Which is a good diesel sedan to buy at 8 Lacs?


Diesel cars are still the flavour of the month. Current market sentiments have ensured that petrol cars are still difficult to sell. It's fortunate that there are still some car buyers in India who are considering a sedan and not a MPV/MUV/SUV as is the trend now.


My budget is 8 lacs .I need a diesel sedan. Best in looks ,features and everything.I am confused whether to go with ford classic or any other, or I should rather wait for some upcoming car in this range.

Which is a good diesel sedan to buy at 8 Lacs?


If we were to go by your brief of Diesel sedan at 8 lacs, then unfortunately at that precise price point you get a Duster RXE diesel, which is not a sedan. So we took the liberty of expanding our price range upto 8.5 lacs, basis which your consideration set would include following sedans

Skoda Rapid, Toyota Etios, Maruti Suzuki SX4, Volkswagen Vento, Hyundai Elantra 1.4, Ford Fiesta Classic Durotorq.

Let’s analyse each car in your basket of purchase

Toyota Etios

What’s going for it - Toyota heritage, almost zero complaints and it’s engine which drives so well. The only problem with the Etios is poor tactile feel. Toyota’s desire to get a pre-defined price point has ensured that the cost scalpel has been used in places where it should not have been. This car possibly could fetch the best resale value if kept well.

Skoda Rapid

Spacious sedan, with solid build quality and a great value buy. Unfortunately, high service cost go against the rapid.

Volkswagen Vento

Unfortunately, it’s the rapid under VW badge, which since Rapid has been launched has been a great dampenon Vento sales. After all, why should anyone pay a price premium for the same car.  Current market rumours are also hinting to servicing issue with teh VW cars.

Hyundai Verna

If even there is a reward for great looks Hyundai Verna would win it hands down. Unfortunately a 1.4 Ltrs engine with Verna’s  bulk take s toll on cars performance, not to forget the diesel lag which the car shows in abundance.

Maruti Suzuki SX4

The 1.3 Ltrs multi-jet under its hood displays similar problem in terms of cars performance thanks again to the cars weight. Long que also make matter worst.

Ford Fiesta Classic

A dream car to drive, most Fords are drivers cars and the Ford Fiesta is no less. The almost noise less diesel power plant which is also frugal makes it a great buy. Had it not being for its aging design and service cost. Ford would have been our car of choice.

Basis above inputs, we would go with the Toyota Etios


Budget 7 Lakhs, January 6 2017.


VISITOR                                                      Hi          


AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      I am planning to buy a car with budget up to 7 lakhs     


AGENT                                                        its better we discuss basis models        


VISITOR                                                      My parameters are       


VISITOR                                                      my usage per year will be 12000 kms    


AGENT                                                        You are effectively asking everything from a car, therefore it will only create more confusion


VISITOR                                                      might be less than 12000 kms also         


AGENT                                                        so it has to be petrol basis your consumption  


AGENT                                                        After sales support - Maruti, Hyundai, Toyota, the best in terms of cost of maintenance             


AGENT                                                        Normally cars which are popular today do fetch a good resale 


AGENT                                                        therefore Baleno, i20  are two cars that comes to mind on this parameter         


VISITOR                                                      how about Ignis             


VISITOR                                                      which is launching next week  


AGENT                                                        Yes Ignis is being launched on 13th \    


AGENT                                                        Basis whatever info we have one good thing would be the 1.2 litre petrol for this small car, would make it fun to drive and quite responsive


VISITOR                                                      is it worth waiting for Ignis instead of Baleno?


AGENT                                                        I will decide on Ignis post-test driving the same, till then I will reserve my decision on it           


AGENT                                                        or even my comments


VISITOR                                                      Baleno has less kerb weight and the built quality is not that strong does this parameter impact the highway drive or does it make the car shaky when at speeds of 12 kmph?        


VISITOR                                                      *120 kmph        


AGENT                                                        When it comes to Baleno, my personal experience is that the car feels quite planted, even though one did not cross the 3 digit mark 


AGENT                                                        as far as kerb weight is concerned; it's been done to enhance performance and eff figures       


AGENT                                                        kerb weight does not necessarily make a car more unsafe         


VISITOR                                                      oh ok   


VISITOR                                                      is it worth to spend additional bucks  for zeta variant of Baleno or delta variant would suffice 


VISITOR                                                      with basic required features?  


VISITOR                                                      As discussed with 7 lakhs budget among the car makers maruthi,toyota and Hyundai which would you recommend                                   


AGENT                                                        Toyota for service cost and long lasting engine               


AGENT                                                        Hyundai for great features, looks and decent resale     


AGENT                                                        Maruti now for features, looks (Baleno) and resale       


AGENT                                                        with 7 lacs Toyota gets you Etios and Liva - both avoidable cars               


AGENT                                                        you are then left with Hyundai and Maruti - Elite i20 and Baleno - do a toss-up               


VISITOR                                                      hahaa  


VISITOR                                                      what's your experience              


AGENT                                                        I am comfortable with both, however basis personal experience I found Baleno to be better than i20 - in terms of feeling of space, ride quality and feel of the car   


AGENT                                                        not to say elite i20 is not good, but if I was looking for points mentioned Baleno makes the cut                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      cool.Thanks for the valuable feedback


AGENT                                                        pleasure             

Budget 5 - 9 Lakhs, August 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi  


AGENT                                                                hello how can we help you               


VISITOR                                                              which is best car in diesel  


AGENT                                                                do you have any short list  


VISITOR                                                              no 


VISITOR                                                              leave Maruti            


AGENT                                                                what price range are you looking at              


VISITOR                                                              other than Maruti  


VISITOR                                                              staring range would be under 5 lakhs           


VISITOR                                                              and end range is 9lks           


AGENT                                                                sure are you looking at a Sedan or hatchback           


AGENT                                                                besides diesel is there any other factor you would like to consider               


AGENT                                                                await your inputs  


VISITOR                                                              give me both option            


AGENT                                                                both?          


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                understood              


AGENT                                                                are you looking at better drive or better mileage   


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                Hyundai and Volkswagen are more fun to drive while Toyota is more economical 


AGENT                                                                Hyundai and Volkswagen do have a higher cost of ownership whereas Toyota has an edge and has long lasting engine                              


VISITOR                                                              yes               


VISITOR                                                              say me Toyota         


AGENT                                                                did not get your comment 


VISITOR                                                              say me about Toyota            


AGENT                                                                what would you like to know           


VISITOR                                                              plz suggest me best cabin Toyota in sedan and hatchback  


AGENT                                                                Liva hatchback and Etios in sedan. Corolla is costlier             


AGENT                                                                Good space decent build quality decent drive and cost of servicing one of the lowest         


AGENT                                                                this is the reason why they are world number 1      


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              Liva its good             


VISITOR                                                              good            


VISITOR                                                              what about Honda


AGENT                                                                more delicate in comparison but more premium looking and slightly higher cost of ownership                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              you say Toyota Honda Hyundai       


VISITOR                                                              or VW         


AGENT                                                                Toyota Maruti (which you don't want) Honda and then Hyundai     


VISITOR                                                              thanks