Which is the best Diesel car to buy within 10 Lacs?

Most car buyers in India start with a budget and not with a model or car manufacturer. Once they get a basket of cars within their budget, they then reach their final car basis trails and attrition. The question 'Best Diesel Car within 10 lacs in India' is an apt example of Indian car buyers buying process.

Let me know the best diesel car within 10 lakh

Which is the best Diesel car to buy within 10 Lacs?

Diesels upto 10 lacs will create a basket of cars which will contain premium hatches, MPV’s, compact SUV’s and sedans. Basis our analysis you get a choice of at least 130 + cars in the market today. This list will include the variants of each model too.

If you are open to a hatchback priced upto 10 lacs then you get a wide choice of really top-end premium hatchbacks, which will be far more loaded than any sedan within your price limit. A premium diesel hatch will definitely come with airbags (6 airbags in case of i20), ABS, BA and EBD. They will all come with top-end stereo system with steering mounted audio controls. Blue would also be part of standard fitment in case of some hatchbacks. Navigation system would also be available in some premium hatchbacks. So if you want to pamper yourself with a feature loaded car then premium hactback should be your choice. Cars available to choose from are: Swift, Ritz, Vista, i20, Pulse, Micra, Polo, Figo, Fabia, Brio, Etios Liva, Punto

Recent launches by Maruti, Renault, Nissan and Mahindra and Mahindra have made MPV’s and compact SUV’s quite affordable. These cars offer sedan like driveability and compactness with much more space for a family of 5 to travel real comfortably along with modicum of necessary luggage. The range to choose from include cars like; Ertiga, Evalia, Duster and Quanto.

Additionally you can also chose from SUV’s Like Safari and new Safari Strome, Mahindra Xylo, Mahindra Scorpio,  everyone’s favourite  Innova

Sedans the eternal favourites, however, seems to be losing the charm against the onslaught of new MPV’s and Compact SUV’s. Most diesel top end sedan cross your 10 lacs laxam rekha and we at www.ecardlr.com believe that a 10 lac car buyer deserves at least top-end tactile feel inside the car.

Cars that you can select from sedan categories are:

Swift Dzire and  SX4 from Maruti

Manza anf Indigo series from Tata Motors

Verna from Hyundai

Etios from Toyota

Fiesta Classic and New Fiesta from Ford

Renault Scala

Nissan Sunny

Skoda Rapid

Toyota Etios

Mahindra Verito

Volkswagen Vento

Fiat Linea

Among sedan our priority list will be as follows

Hyundai Verna – For style, tactile feel, Hyundai trust and comparatively cheaper to maintain.

Ford New Fiesta – Great drivers cars, however high entry maintenance cost go aganist this car. But for those looking for some driving thrill nothing beats a Fiesta

Volkswagen Vento – Good tactile feel ike Hyundai Verna, however, one has heard stories on maintenance cost. Plus Skoda offers a Rapid which is nothing but a rebadged Vento but almost 50,000 plus cheaper. But Skoda cars kills you on maintenance.

Scala and Sunny are like Vento and Rapid – Great Space proposition, however beyond that tactile feel not too good and service reach could be an issue. 


Budget 10 Lakhs, August 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi  


VISITOR                                                              good morning         


AGENT                                                                Morning     


VISITOR                                                              i want to buy a new car       


AGENT                                                                ok 


VISITOR                                                              before end of this year       


AGENT                                                                ok 


VISITOR                                                              please suggest me a good car          


VISITOR                                                              requirements          


AGENT                                                                time your purchase it around Diwali or even delay it right till 25thDEC        


VISITOR                                                              bellow 10 lakh        


VISITOR                                                              that i can’t say may be before 25th


AGENT                                                                below 10 lac you will have many cars to be discussed, can we be more specific       


AGENT                                                                or even your preferred models       


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              should me more reliable   


AGENT                                                                build quality            


VISITOR                                                              i am looking for petrol        


VISITOR                                                              tell me any good petrol engine cars              


VISITOR                                                              my requirements   i will travel less then 500km per month.


VISITOR                                                              i want to use for min 10 to 12 years               


VISITOR                                                              max long journeys


AGENT                                                                Build quality will mean a VW car - look at Vento     


AGENT                                                                Or if you are open to a compact SUV then Ecosport               


VISITOR                                                              please tell me which is best petrol engine among  Polo gt tsi and Jazz cvt automatic. For long lasting.


AGENT                                                                rather than looking at specific models best way would be to look at Safety and performance particularly power on tap which si required for highway overtaking features - some of the must  


AGENT                                                                Safety - min dual front ideally more, ABS  - must have safety features         


AGENT                                                                Performance figures - 0-60 or 0-100 figures will further help            


VISITOR                                                              please tell me which is best petrol engine among  Polo gt tsi and Jazz cvt automatic


AGENT                                                                Plus when you are at the showroom - just feel the sheet metal and door closing sound. Having defined basic requirement - and then basis your consideration set - I will go with Polo TSi               


AGENT                                                                for its performance, better sheet metal and more on road stability              


AGENT                                                                I believe Jazz is just over priced and overhyped      


AGENT                                                                does not meet your requirement of highway travel as good as Polo             


VISITOR                                                              do Jazz petrol has weak bottom      


AGENT                                                                weak bottom means what? not clear can you please explain            


VISITOR                                                              i mean that the base of Jazz is weak             


VISITOR                                                              ok leave about it    


AGENT                                                                No we can discuss the base -do you mean its initial pick up              


VISITOR                                                              please tells me. Which petrol engine is more refine. Jazz cvt or Polo gt tsi


AGENT                                                                More refined = Noise, linear power delivery - do you mean this     


VISITOR                                                              yes               


VISITOR                                                              all are telling Honda cars is good for petrol engine, compare to Polo            


VISITOR                                                              i mean Volkswagen              


VISITOR                                                              is it true     


AGENT                                                                I find Honda petrol show more linearity in terms of power delivery however I find the 1,2 for Jazz slightly under powered, the same is a breeze in Brio 


AGENT                                                                My personal exp on Honda engine is very good - they really drive well - my city is a gem to drive                                                                  


AGENT                                                                Maybe I am wrong - but since Polo petrol has slightly higher NVH value than Honda, the engine does not seem as refined          


AGENT                                                                but it’s a rocker - theTSI engine      


VISITOR                                                              NVH means, sir       


AGENT                                                                Noise Vibration and Harshness       


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                I will share some Autocar road test figures that might help               


AGENT                                                                Performance Polo 9, Jazz 8


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              for long lasting engine?      


AGENT                                                                safety both at 8      


VISITOR                                                              min 10 to 12 years 


VISITOR                                                              with regular maintenance 


AGENT                                                                all cars are designed to last really long please maintain then as per advised scheduled       


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                Plus since you are not not to be driving much it should not be a problem   


VISITOR                                                              ok sir           


VISITOR                                                              so finally, you mean it is better to go for Polo gt tsi.             


AGENT                                                                I have heard good stories on it, it has a limited audience but most of them are car lovers who border on being a car geek                       


VISITOR                                                              is Honda Jazz build quality is good, sir         


AGENT                                                                it is good whilst my personal opinion on build quality is in favour of Polo TSI, however Autocar has rated Jazz at 9 Vs 8 for Polo     


AGENT                                                                have you test driven these cars      


VISITOR                                                              i test drive only Jazz sir       


AGENT                                                                then please drive the Polo too and maybe then you will be able to decide better go by your own exp and not get swayed by anyone like us      


VISITOR                                                              and forgot to tell you that..i don’t have car up to now ..So i was confused .               


AGENT                                                                there is always a first time


VISITOR                                                              ok sir           


VISITOR                                                              thanking for spending your valuable time 


VISITOR                                                              bye              


AGENT                                                                pleasure