service cost a near 95% possibility                             


AGENT                                                        A dieselFiat only coz of service reach and cost, else cars are solid, great tech, great drive              


VISITOR                                                      anyways think illfinaly go for i20 or Baleno as a typical Indian..lol              


AGENT                                                        why not S cross 1.6, real rocket C


VISITOR                                                      does that fit in my budget          


VISITOR                                                      thinkit’ll cross 10 for sure            


AGENT                                                        I know new version round the corner and if you have time worth a wait, I think the car has space, built quality and roaring engine under the hood     


AGENT                                                        You are from? 


VISITOR                                                      Chennai              


AGENT                                                        No that’s beyond 10     


VISITOR                                                      yea       


AGENT                                                        Thdelta version is 10.23 in Delhi, maybe with discounts you could get a good deal, plus there could be some 2016 make floating around             


VISITOR                                                      I’ll see S Cross anyways i have not considered any crossovers yet..thoti might flaunt my budget. but if i really like it, i might go for it


AGENT                                                        take a test drive             


AGENT                                                        it might be worth           


VISITOR                                                      sure... thanks for your advise   


AGENT                                                        pleasure             

Budget 9 Lakhs, Januray 18 2017.

VISITOR                                                      I want to purchase new suv 7 seater car within max 9 lacs          


AGENT                                                        Morning, You have visited us earlier also           


VISITOR                                                      No        


VISITOR                                                      First time          


AGENT                                                        9 lacs on road?


VISITOR                                                      Yes       


AGENT                                                        any models in mind      


VISITOR                                                      No        


AGENT                                                        because the choice is quite limited      


AGENT                                                        Enjoy - avoid    


AGENT                                                        Ertiga would be too cramped   


AGENT                                                        TUV 3oo is newer version of Bolero - Therefore makes sense  


AGENT                                                        however, do note that Mahindra cars do cost a lot to maintain


AGENT                                                        Yes basis your selection - TUV 300 the 100 BHP version seems to be your best option   


AGENT                                                        big car, decent diesel engine and decent interior finish              


VISITOR                                                      Is TUV 300 popular And bestselling at this time as good resale 


VISITOR                                                      What about build quality           


AGENT                                                        Mahindra Cars do take a lot of rough , therefore expect the build quality ot be decent, let me see if we have any data                             


AGENT                                                        you are looking for 7 seater - among the options that we have this sells the most, other than Bolero, but that's and old design   


AGENT                                                        But bolero is know for being able to take the rough roads quite well   


AGENT                                                        'and has been a popular model in that segment              


AGENT                                                        even today it sells around 5600 cars per month               


VISITOR                                                      Ok..


VISITOR                                                      thanks

Budget 6.5 Lakhs, October 6 2016.

VISITOR                                                          hello               


AGENT                                                            Hello Evening              


VISITOR                                                          i have a query             


AGENT                                                            what would it be       


VISITOR                                                          within 6.5 lac budget best model for me        


VISITOR                                                          i want to use long term           


AGENT                                                            ex showroom? or on road      


VISITOR                                                          on road          


VISITOR                                                          petrol             


AGENT                                                            then it means you are looking at ex-showroom of approximately of Rs.5.40 lacs         


AGENT                                                            do you have models in mind else the list could be too long  


VISITOR                                                          1 lac for insurance and tax     


AGENT                                                            yes, approximately   


VISITOR                                                          den make it 6 ex=showroom


VISITOR                                                          in India this budget which company give best engine.             


AGENT                                                            it would be better if we discuss some models, else as mentioned above we can go in circles                                                                         


VISITOR                                                          den please tell me    


AGENT                                                            Between Maruti, Tata Motors, Toyota, honda, hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Toyota, fiat which companies cars you will not want to discuss            


VISITOR                                                          ok i will tell u model.               






VISITOR                                                          Brezza             


AGENT                                                            Both great cars, Baleno - because of its looks and features at great price        


AGENT                                                            Brezza - I will not buy unless its dual tone, which then makes it costly, plus its an newer version of Ertiga                                                        


VISITOR                                                          i just want to what about engine        


                                                                          minimum 15 years     


AGENT                                                            Polo - Not if you are above 5.10, getting in and out is a real pain being  a low slung car            


AGENT                                                            all cars have the power to last long   


AGENT                                                            you mean engine durability 


VISITOR                                                          yes boss         


VISITOR                                                          and trouble free        


AGENT                                                            then my choice would be any Toyota car, as they are known for long lasting rough use engine, example old Qualis still running ably          


AGENT                                                            Polo is going to be a problem in terms of service cost and parts availability  


AGENT                                                            Even though it has decent engine      


AGENT                                                            and it’s a great drivers cars\  


VISITOR                                                          yes its service is not free       


AGENT                                                            not free means what               


AGENT                                                            not even the first 2 services 


VISITOR                                                          paid service 


                                                                          not free service like Maruti after recent buy 


AGENT                                                            I doubt, who told you that     


VISITOR                                                          in online search         


AGENT                                                            Free service normally means labour free, parts and oil are chargeable even for Maruti           


VISITOR                                                          Ok.. Thanks   

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  • Respective sir, i hav a one question that can mahindra company give us our selected colour in quanto .e.i. lemon green.

    Bhupendra Raut (1) reply